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December 22, 2016
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January 20, 2010
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June 17, 1953
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~_...... Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/01/20: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA001800050006-1 .,_ ., 1~1~' CI.,4~'SiFICAf"JON ! RT~T/CN - 1 h V G AkS ONLY ELLOFAX 35 ~~. . COUNTRY ...T?...__.--,.-.......REPORT "i OPIC ~. .. BrPresrrb:3r ri At. A3 rx" i t d EVALUATION- DATE OF CONTENT DATE OBTAINED REFERENCES -_..~ PAGES' -DATE PREPARED.,. 17 June 1953 -ENCLOSURES ENCLOSURES (NO. & TYPE)_ REMARKS - Ithe previously reported painting work at Brandenburg--Briest airfield was being done on the aircraft 2. The following air activity and military activity was observed at the field between 18 and. 29 Playa Between 8 a.m. and. 4 p.m., soldiers continuously entered and left the flight control station. At 8 p.m., there was a forest-fire in Jagen forest-subarea No 22P. which was being, extinguished by soldiers who used water Fu-ruck Between fls 30 p.m. and 17 p.m., take--offs and land.- 25X1 ings were continuously made by M1Gs-15s. The searchlight which was previously observed in Rosenhof was re-erected about 50 meters from the road to Briett. ,id_qy.. At 10:20 a..m.., aerobatics were marle3 by two B iG-l5s over Rathenow. The planes returned to the field. at R.otacherlinde Inn the sentries o~.= the bombing range xac left and 25X1 now sentries were ex.ected to arrives the 25X1 above r_ientioned 20 railroad cars were loaded and left at 4 p.m. and a new 25X1 -train arrived at the field at 1.0 p.m. Between 9 p.m. and 0:30 a.m., take-offs and landings were continuously made by MiG--15s while a truck-mounted search- light was in operation. Subsequently, the tru:k moved to the Landess.;nstalt. After 20 May, only the alert flight of 4 P?1iG-l5 s was observed on the taxiway. 20 empty rail road cars re shunted to the field.. At 2 p t.m. 20 Mgy,. At 8 a.m., 3 trucks and 20 soldiers were observed near the .radar set in Jagon No 12. At 8:10 a.m., about 1e0 soldiers worked on the revetments in Jagen Nos 30 and 31 the southern sides of which were being provided with walls, while the walls at the northern sides were being removed. At 10.-20 a.m., 25X1 ,?I,. At 8:30 a.m., the radar set in Jagen No 12 was being dismantled and left the field loaded on two trucks. At 10:30 a.m.,ll flatcars with sider_- acks loaded 14th boards, beams and 4 large and new fuel containers were shunt- ed to the field. Between 3 a.m. and 11 acm., few individual flights. were made by the alert planes. CLU/SSIFICATION SECRET/CONTROL:, - U.S. OFFICIALS ONLY 25 YEAR RE-REVIEW Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/01/20: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA001800050006-1 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/01/20: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA001800050006-1 SECRET/CONTROL - U.S. OFFICIALS ONLY The transfer of the flight personnel was talked about in Brahden-- :gp the tank trucks left the field at 10 p.m. _n M_4z. No air activity or other military activity was observed at the field. 2L may, At 10:30 a.m., 30 to 40 loaded railroad cars arrived at the field.. some care were loaded with 4 to 5 MiG-15 dummies the wings o w is i s ood upright next to the fuselage. No empennage was seen. The intervals between the individual boards could be identified. Unloading started at 11:30 a.m. 2~. At 6 a.m., empty railroad cars were observed at the loading rata near the m . Two alert planes flew individually at 11 a.m. At 11:15 a.m. two tents in Jagen No.23 about 200 meters north of the intersection between the spur track and Kuhdemm. Additional tents were possibly located there. At 11:30 a.m., 30 to 40 men, between 22 and 24 years old, marched from the field to the La .esanstalt . j6 ftz a At 8:10 a.m., 4 alert planes were observed in Jagen No 39 and about 25 KW--15s at the flight control station. There was no air activity. At 8:30 a.m 24 MG-s15s at the runway and 4 MiG-15s near the flight control station. It rained. At 9 a.m., local flights were made by a MG-15. No more air activity was heard until 12:30 p.m. t At 7:30 a.4m. 26 MiG-15s and 1 Yak-11 weerr e counted at the field. Up to 3 p.m., all the planes left the field heading southeast. 