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December 19, 2016
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COUNTRY SUBJECT INFORMATION REPORT' CD NO, id The following number of empty railroad freight cars were dispatched abroad in March 1953: Poland Hungary Rumania 3.OF PCLS. (USTEO SEU)W) SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION 3,950 boxcars (for grain) 5,442 gondola cars (for ore) 292 flatcars (R, 8, SS, SSy, RRy type> 2. refrigerator cars (for fats) 2,84.6 gondolb cars (for coal) 36 refrigerator cars (for meat and vegktable) 8 refrigerator oars (for meat) During the same period, the following numbers of foreign railroad care were made available for the East German railroad administration: 4,03 cars (for potash to Poland) 3,428 cars (for potash to Czechoslovakia)', 4 Coment. As compared with February, there were the following change~3 -e numb erof freight cars dispatched abroad: 1J.S .-$A.. The number of boxcars for grain imports decreased by 18C raitc, t6iletho number of gondola cars for ore shipments increased by 2,300. T4,: irmnber of flatcars increased by 130, which indicates increased weapons atli t .sank ship:stents, possibly for the 1VP. However, no such shipments were ob-' :. arv?ed trrior to late March. Poland. The number of gondola cars for coal ab ip its : increased by about 200 percent. Reports on freight traffic through th auben, Forst and Horki border stations indicated that westbound hard coal shipments were inereeL,s`ing.. Commnt. The number of oars furnished by Poland for potash s biizen i acs as by more than 300 percent. _ . CLASS STATE aX PIAW NsRB DISTRIBUTION ARMAIR X FBi _ _ -L L KA ACQUIRED DATE OF INFO. Approved For de igL2ff Kj jVN jTT I af081 OAq%P@R~ Enot Gernrny DATE DISTR. U June 3.953 Statistics on Rcilrotd Freight Cars NO. OF PAGES I DOCS5~LNTCOffiTAtF9INFON TiONAPPSGTIN3TACnwirow+rosrawos TRIO O4 TH[ OtIITRD STATES pIiHIR TWI 1300iNG OF TNW 1,PIOMA3E ACT DO U. E. R., 21 AND U. AS AMENDED. OB TGANAN13AION OR TWA UVRLATION OP 175 1'ONftWT3 IN ANY MANNER TO AN ONAOTWIMMO "ANION IS P,0- U.S.S.R. (Brest Litovsk) s crrTrTAT..S rms * TT IFICATION SDC;RF,r/CQNTROL Approved For Release 2006/12/15: CIA-RDP80-00810A001300500010-1