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December 21, 2016
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November 21, 2008
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May 25, 1953
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Approved For Release 2008/11/21 : CIA-RDP80-0081 OA001200190003-5 )R M T I ]REPORT i,?,' i;:, ~ ~ NO OF FJJCLE'r.. S HPFLEt,4EiFI? .D.) F? f.i''i R T NO. r 4` k ?fm a !w?:i~ xC T i~ :n Ri,f}n 1L5 " IS Uta'VA .V., TV"' a l~ (t. I''~ r] i "t a t Est r P ~.deI n 1ZrF been in 42$ c3t3~.S C on ] .?r. t1he ~,Cu' L 3 W D ..l a E3.FL; e 9?8? The r,.?a~ r, w:a~a f'lvtn a:rz orevbef?lt.i,ng equi-m :nt in the :'t. on +hf.53 t;i'1li.t3;:it"w +s a.t"l c: 'esemlaace of this oqu.irment wit G_?ia it hair as.. s s tans took possessi,3rc of the Leuna works,, they showed nnu:lc h nter?e ' in the hair ntn s and the tools with which they,' were r,?ca t c erd.. E ~it;~~gzz_ ~;? her gave orders to Droduce hairpins and t ooi_w for shirwit:.t to the r1,:.0 ?lrpins are two Lored pipes ;not rolled pipes which are welded together in era i rka~i r for t with a niece of curv'ed Wipe ., The wipes are Mad. from Nrls' slc uf r7.,a.i Which i.s a steel c ontainir).p gory percent nhrowL;tialI o,:.35 .erg".ent mov t'bdertuam,, o.35 percent tungsten-, o,,70 percent vanadium and o., 2 L percc t ;. carbon, since this ?I1 oy is not available in k as't Germany and since i d o ra-_ -? bl. - substitute n-, tt:r?a1 called 1! 8, contalrnina7 2:.5 percent chromiun,, -s uereent, !noivrbdersurr, . o-10 percent tungsten paid o ?15 percent carbon, is not sc..; the use i I h_-:1 "pin rllnes;, the N 10 allots has been importer! from l.ut ,a; a. when the first idnns s r) or?de3' for, :7o.,.l env of haIr n` n "rte 'i the 'r;otal heic-i-it of a hair pin is 15 meters, Two types are _,xrodueed, one for ' atmos,_)heres 4; r,oa l~ the other for 700 Stu.. The 32t. atu t.,rpe have a: .in-- a so di LL?Exter r, f` .t. ^'0 ri,m and a total diameter of 1.71 mm ?ne 700 ~-_ti, t-ype. is _Puna- One was delivered to Czechoslovakiasome time ;Ater i91i , Of the & her to y ? he Ts`.uSSian?:. ''F?"I.s machine is Li being a' j at benn3 p :1r f dt a E . _ idE> U A provided with 1..Fa s `.a..a letter.?ir; .- T:ha, over..Pal " h'; ?, *h?', r f` t r.` t;, rsF s: s : s: "~F ? FYf !t '] 1 ' - it .3ho1,'i ['7 \T(-, 19 titer 3 ' ? (Aa.meter), -rod wi "I pipe.; of 121 rrsn (i_nte:rior tl.1 *_ar'tc-r)rnu 190 mx: met.!; r 7, 1e t ro pipe of a o nrjieted hairpin are between 35 to l C c aura rt ~C FS C9 p } i u c`ouride l t""nup}ic 5 t ` , Y : entire. j en 0 h w i t :. 1 ?.Yon sibs le i 1- i e t s that is, circular pieces oi' ordinary sheet i.rora of to mm s?.renpth; tho tL:.lded to the piper. at distances of about 3 cm., I.`hN , Lr ;9r ,.a:` the r b t I's t c rcase the surface of. the pipes for better reception of he-at, The- nair ins are hcated in gas chambers, orciimina.r v to the hydrogenation process.:. The pipes of the hair pins are welded tope titer from individual. pieces tdth the ~.Id of a butt weld-;rap machine (;Aumpfschweissmaschine ),.. Le vna is the only. works in East Germany which has mri chines of sufficient sJ rye to be used for --An weldinr, In the postwar periods there were three ,,'tai h m ch a air 25X1 Approved For Release 2008/11/21 : CIA-RDP80-0081 OA001200190003-5 Approved For Release 2008/11/21 : CIA-RDP80-0081 OA001200190003-5 8ECTh?T . Y ouna mi hines are able to weld pipes and other mttas pig s., such as rails., with cross-sections up to ?.a7AO00 square millhi aterso Each machine has two jaws in which the pipe pieces are held; one of the jaws is fixed, the other one is movable,: Dur- Ing the welding process, the two pipe pieces are alternately i;rou~ht elate together thus their distance is continually varied. The heat thus provoked through varying electrical resistance finally reachc3 the point inhere tires pipes start to scatter oparks. At this moment, the two pieces are brought together by mechanical action and welded, 5 The first Russian order for hair pins from Leuna in 1951 was for the delivery of about 150 pieces. Most of them were of the type with an interior diameter of 120 nn and a total diameter of 1?1 mm. This order was completed in 1951. In January 1952 the Russians gave a new order for 180 hair pine, most of them also of the 120/171 mm ij,pa. Production was begun in March 1952; the order was completed in February 1953 After completion, the hair pins were packed individually into wooden crates and shipped to Russia by rail via Brest Litovsk e 6. No new Russian order for 1953 has c in yet., but there is talk in the works that such an order is pending. There is aloe talk that the welding machine built in 1951 Lo to be shipped to Russia in the near future. Approved For Release 2008/11/21 : CIA-RDP80-0081 OA001200190003-5