2&)4aj. No aircraft were observed at the field until 8 p.m. The MiG-l5 dummies were observed at the unloading site. Excavating was under way west of the flight control station. 2. Up to 27 May, no changes were observed at the AA gun emplacement at Rcasenhof. The personnel of the radio installation in Jagen No 28 and of the telephone station in Jagen No 29 also remained Unchanged. On 1 May, an increased nut- ber of soldiers patrolled the field, as was usual on such a. holiday. After 15 May more patrols than usually continuously guarded the field and Jagen No 15 was blocked. the wives of the officers billeted in the Landes- ans to had left and were replaced by the dependents of the officers o e new unit. Allegedly the air force members quartered in the Landesanstalt had to vacate the building for a tank unit. 1~. The following observations were made between 20 and 31 May: &Q,?M?.,u. At 11 a.m., about 25 flatcars with sideracka, loaded with 11 trucks A tank trucks with trailers, 4 jeeps and 3 heavy caterpillar tractor were observed at Brandenburg-Altstadt rail- road station. Air ores and trucks were - -A in loading k. ,;2_I;ikt At 7 p.m., a train of 15 flatcars loaded with 4 tank trucks with 2~small ~delivery vans, 2 conveyor be and 4 boxcars w troops were o served at Altstadt railroad station.d.ditional cars loaded in Briest were to be coupled to the train. SNCRLT/CONTROL - U., S. OFFICIALS ONLY 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/01/20: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA001800050006-1 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/01/20: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA001800050006-1 SECUT/CORTlOL - U;. OFFICIALS ONLY S? Vtr . A train of 24 box-cars, 3 converted boxcars, 14 flatcars, and 4 railroad tank cars was dispatched from 25X1 Brie at airfield to Jueterbog Altes Lager. l*ribulance was 25X1 identified among the motor vehicles on the train. ~ ,LY,. A train consi.stix of 32 boxcars converted boxcars, 13 flatcar e, and 6 gondola cars en route from Wustex Lark to 25X1 Briest airfield passed through Brandenburg-Altstadt railroad station. The train was loaded with 50 officers and 400 EM, 1 house trailer, 2 trucks, l tractor, 4 trailers 2 caterpillar tractors. and 2 trucks with mounted searchlights 25X1 5. The following shipments were observed between 21 and 28 May 1,,- . At 1 1.0 a.m., a train of about 50 Jueterbog Alte s Lager. cars left Brandenburg-Briest for At 5:50 a.m., another cars left Brandenburg-Brie, fcr Jue- terbog Altos Lager. 50 cars, most of which were 25X1 loaded with bombs,, were being U. L,m.. At 3,, a train of 58 oars loaded with billeting equipment from Wuster: aark arrived at Branndenburg-Altsta.d.t railroad station. ,i y il At 4 a.m., a train of about 50 cars loaded with trucks, tank trucks, fuel containers, billeting equipment, construction material, and probably bombs left Brandenburg-rBriest for Jueterbog Altos Lager. At 9 p.m., a train of L6 boxcars, 23 converted boxcars and 2 flatcars loaded with billeting equipment from Wusterr~mark, consigned to Wriest airfield, arrived at Brandenburg--Altstadt railroad station. 25X1 6. On 19 May, Colonel Masyenkov (fnu) (phonetic. spelling) and two other officers from L-riest airfield made a ca-11 from the RTO at Brandenburg-Al tatadt re- questing the transport komendatura in Berlin to make available cars fo.r 20 and 23 ayT 1 After 8 a.m. on 20 May, 28 flatcars with siderackes were loaded with 1.1 trucks 8 tank trucks with trailers 4 eepa and 3 heavy caterpillar tractors at the 1oadirtr ram, at U t s t?ar1t a ad.lroa 25X1 At Altstadt railroad stet. oxz is shipment eras combined wins a train of 20 boxcars, 3 converted boxcars and 6 tar?c cars from Briest and dispatched to Juaterbog 11tes Lager. On 20 May, an officer gave order at Altstadt railroad station that about 100 tons of briquettes which were expected to arrive in the next lays be i ediately shipped to Jueterbog Altes Lager. 