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December 19, 2016
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October 18, 2005
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September 24, 1953
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Approved For Release 2005/12/01 : CIA-RDP80-0081OA002100590006-8 25X1 CLASSIFICATION C CENTRAL IN T ELLI _ AGENGY 25X1 R"PORT INFORMATION REPORT CD NO. COUNTRY East Germ .ny/Czeaho lovakia SUBJECT. t'ouhle: Tta.cking tof the :Aue-.Sahwarzenber t Johanrgeo:.?genstadt Railroad: Line PLACE . ACQUIRED DATE OF INFO. MIS COCl3f]LCvT COEITAPEHa EPlVOll ATE6E1 AFFSC? T 1:-NAS'AM1, DEiPE:. G OP TEES, t4:9Ii STATICS M MIN T112 111AP11{9dl'4F Tit ESPE04A6d ACT S( ~J. 8. aw sY 63X+"9 8a. A8 ALfEI@6Etn. fl S'*AEb#5d:3SSTJ l`fl@ TES!_Tt6v'EiAt[C!1 OF ITS COtitSFES [IT 4" 16499EiE'EO AEI MIA-7HO:319 n AU** -XV PRO' 25X1 25X1 Alb O/ DATE DISTR,: .+ 24Septo:nber 1053 NO. OF PAGES 2 ,NO. OF ENQL&- (LISTED E3ELOW) ' SUPPLEMENT'TO ` 'l-REPORT NO. THIS. IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATIOt The doubie.trocktng of the Aue-Johanngeorgenstadt railroad line was cunt-r i e6-by soviet. construction headquartorz located -at 1 to 3 01 1ch c. ,tease n. . eipzig. Chief of th& cc?nstriiction headquarters t i Oolors-l -Rishkov (fnt.). Lieutenant Colonel Ki.rik (fnu), who had his, was in charge of the constructtoft tip'. trackage.. Persor lel ' assigned to the consuructiori headgitarters included ale?; (ttu)? and A1~ (.nu), Captain argeyev (fnu)s Majors czvllian . 1env, (fir'tu) ,. Vorobyev (fnu) and ivanov ..(x nu) , Tamara Pop!ova personnel chief, in addition to 15 fer&le office 'perso-nnel,~ and the following uersorriel:, Four German engineers, namNly Dietz (fnu), Feldmann (fnu), Fiacher Ord Keume (fnu), .120 skilled workers, `10 drivers and mecYta3~ ~ I:.s 30 gird, " on el and 30 office workers . The r~achin And r eh. al re_ of kept," k T U e .heat quarters - in Leinaig was estinatetl At 'a value ' of": .million eas arjS Fir rs 0;~p"toyed--for the railroad construction nrojegt -included the firms of .Neum .;tier Geitinann-Richter-Geissler, Heinke, VVB Diemitz, Liebig, and . Linke in Chemnitza Kallenbach and I{rause in Dessau; Gersten -~er? er in Doehle;a; Dressel in Plauen; Guenther.-and Dre den GnP.uss. .rid Weder. in Bautzeni Schumann in I.eivtig,and a VEB each in -Halle and' 13reitoribrunn . A total of 15,000 workers and.1,0CO forsc-d lu b%~)rers was er.3ployed.on the project. The workers were-housed in temporary quarters and well fed:, Wages maid were in excess of horn?,al rates The'line to ba double- trs.cked .zis subdivided into three sections, nar.?ely the Aue-Schwaraenberg section; the-Schwarzenberg-Breitenbrunn section and the Breitenbrunn- Johanngeor; ensta~;t section. The line mentioned extends about 6 kr,3 into Czr- choslovakia. ^z c on t -.e ling: met with. great difficulties, because the sub-soil consisted of stone and required extensive blasting operations.. Some new tunnels had t ,e constructed? Construction wor:. in Czechoslovakia was hampered by the a b:i ary interference of Czech s J.~'ierso I" an r of the construct . n t.z.r cers sa.::fered mifor injuries and 15 met with fatal accidents, The cos; cf i;', 1a cons t ruction orc ject was o' iginally' estir:ated at 36 n l?.ion east-marks, the final cost amounted to 65 million eastmarks. 25X1 '.SSIFIC TION SEGRJ~~T ~asr~ 3 r IN Fk31 Approved For Release 2005/12/01 : CIA-RDP80-0081OA002100590006-8 Approved For Release 2005/12/01 : CIA-RDP80-0081 OA002100590006-8 25X1 SECRET 25X1 25X1 After the double-tracking of the Aue-Johanngeorgenstadt line was completed, Lieutenant Colonel Kirik was promoted to the rank of colonel and awarded a bonus of 1 0 0 ^ 0 eastinarks. The line was constructed it connection with uranium mining- operations d 3 25X1 l Q Sobs of the Soviet officers mentioned were known deviously. 25X1 25X1 2 ~C rtt~?'"" s information indicates that the 48-Icr line stretch from Sohanngeorgenatadt to Karlebad (Karlovy Vary) in Czechoslovakia remained single-trackyexcept for the 6-km stretch mentioned. No information has been received that this line will be double-tracked. ~msnt~ The report refers to the double-tracking of the Aue- o nngeorgenetadt line. The project involved the construction of fridges and the enlargement of railroad tunnels besides improvement work on railroad stations located on the line. Uranium ore shipments to the USSR continued to be sent via Frankt'urti/user to Brest Litovsk and not through Czechoslovakia. 25X1 ;SECRET Approved For Release 2005/12/01 : CIA-RDP80-0081OA002100590006-8