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December 14, 2016
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June 28, 2002
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October 29, 1953
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Approved For Release 2002/07/22 : CIA-RDP80-0081OA002600910006-7 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY INFORMATION REPORT SECURITY I RMATION COUNTRY SUBJECT 25X1 C This Document contains information affecting the Na- tional Defense of the United States, within the mean- ing of Title 18, Sections 793 and 794, of the U.S. Code, as amended. Its transmission or revelation of its contents to or receipt by an unauthorized person is prohibited by law. The reproduction of this form It prohibited. 25X1A Weekly Meeting of the National Executive DATE DISTR. Committee of the Partido Socialists Popular (PSP) NO. OF PAGES REQUIREMENT NO. RD 25X1X THE SOURCE EVALUATIONS IN THIS REPORT ARE DEFINITIVE. THE APPRAISAL OF CONTENT IS TENTATIVE. (FOR KEY SEE REVERSE) 29 October 1953 1. The National Executive Committee of the Partido Socialista Popular (PSP, Cuban Communist Party) met on the morning of 19 September 1953? POLITICAL SITUATION 2. In discussing the current political situation the members of the National Execu- tive Committee referred to the current efforts being made by Colonel Carlos MENDIETA to seek a peaceable solution to the present national dilemma in Cuba. It was agreed that the PSP must not make public acceptance of MENDIETAts nego- tiations, but rather it must declare that his suggestions are contrary-to the true solution demanded by the current state of affairs. It is the Partyts hope that MEN'DIETAts negotiations will point out to the BATISTA government that the opportunity. being presented for an electoral solution is favorable for the govern- ment., since it desires to legalize the usurpation of executive powers on 10 March 1952. The Committee also believes that the PSP will benefit from the results of these mediations. Meanwhile the Party should be guided in its future political activities by the turn of events and continue its endeavors to reach a compromise with other opposition parties for joint efforts toward an electoral success. Favorable comment was made upon Dr. Juan MA,RIn1ELLOts letter to Ramon VASCONCELOS, director of Alerta, which served as a means of publicizing the PSPts innocence in the Santiago de Cuba uprising and its current views. Copies of MARINELLO'S letter and VASC QVCELOS* favorable reply are to be sent to all Party committees. PSP DEFENSE PLAN Detailed study was devoted to the PSP defense plan, which calls for vigilance of ..all Party leaders and militant fnembers, as well as discussing the activities of each Party committee. The plan also includes Party defense measures to be taken in the event that the present government policy of persecution of the PSP con- tinues after the restoration of constitutional guarantees. If necessary, the Party will resort to violence, as advocated by Ladislao GONZALEZ Carlvajal, who 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/07/22 : CIA-RDP80-0081OA002600910006-7 Approved For Release 2002/07/22 : CIA-RDP80-0081OA002600910006-7 SECRET -2- 25X1A states that the PSP should respond to government violence with Communist violence. The Party will resort to sabotage, mass action, agitation, and street meeting, thus obliging the government to take restraining measures and thereby adding to its unpopularity with the Cuban people. SMALL PLANTERS In accordance with the decision reached at the 11 September meeting, Romarico CORDERO delivered a report concerning the plan of agitation in support of the small sugar planters and stated that the Asociacion Campesina de Cuba under his direction will initiate and support a vigorous battle defending the small planters' demands on the large plantation owners for 55% of the crops. However,.C6RDERO said'that no action will be possible until the restoration of constitutional guarantees, as no meetings may be organized at present and because the Rural Guard has been alerted to combat any mass concentrations. The Comision Nacional de''Asuhtos Campesinos of the PSP has studied and approved a plan outlined by the Asociacion Campesina de Cuba for this battle, which includes organization by the various Small Plantersr Fight Commissions of each province and locality, preparation of petitions for.interviews with various authorities and associations of planters and plantation owners of Cuba, and publicity for such interviews by means of the press, radio, and television. While awaiting the restoration of constitutional guarantees, preparatory steps will be taken by the Asociacion Campesina to organize action, to go into effect as soon as a normal state exists in Cuba. FRONT GROUPS 6. The National Executive Committee held a discussion about a proposed plan of agitation to be carried on by PSP front groups for the re-establishment of commercial and diplomatic relations between Cuba and the USSR, Red China, and the popular democracies. The front groups are to present to the Cuban Govern- ment demands for resumption of such relations, as has been done in Argentina, Chile, Brazil, and other Latin American countries. In propaganda designed for this purpose quotations from PER.ON, IBANEZ, and heads of other Latin American governments will be included to stress the advisability of commercial treaties with C anmunist countries. It is the belief of the PSP that re-establishment of relations with Communist countries will clear the air for the Party and its activities in Cuba. STATUS OF IMPRISONED LEADERS The situation of the imprisoned leaders and those whose arrest warrants have been outstanding since the Santiago de Cuba uprising in July was discussed. Party instructions were reiterated to the effect that those still at liberty should not present themselves to the courts until restoration of constitutional guarantees. 'Meanwhile the Party has charged its ablest counsellors with pre- paring the case for their defense, which will include citing the leaders' continuous statements against conspiracies and the fact that the Party has remained aloof from all such activities. 25X1A 1. Cf. Approved For Release 2002/07/22 : CIA-RDP80-0081OA002600910006-7