7 The following rail shipments were observt;d beta Men 22 end 29 Play: 22 Mg :,y. : train of 39 boxcars with troops, tank car 2 flatcars and 2 gondola. cars with equipment left. Wustera Lark 25X1 railroad station for Brandenbur - ri Pat ,y.? A train of 30 bo.ccars with tr aot)s, 4 tank cars, 29 flatcars w a,'th equipment 5 tank trucks with traders 1. ambulance sedan, 2 jeeps and. 3 truck, was dispatched from 25X1 Brest airfield to uster g Altes ger. 25 I;G A train of 4 boxcars with troops, 31 boxcars with equipment and 25 L'l.t;car. motor vehicles was dispatched 25X1 SECT ET/CONTROL - UrS. OFFICIALS ONLY Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/01/20: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA001800050006-1 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/01/20: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA001800050006-1 SECRET/CONTROL - U.S. OFFICIALS ONLY Mir A train of 2 boxcars with troop4 boxcars with equipment. 18 flat- care with motor, and tank cars proceeded 25X1 from Wuste-rmark to Briest.. 27 &x. A train of 30 boxcars, 25 flatcars and 5 tank cars was loaded at Brandenburg-Briest airfield and dispatched to Jueterbog Altos Lager. g MM Y A train of 50 boxcars and 2 flatcars passed through Brandenburg-Altstadt railroad station en route r es airfield. 22 Mmy. A train of 27 boxcars, 14 flatcars and 4 tank cars) was dispatched from Briest airfield to Jueterbog JUtes Lager. 8. On 23 Nay, an air force shipment was being loaded at Brandenburg-Altstadt railroad station. The motor vehicles had arrived by roar. from the direction of Plaue but definitely did not come from Brandenbur ;-Arado airfield. types of billeting equipment, timbe:^, about 3 meters long, workshop equipment and crates were being loaded. On 27 May another air force shipment including 7 gondola cars, with billeting equipme:nt, 20 to 25 air force ?soldiers, and 2 tank trucks In the evening of 27 May, about 30 aircraft most of which were swept-back jet fighters, were stationed at the field. 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 1.~?C . Colonel Musyenkov,' who was reported previously, probably be- 25X1 longs to the fighter regiment in Brandenburg or the assigned OATB. 2. claw. The present report confirms the previous asstption that 25X1 Brandenburg-Br iest airfield is being vacated by the fighter regiment pr?e- viously stationed there. 11`rom the shipments which arrived during the reported period it is inferred that another air regiment is to be stationed at the field. According to available information, five trains are required for the tt-ansfer of a fighter or ground attack regiment including the ground unit. 25X1 it is believed 25X1 that the fighter regiment from Brandenburg Briest is being transferred to Jueterbog fates Leger. F- 25X1 the regiment has been observed in the area of Jueterbog Altos Leger. 25X1 The regiment which has been observed arriving at Branderbs ?g--Briest airfield probably is the ground attack regiment from Doeheritz air field, which, on 30 May,. was no longer occupied 'by aircraft. It is believed that the air unit of the regiment actually left Doeberits airfield, on 30 May because no )11l0s were observed at Briesat airfield on 29 May, which was the last data of ob- servation. It is possible that the transfer of the fighter regiment is co nect- ed with the negotiations on an East-West air corridor which would include BrandenburgBriest airfield. SECRET/CONTROL - U.S. 0F ?ICIALS ONLY Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/01/20: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA001800050006-1