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December 21, 2016
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February 26, 2009
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April 17, 1953
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~~^i~,~ 5 Approved For Release 2009/02/26: CIA-RDP80-00810A001200500006-7 coop1y~~9~ ta as Trra-mv,,,:..,..... .... ,., ,.,.e.~..~ ,..,.~n......,..,.,.~.,~ 7 IC f2n a~w. Rz.+ ?f?3+a n$ T4w.ec44r4%-?vo@-ICIA=sw EVALUA11ON DATE OF CONTENT"? DATE OSTA1NED.: REFERENCES- PACES I 1. 1 i.litary shipments f Brest Litovsk observed at the Fran /Cder rat.l- road station between 16 and 26 Mach 195? included s 6 flatcars with six. JS-122 tanks to IC-berswal a on 16 March; 55 boxcars with motion to Eberawel_de on 22 March; and 25 boxcars with ammunition to an tundeter- ed receiving station on 26 March. 2. On 24 Karoh y a shipment of 60 flatcars with trucks was observed at the Doberlgk-1tirdhhain railroad station. The train oaane from the direction of Cottbus and went toward halls.. with 3 trucks to K ersdorf on _' April. 3. Shipments from Brest Litovsk obscx ved at the Fr /Oder railroad station on 28 March and 2 April included:' 6 flatcars with 6 trucks to Forst Zinna, 1 flatcar with I truck to lretenwalde, and 3 flat- cars with 3 trucks to Rostock on 28 March; and 3 flatcars with 3 trucks to Al.tluederadorf, 1 flatcar with 2 trucks to Nueliros e, and 2 flatcars 3. P1-ACE ORTAINE6?.. PREPARED .~....:._1 Aur:L 195: ENCLOSURES fN(',. & TYPE). CLASSIFICATION 3FCpMfj/c0i! TR0L - U.S. C)FFICI Approved For Release 2009/02/26: CIA-RDP80-00810A001200500006-7 Ccn t. The vehicles observed probably were not but JSU-122 SP guns. Eberewelde is not, believed to be the receiving station. The shipment possibly was for the d? . eegr'up a Nord. 2. / / G t. This asnmunttion eh .sment sssibl' . This, however, is contradicted bythe fact that this depot riot recervea direct ship ntcs from the USSR ror Years. lsast a :tion depot northwest of Eberswalde t, -a n&. Dispatching and receiving stations of the shipment are unknown. 4. --]Gcmont. Probably small truck shipments of the regular p y'.