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December 19, 2016
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Approved For Release 2006/12/18: CIA-RDP80-00810A001300520009-1 CLASSIFICATION s~(; :Z .2/c.)NT~2uL u.:>. .)r' I CI`,L , iii ~ ' .CURX11 LI1..).,Iti L.LJN a: CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY REPORT M FORMA1 1O REPORT CO NO. ,-IUBJECT PLACE ACQUIRED OATE OF NFO, at Germany'/ Poland Handling of Russian Transit Traffic through Poland THIS DOCUMENT CONTAInS INFOSi*atIO* APPICFIRQ THE IN1TIDt'.." DEFENSE LCD THit UNITED STATES WITHI3 TIHi BIASING OF TIFF EBTWAOE ACT 40 ?3.8.6. S$ AND S6. Al ARElIDSO ITS TRAE15"199100 OR THE NETE$.A:iON DT ITS CDRTENTB 10 ANT WARNER TO AN DIIALTH(!RIZED a1BBOH 49 PRO' #VISITED BY LAW )tIMPBOO JCTON Oil Tilt FOtiiN IS PROHIBMI)- DArE DISTR. 23 u;e 953 SUPPLEMENT REPORT NO. NO.OF PACES 140. OF ENCLS. inform tion on the handling of Soviet transit trazi is i a ougti x u. t rlu: - . For ?the handling of Soviet trains through ?ol . ,130 brigades are Is ati in Fr$ "curt/Oder and 25 in Cottbus. Each brigade consists of 11 E l including 6 locomotive personnel, 4 conductors and 1 rolli-ag stock forte .: _. Three trips are made by each brigade per month, the period of a round tri.T being six to seven days on the standard route. If the loads of trains exceed vrescribed standard, measurements, an alternate route which has onl p a few brides must be used. '- 2. Normall.y.7the line from Frankfurt/Oder to Brest Litovsk via Neu Bentschen,, Posen, Kutno, Siedice, Lukow, and Terespol is used. An alternate route 2 branches off ai Siedlee and leads to the Brest Litovsk sirnort via 0zertischa.- Coal bins, which are being constructed at:ysokolitcvsk indicate t} t. it is nlanned to eliminate the Brest Litovsk-Airport railroad station and have trains terminate at ~.!sokolitovsk.' 4. '$. The last three trains from Brest Litovsk to Frankfurt/Oder arried grain, 35 armored scout cars and a mixed cargo 25X1 of grain, iron a d anthracite respectively. The armored scout cars were 25X1 25X1 - RAY ~,~ A< .-. Trains operating between Fr=.;:tkfurt/Oiler and Brest Litovsk asumna y 173.ve ow a s. Tank car trains usually consist of 110 axles. They are mostly loaded whefl proceeding toward Brest Litovsk. Wismut shipments, the load of which ic> referred to as medicinal earths by the Soviet escort personnel, consist of 100 axles and are escorted by 10 Soviets. The latter trains are pro- vided with telephone connections extending from the first to the last Cali. k:'.vered with canvas. One Soviet soldier said that they were new equi ent The cars were balf-track vehicles, the front wheels4 ,ving rubber tires, Most of the trains proceeding from Brest Litovsk to East Germany carry fir ?Dn ingots for the Foundry Combine East in Fuerstenberg and anthracite. 25X1 '! 'ISS1Fil.ATSON ::''C" 'T/C :~7 `ri jli L~ [3. ?i., r'`'Tc', t;~T,s )!" Y --- --- fi ,.acs ~x .~ cwt X SRS _ ' - ITRIBUTION - Approved For Release 2006/12/18: CIA-RDP80-0081OA001300520009-1 Approved For Release 2006/12/18: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA001300520009-1 SV,CRET/GONTRQL - U.S. OFFICIALS ONLY 1 :1 b. On the whole the ; hyeioal status of the transit line mod. However, sectionr, constructed by the Poles sui ed from inadequate levell,trg work. ,kU the bridges on the line were guarded by double sentries. Trips were ueusi.ly made aeow-ding to schedule. No partisan aotiiities were notiSed. 1. L,-, C: nt. Lowmtive Columns Nos, 2, 4, 5, and as each of them ecitipped with % locomotives are stationed in Frankfurt/Oiler and 1000- votive column No 10 with 25 1oce tIves in Cottbus. 1'cr personnel assigned to locomotive columns and 3 ersonno are.ins whose 1oae as ceeu standard me$ re !t9 nest use, the route Nom FrankfurWbder via. Posen. Kutno. Flock, prO&IiCt, Dr ialdowc, oatrolekKO Siedlee to Terespol. I I Content i ornb!tbly means '. yookie Litewskie, no Vysokoe. The information on the Wi t shipments refers to uranitar3 are shipments, which for reasons of concealment are referred to = me- dicinal earths Gr MR sss it hipping papers. : E F T/CONTROL - U. S. OFFICIALS ONLY Approved For Release 2006/12/18: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA001300520009-1