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December 19, 2016
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December 20, 2005
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October 9, 1953
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COUNTRY. SUBJECT 25X1:: PLACE ACQUIRED DATE' OF INFO, or .Tr UC; EMS T:ie NATIONAL DEFENSE k.:., DF m CFit7E6 STATE:;.. P ISWif: THE ! E NI!Y3 OF TITLE I. 88CTIONS 793 W41Y 794. 717 The ii. eer. CODE. As ACRWDED. ATI6a1 or is ITS Y ? 4S1 IS31ON OS g3V84 SECRET/CONTROL - U?S.OFFICIA's ONLY sTr r 1 XI nut' x L,3 [I,)( tf XI IR x 7's -I 0L NO. OF ENCLS. QLISTED SELGWS SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORsMA' I0m, I, On 2~) June: 1953, a conference at which the handling of butter, fat, sri' Gil Lripo ?ts from the USSR was discussed, was held with v--i-t Terresen'.,ati res in harlshors-~,o The conference was attended on the German ale by Srat Sera?tart' Hue ttenrauch of the Ministry for Foreign and Internal? German Trade; de-- 'or chief Bernhard of the Ministry for the Foodstuffs Induitry, =l, t'rwin Kramer a In July, 14,000 tons of butter, 8,000 # .b of an :mal fats &nd 10,000 tons of oil will be importedJ0n the assumption t1 .t one ?efr:igerator car will be loaded with 12 tons of butter or fat and that eight days will be required for a round trip , the handling of these imports wi ..1 zece.ssitate the employment of 400 German refrigerator cars ~ The ba1ar oe of 4 ,00,,) tons will be shipped in Soviet refrigerator cars as far as Berlin,. 2. The 1` of the imports mentioned will he supervised by a special : 5taff headed by Kramer. Unloading points will be in Berlin, Leipzig and Dreen0 Unloading times have been fixed at 18 hours for oil, and 12 hours for:svtter and fate Besides these refrigerator cars needed for imports from the USSR, other refrige- rator cans will be required for meaty fruit and vegetable imports from, Fulgaria a ad t zman:i_a , Ir-ports from Fur-ania alone require the employment of 150 refrige? rator^ cars a which need 15 days for a round trip. The number of cars rr.eded for F u-pcr .s from Fulgaria, has not yet been determined., However; the 5jO refrige,.. .,ator? carsImentioned represent the total number of refrigerator cars ftxvely ava11able., Additional refrigerator cars in operation include 40 milk Shuttle cars and .30 employed in Fast. Germany for purposes of the Soviet occupar..ion forcesr Another 2 refrigerator cars are to h~s repaired at the railroad x epai? shop of Fer'.j in-.iarschauer Strasse by 5 July 1953. A total of 34 heavily damag d refrigea- rat~r cars are under repair at the Lowa Plant in Weimar. No date can be given for the completion of the repair work which is allegedly delayed by R shortage of materialso CLASSIFICATION CLd' SSIFIC/1! I N iJTe~, !- " r C lT l$a n ~~. Approved For Release 006/%'Irla.,.~4- 11V I CLLi0.; `NUt AULNCY F:L-PORT NF E11 TM R3 RE~- O T CD N0. Etst Germany 413 DATE DISTR. 9 ?ot_)ber 1953 Report on the East Garman Refrigerator Car NO. OF PAGES S__tuation Approved For Release 2006/01/12 : CIA-RDP80-00810A002200290004-2 Approved For Release 2006/01/12 : CIA-RDP80-00810A002200290004-2 3, In order to close the gap in the number of refrigerator cars regquired1 the railroad- administrations of Poland., Czechoslovakia, Switzer: nd;, Italy, Austria and Holland have been requested to furnish refrig;eratcr cars. To date, only one answer has been received., i.e. from Po:.and, vjhich replied in the negative. 'Czechoslovakia may possibly furnish 100 refrigerator cars for meat shipments to Czechoslovakia. It there- fore appears that no refrigerator cars will be available; for don0stlc German shipments in the coming three months o For this reason, orders have been given that experiments be made with boxcars provide(iwith dry-ice as emergency refrigerator cars. 25X1 1. amment To date, 100 to 150 refrigerator cars had been employed for fat deliveries from the USER to East Germanys Salad oil had been shipped in tank cars. The considerable increase of the Soviet fat de-- Viveries may be m nnected with the much publicized assistance rendered by the Soviets in the Fast German food crisis. In July, a tota: of 1,415 empty refrigerator cars wa dispatched to Brest Litovsk. " ' %R Ca TROL - V . S UF~~ ICIALS 0 1T.Y 2 W 25X1 25X1 2. Conmenta freight cars made in April 1952, 84.6 state-owned and 148 privately-o!med refrigerator cars, i,e0 a total of 994 cars., were available in East (Germany. It is not likely that this total has increased in the meantime., because all newly built refrigerator cars will be de- livered to the USSR. SECRET/CONTROL - UzS.OFFICIALS ONLY Approved For Release 2006/01/12 : CIA-RDP80-00810A002200290004-2