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December 19, 2016
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Approved For Release 2006/11/15: CIA-RDP80-0081OA002200080023-3 CLASbiF1CATION b;Gi11 L! `i lii 1`l~ e 1 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY INFORMATION REPORT U ,1=C ? ? -t.]. s& z-,:at .ng Conditions ?l.ACE `OU1RED ATE OF A FO. Or ThE l UTEE- 4 flTl1 airf;HY 7NL' dr ,1 Jj * or Tait W"Oftel! *CI.5q 12. as euettnexa. 77$ xers.decxtcra oe xtltc agft". O A. OURCE n9 REPORT NO. CD NO. 25X1 DATE DISTR. 23 Au t 1953 NO. OF PAGES NO. OF ENCLSS. (UST'ED BELOW) SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO- T HIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION r,~ or ncideni 3 occurred on the J' i il. oad line- i i side T o.. lr;tl rT o t*itil incidents resulted i n e}:Tent i ve darnac ? f 'r: rn;-r".1 ::. '7.nd ok fi ace between and 10 July 1953., The third incident i-eet ~i Le 3 =e m~r~ erio:s. invol.vir curia to the railroaux brie, e c:,?, fi se r . ;. at To,--14,L. ti a result ~ ~f the third 3ricides.+ _, 911 u .p; dcxa k10 zl. : as r e .s8 at 11 :..r; -3n ,4.. thc-rtri e t 'a'ioe1 to 3rest has r emtiairic.L: nor::-a.? , aril only '.Jtie unsc ;ca"t: E s tart:` ix hours ha,,-; : e J reported., tG:een t a st 20 July traffic w =,4 t....n -t was uefo_ a 17 June . At present 15 to 20 tr ins lea !e F-irik1 rti6de. for Brest each day, . while eight to tern arrive in zas f.l s_s'.r '?iX f roil r 3t;t ; All the tr3 ins mt'.:.tioned catove are frE irht trairiS ."tie a:.. _,xnr-ess , A the Russ-i a:i militar.? leave tr.imn Ire both on the .1' or.,rtr ke;F :re:.K ":t trains ?oi to i ussia contain machine rts, printed matte ? ; ro T. .e: T-^ i.r and rasoiine, and ine ude salon cars i;"alon-!.ages: ; a d err;p Q?erri errtor cars. The refr'irerator cars are usually landed wc! tt; Jr_rua tons. 'II-Or`" i some really do contain bitter ati claimed, These cars are alp-ej'edly sty '`or the J'-tnsro t of munitions ;.?ec_:lise they have thick dout'Jl?- a is on ~..4i' ;::ide?s x-71,^h arc heavily insulated, thus affording more protecti...n ar_tiru t it is possible to tell k ich ct~xs a is nS ['L^E `Chan an Ordi f13Jy ear, :i''i- fer this purpose, as they do not, have water dripninr from t'it' ,_nt.ers:tue `3f t he i` a r'e , _LS it_- tire i c as( when they are loaded with batty.: '.+u eh fern?rs cc: :E n s -ave. screen served after belr. opened by Guar: castors, and the h ear , consists of unmarked boxes which axe heavy and rc:semtle arraunu- .Jon case4 s tie Loxes do not look like butter cases. Beni :.c: urxusua: more. ent o" troops either in ,e out of i?r-,r :l'ur t :. ,. ,