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December 14, 2016
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March 15, 2002
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September 17, 1953
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CLASSIFICAI10r, Approved For Release 2 CENTRAL INTELLIGEN Krum, a Ba.d ?cchan; Iau COUNTRY lot ma"!, S? 6ECT Railroad Tank Cars Operating tt ugh Eaat Gan 25XILACE ACQUIRED DATE OF INFO. i vs ~~unas mluzr.m w~6 cra 0IlC Fa:a:l4t IOu OF F{4E E84Rq'u0 hez AzV BG i$ L 3 x E6tIA .L A dbMMak IM 75140201tWCf; ()O This 8$VICLARIC? tle AY.a 4.C Tvuu 1;9 Affil Ni", mlq TO Aqq (347Aq#5,gt;F,9' Z52 ;gmsaw A9 VRd- [ lffl F$D By Am rate ?.SS.:E'sYOw O!F T1113 ".n.3 KG i%mgmvpn. . REFOk-T NO. DATE DISTRR, 17 , pte er -1953 C? OF PAGES O. OF ENCLS?: (USTEU BELOW SUPP4.rEME T) O THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION 25X1 Afce?ordj.ng to official, re nrdsy the r'olioviir=g r-unber,s. of .rraallroad tank cam pr :,sect through the tor:de ation r~ers c trsr~Fcl from ` . xr t h 10 d .r :1.9 M Date in Number Load From Tr V i,% ?+'umber Load From To une of' ars h;i 18 em, ~ty Brest Litovsk Poeh'.en Frankfurt/Oder 3"; gasoline E` :el,len Zhal -a. T 2 z.. i n ar f t #? ] t k e en 12 f? -,o d. Forst 'x0 .., ffork . ?f crude oil Austria Cross... Pad l ra: .ch 70 kor atha =a.. crude oil Austria "D erpt y Prest Litovsk Fot hien . ra n?kf urt. toluol oil ? awl oe t rri.l.itary gooc s qr I qq tt 25X1 08CDb32~'(6 43 . . e- 1? r ethanol a ersebrarg I?rest Litovsk Fra n )k':"tit` t/ .a.e-la Ffit' Stettin z Stettin CLASSIFICATION S R1 /r,0hNM . ~ 11-S 1 BATE A4Y a (~l$h'B ??1,-5TR1BU q'k'd PaS21~n" t k A ' 11 $ S"r3t #.. _ _...L_.. .... '# E1 ~.. tat- . sli.:az Ste,ettitx ?z qs Po land or:,pt.y Crosskor.. Austria -. t ) ennt-r 1 r uulp ire s ria r; . c ?F.rc TAT 014,v 25X1 Approved For Release 2002/07/22 : CIA-RDP80-00810A002300200006-8 Approved For Release 2002/07/22 : CIA-RDP80-00810A002300200006-8 S T/CON1ROL _ U.S.. CiFFICiAT-S ONT,1 25X1 67 crude oil Austria Grosse- Bad Bra &bach 39 empty Grosskor- k: r beulna betha Austria 51 E6 K:ti mm. Dad S chandau X33 " K.rm as not reported 8 2I ems Brest l3oehlen Frankfurt 13 gasoline Boehlon Brest Litovsk Litovsk 9 2'7 .methanol. Mersey Brest burg : L:s to sk. 8 cc Stettin Troegiitz . Forst 28 tar oil `. roeg Stettin It IN crude oil Austria Dross .orR.. Bad theJndau. 67 ea;ip~ty Kriirn aaa Austria .k.9 crude oil . ?wupa Sad 33 " rS es 3'i t'am Bach cunt P r?a,st E