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December 15, 2016
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January 16, 2004
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November 17, 1953
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25X1 A INTELLOF?AX 2 from lostrsyn (Kuestrin) to Eallningrad (Aro..L w1.c F/0 s:,r iNTRY Poland DATE DISTR. 17 November 1953 2 I" "IECT Rail Traffic from Franlsftet/Oder to Hrest and p, OF PAGES }= JiuE Air"C.'E.IRED ELATE OF i(1?F ), 25X1A NO. OF ENCLS., (LISTED BELOW: SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. z HI9. nx.GUHENT CONTAtOS I NPORYATION AFF8CUN0 THE NATIONAL DEFERS4 [f '.E UNITID STATES. WITHIN THE tlEANINS OF 'ATLE 10, SEC IONS 743 ;.14L 744, OF THE H. S. CODE. AS ANERDED. ITS TRARSOISEIOU OR U%SL- ITSr?N OP ITS CONTESTS TO OR RECEIPT Elf AN ORADTHORIZPO PERSON e ; p app 4ITED HY LAW THE RCPRDDUCTIOR QF THIS FORD IS PRONISITED. THIS IS UNEVALUATE[) INFORMATION 25X1X Kunowice Rzepin Swiebodzin ubaszyn Opal.enwca Poznan .,, r. zesnis. Konin Krosniewice Kutno Lovlioz INFORMATION REPORT CD NO, Frankfurt/Od.ea to BresU-Lit., tsk has the fc llowin/; stops: Sochaczew Between Cocha.czew and Golabki. (':.arsaw `Lest) ';.'a.rsaw East Minsk Idazcwieck'~ 2 jOd.1ce Lukow Biala i'odlaska NIalaszowice Peres pct If train goes water,. Czeremaha 7Jysok:i Litovsk AR~?dtT-lPVlea - -00810A002701190005-6 CENTRAL IN - REPORT NO. fl Pass and customs check point Polish pilot comes aboard ?;ater sup+ly station Ge-?man train leader settles formalities - train papers, train load, train personnel i.ater , upply station ater and coal supply station mater supply station hater and coal supply station Tinter supply station VWater supply station By-pass station; there az:1e :(.out 19 tracks; the station is in excellent condition; transit trains wait there vhen express trains or special trains have to pass first. Water and coal supply station Blonde fast train service to Warsaw begins.. By-pass and goal sup-A.y st,,tion Water supply station from Sied1oe ,later supply station if the train goes viaM +: zc:remchav it stops at 3i*diIce for rater and coal; if the train goes via Lukuv. it, does not stop at . 3A .11ae but proceeds to Lukov{ :rater and coal supply station. ;.ater supply station First c,.}stoms check; also specification of train load, papers and personnel. Border station and customs check via Czeremcha, it stops at Plateron to take on wiater and coal supply station T?ater supply st, tion 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/02/19 : CIA-RDP80-0081OA002701190005-6 Approved Forj;eJea ye 2004/02/19 : CIA-RDP80-0081OA002701190005-6 - 25X1A This itinerary applies to both the passenger and fre- ht, a .Z,, tie that the train spends at each stop tari.es to the ax: stops t';ate ? ten ninutes to cn quarter of an hour ."ate .r and coal 2- to 4 hours Pass and customs varies frog:: 2 hours to 48 haou'rs; t..e lonLee r, sto? is at the Polish.-Russian bor .er By-pass statians the time is unpredict,:uble,, but usually dces not exceed .a fern hours If the ;.a.rsaw :.est- jollce line is overloaded, the tr?aair,;i ,;, Or coin-, from Brest make the follol;ing by-pass; tar sa.a'%,'? t- tc io1 oriks a to Tluszcz to Lochow to Treblinl:a to `Biealoe., 2.. The line from Kostrzyn to Krol er:iec (viz se-dauen) has the foll ovvin, stop 3 I Kostrzyn Pass and customs check :,pint Gorzcrr Va,ter suprly station Krzyz mater suer^l' station Pila Coal supply station Nakie Later sup >ly st~.tior! Yoram Coal supply station Jablonori P, rater sup ly station te.' ter supply station Ostroda :Eater sup -ly station, Olsztyn Coal sup ':ply station Korsze %,ater and coal su)..l.y station There aro about 24 trains leaving Frankfurt/(,Ider fuL B:,^::ot ;oar pay; that number there are about 16 freight trains and six ~~: ; ,en; e ? i; r , ixc (including the Blue 'Express), The traffic l:rc'Iuoincy `paid not July and lug~ust 1953? dov:ever, as Dart of an eao.noiily drive , I3u.Jn uo tC','o or t'ree consecutive tours of duty he:. re `"oii1, on I From Frat':furt/Gder to Brest the loads c o list of textile, lathes), fast train ca_:ric-;es (Ilew), erra., ..:,): cars s sll locomotives? small Gars (nev), te::tile;s, :.hoes~ ci: ilape'-1. ,,;3?-.,a xzu-? (,re,-) C j f o n1 rom Prest T -le 104"d coasi is of food t'b Boa ; a u V '^ c.' ' C iron ores Lind brass ores. The foiive:i._l r c o train loads _from Kest: "Lyn to & .#?:: `.ec sU> a , c RC?1:~ , cextiles (mostly :,flit ,r r) e shoes. Th tryin retaarlr e...pty, Approved For Release 2004/02/19 : CIA-RDP80-0081OA002701190005-6