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January 12, 2017
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A roved For Re4ease O06f10117 ; CI~$ bP80-{ 81`6 24 ~1 la Between 29 July and 12 August 1953, 4erneuehen airfield was not occupied by aircraft. MiG-15s and U--2s were repeatedly observed over the field, however, they did not take off or land at the .fields 2. Between 16 July and. 9 August, no rail shipments from or to the field were observed On 10 August, it was ordered to make available 5 boxcars for equiprient and 1 boxcar for personnel at the'field on 11 Au.ust. The shipment had not left the field as of 12 August. 3. On 24 July, only the AA gun emplacement in the northwestern corner of the field was observed to be occupied by eight 76.2 i Ak ens. The guns were no longer observed in the emplacement on 10 August. According 'to local residents, the guns have not been observed there since 5 uugust? The other AA gun emplacements at the field could not be observed. The radio installations southwest of Hirschfelde were unoccupied 4. the sentries at the northern fuel dump and the . a m m ' n on u m p nor field were relir:ved by sentries arriving on trucks,, On 10 August,, truck ith driver wearing red bordered black and loaded with ration supplies moved to e field 25X1 ' EVALUATION 25X1 DATE OF CONTENT 25X1 REFERENCES PAGE-S.m.o ...ENCLOSURES (NO. & TYPE). ra, _REPORT 5, In late April or early May 1953 a large bomb in a boxcar on the ramp south of the hangars. The bomb was .5 to 3.8 meters long and 60 cm in diameter. It was shaped like a zeppelin and had four fine at the and, It was painted blue gray and packed in a crate. The train to which the boxcar with the omb was coupled was officially declared as carrying personnel and ration supplies. 6? Between 24 July and I. Au st, no aircraft were stationed at the field., AA guns were only observed in the emplacement in the northwestern corner of the field. Truck at Germany was observed in the town. 7, On the morning,of 29-July., S to 10 medium AA guns were observed in the northwestern, corner of the field The operating personnel was engaged in athletics. There was no air activity at the field the field was not 25X1 occupied by aircraft0 CLASSIFICATION SF-CRETi Approved For Release 200611.0/17: CIA-R?P80-0081 OA002400700002-5 C1;OU NTRY Approved For Release 2006/10/17: CIA-RDP80-0081OA002400700002-5 25X1 II 8, On I ;ustr no aircraft were stationed at the field The hangars, were closed6 There was no air,activity0 The rate at the main entrance was closed and unguardedo .The billeting- buildin ?s in the southwestern section of the field were not guarder. an< were almost completely vacated, Two drivin ; school trucks I were observed in 4ernea ien0 ' n` rs On 2 and 5.Iiurust, no aircraft were observed at the field,, The were closed. Eight medium JAM gwith Soviet sentries were obarvoa In the northwestern corner of the field. n:M,, After the evacuation of Werneachen airfield by bomber aircraft in early July 1953,, MG--15s landed at the field in the first half of July., afterwards no aircraft were observed at the field The AA guns were also removed? 2 '.. eciCG This is the first inrforrsiatiorh on a, Tomb with a' length o about 3d8 meters. According to the reported dimensions,, the bomb is a FJB lOOO type demolition bomb Approved For Release 2006/10/17: CIA-RDP80-00810A002400700002.-5