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December 16, 2016
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June 20, 2005
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July 23, 1953
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25X1 -ApproveI d'For l efease ~Q - _ -3 ,)t.ASS1F! AT1ON_...._.~.. a UOI;NTR'a'._.. Fart nArr'Anv Sovie: Troop Trains 25X1 EVALUATION- 25X1 DATE OF CONTEN1J DATE OBTAINED-L REFERENCES ., PAGES ~`ENCLOSURES (NO, & TYPE) ~.~.~-~.., -- -.DATE PREPARED 23 July 1953 ._LACE OBTAINED- LIJ 6 a3 25X1 REMAR1~S_ .-v The 7th and 8th shipments in paragraph 1s the 5th through 9th shipments in paragraph 2. and paragraphs 4 and 5 25X1 25X1 25X1. 25X1 25X1 troop trains. n u. 3' I V5 s Date in Jim 2 CmpRsition of `d'roop Trains 18 boxcars and 38 flatcars 11 boxcars and 35. flatcars 1 boxcar and 33 flatcars 17 boxcars and 39 flatcars 20 boxcars and 3? flatcars 13 boxcars and 32 flatcars 16 boxcars and 29 flatcars 14 boxcars and 36 flatcars From Dallgow- Dopberitz Velten Frankfurt/Oder Jueterbog- Altes Lager Wolmirstedt Forst Zing. Bad Doberan Bad Doberan All troop trains carried soldiers and vehicles, (between 2 and 6 25X1 To Forst Zinna Forst Zinna Ziesar Dallgow- Doebe, itz Satzkorn Dal lgow-- Doeberitz Rehagen Klausdorf Reha en.- K1.ausdor -I CLASSIFICATION .F:CRFI 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2005/07/13 : CIA-RDP80-0081OA002100610008-3 Approved For Release 2005/07/13 : CIA-RDP80-0081OA002100610008-3 SECRET] 2. Troop trains &12 -L Compas .tion of J. Troop Trains 1 13 boxcars and 21 flatcars 16 boxcars and 39 flatcars 10 boxcars and 9 flatcars 12 boxcars and 11 flatcars 6 2 boxcars, 27 flatcars and 7 gondola cars 9 boxcars and 38 flatcars 10 boxcars and 26 flatcars 8 boxcars and 31 flatcars Tons From 1,386 Vogelsang 821 Da lgow-- Doeberitz 405 Rathenow 533 Rathenow 735 Neustrelitz 1,054 Neustrelitz 692 Altruppin 891 Neustre]itz 12 boxcars, 19110 Neustrelitz 20 flatcars, 8 gondola oars and 3 tank cars 71\ 31 boxcars anal 578 Angermuende 24. flatcars 3. The follcgdng military shipments coming from Brest Litovsk passed through the rankfurt/0der railroad station between e in J.LMO __ phi .!ent _ 22 an undetermined number in of care with 60 rocket launchers 24 an undetermined number of cars with 45 armored scout care 27 an undetermined number of cars with 40 armored scout cars SECRET/I between 1 and 7 July included: To Phiwinkel Forst Zinna Fuerstenberg Dresden Jerichow Jerichow Jerichow Jerichow Rathenow Magdeburg Receiving Station Eberswalde Cottbus undetermined 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved, For Release 2005/07/13 : CIA-RDP80-0081 OA002100610008-3 Approved For Release 2005/07/13 : CIA-RDP80-00810A002100610008-3 SECRET1 25X1 25X1 4. Between 25 June and 4 July, troop trains 25X1 with air force ground personnel. no tor vehicles and equipment proceeding toward Brest Litovsk. The dispatch of these trains was given priorit at the Frankfurt/Oder, Guben and Kuestrin border crossing stations, 5,, On 18 June, femur trains for tank shipments were made available to the Erfurt regional railroad district headquarters,, It was definitley observed that these trains were dispatched to Poland on 19 Juneo9 I Cent. The troop train I carried elements of the 283rd How Arty Regt of the let ?4ecz Div which., after completion of combat firing practice at the Jueterbog training area, returned to their home stet on 5 July 1953, n-us o e or eg of the let Mecz Div w-ure TOM) Untrained at Doeberitz on. 3 July 1953, indicating that the troop train Velten but from Doe z o elements returned tb v ie oop train on 6 July 19530 2a L____1Com.ent. The troop train elements of the 299th Gds Mort AePT, anc Gds Tank Div 3. x~ment On 6 July 1953, probably contingents of the 2nd Gds AAA Div, after completion of firing practice with live ammunition, returned from Wustrow where they had moved on 8 April 1953 0 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 Tr cent 0 The troop trains from lraustrelro tz and Altruppin probably carried components of the 9th Gds Tank Div and 12th Gds Tank Div including elements of the engineer battalions of the divisirens, u;hich, as in previous years, were to conduct field exercises on the Elbe River in the Jerichow areas, beginning 7 July 1953. The troop train F- I 25X1 to Mahl-4nkel cannot yet be interpreted in conjunction with this movement. Otherwise, besides contingents of the Second Gds Mecz Army, such of the Fourth Gds Mecz Army would also partic'.pat e in the maneuvers. 5. CSI yl ent,, The departure of a signal unit of the First Gds Meca Army o esden was previously reported o It belongs to the rail rrovecent. followed the completion of a signal cor: nd post exercise in which probeb, signal units of all armies in East Garr my oartieinatad _ he troop train 25X1 IMO uers eriberg probably carried elements of the 9th Sig Regt of the Second Gds Moos Army which also participated in the command post ,exercise,. Motor vehicles of the army were continuously observed in connection with signal troops in. and near Rathenow during June 1953 SECRET 25X1 Approved For Release 2005/07/13 : CIA-RDP80-00810A002100610008-3 Approved For Release 2005/07/13 : CIA-RDP80-0081OA002100610008-3 SECRET 60 IComment-, The rocket launchers probably were allotted to the 312th Gds RL Regt of the Fourth Gds Mecz Army. Thus, during June 1953, all rocket launcher regiments of the mechanized armies were equipped with new rocket launchers, probably of the M-31 type. L ?mn?e t~ Ship ents of armored scout cars from the USSR were o se ed to various posts of tank divisions and mechanizes divisions during June 1953. The shipment on 27 June 1953 possibly went to Leipzig Taucha G O omment? A report has,been previously submitted, 9 o~rnents it appears improbable that tank units should have been std from Thurineia to Poland. SEGRETj 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2005/07/13 : CIA-RDP80-0081OA002100610008-3