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December 15, 2016
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December 9, 2003
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July 9, 1953
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25X1A ._Approved. F:4r-: Release. 20041021,04 : GIA-RDP$Q 0Qa,1,OA00190008Q007-0._ .:J SI F ICt~=~t~ ., R, 3ovit, t Troop TraJ i'. see e:::o -r OBTAI I`4EI: - 25X1 A DATE OF C NTENT-- DATE OBT1,44,"D. 25X1 A REFERENC 1S- PACES _. Pr REMARKS-.,--. 125X1X 0 Oa; 4 June 1953, a troop train with about 200 troope, 21L) .:~z r9 s A-h stns rnd 20 trucks was observed at the Jr .z. .fur./Oder r .rshalirus. yard The train oa:yo from Brest . 1 ' k d d t +d . , avs c a pz ocee ed nwert ottbu$ ~, 25X1 X 20 Or. 17 June,, a troop train cs1" 53 boxcars witl?- soldier s vear .n M?ed.bore, er= a black 25X1 epf ulets was ispatehed to "hi-3,2 I30 25X1X ? 25X1 25X1 25X1X 25X1X itetwee-,, a- r 29 .:7r,ne ix-4:t-, I etih L0 YiM-;; y pe f . atcars Ki.rchmoeae r idth tarks boxc? rs anal l roe ~ ~ :l j,n flatcars 4 bowie ?s and 1/e1t8n 28 fla rc: r f 5 f'1a vrare 4c> Trop trains ;, ``ra_1 rt of 7 boxy s a d,18 flatcars,, 25X1 l"i. astez z d aer 22 purl,; ? and a train of 4 boxcars,, 3L. and 3 (:grad, -1a -as^s:, 25X1 25X1 rs s Velten to Jue terbog ca :6 June 25X1 A s it is doubted that the troop train with a 1,.ght FAQ unit actua U .y zs~ ne freau the 0 O Rati exr it is believed that the train was 'dispatched 'n :.+:+as la 25X1 A 4-1e: na,n, -? The unit has riot been id.entified0 25X1 25X1A 25X1 trop trains .J .X it is fairly definite .,.1r believed th t the train came fr.r:t i~ rurF. 53 tranj;itwortl converted b xc r~s were acs vle ss;?ems .ied at N3eturuppin on 1>4 June J953 was Indicated CLASSIFICATION >rGtZ71' 3o 2-9 June ..953 25X1 25X1 9.n DATE 7RE'PARED_..-.....- 9 _.w NC' C SURES raa. ~c) .~.. ?r~~ j niz i,ngi a si wuyal.L.o J eter bog &s .titer g u: f termin ra. f' ?o a rpelin to Approved For Release 2004/02/04: CIA-RDP80-0081OA001900680007-0 Approved For Release 2004/02/04: CIA-RDP80-0081OA001900680007-0 25X1 25X1 A 2- 25X1A 25X1 A the reference report that th?~ cars probably 25X1 t~ , dis ha;rgees eio ing to the Second Gds Mee, ArTqr. 25X1 A Get The troop try .in cried W-: air csrce AAA L nit and was previ ou i1y Observed 25X1A 25X1A Dippatcbing station and rGc3iving s ration indicate that the troop ..ran probably carried a jig, ht unit of the 31st AAA Div which moved to ete ?og ?cr combat firing practice., The ?.rain is a aot:Lceab.Le indication that or. 26 June L953, i.e. about 10 days afts-x the outbreak of riot,; it F :st Ger nary., t-44 rw" of ss ! .vi 3ual uwts has been re; umed according to schedule. 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/02/04: CIA-RDP80-0081OA001900680007-0