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December 19, 2016
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iiEUTT/c0141". oi., _ U0s oFrIC.i U =7 IT Y ' S'ft 1 MA Qt. f'.PYT1~771'U' Sn.ri at. Trnn-n `bra y r;s Off' E ~. F CONTEM OBTAINED r Approved For Release 2006/12/14: CIA-RDP80-0081OA00290011.0001-6 CLASSIFICATION PREPARED-- 26 0ctd.ler .953 -4 1- (NO. & TYPE) .. ,t d x ~ :.r~..~. `tae 5th and 6th er oments in paragraph were i nusiv-Worted ~h,he 6th shirdnart .:i c para. raph 10, was previously reported CB. converted L-oxc&r E.- boxcar .. F F> flatcar SSy-- heavy duty " RRyw heavy-duty flatcar Troop, tr iris frc5r. a4urzen to Rtioederau ineLuded: a train of 47 boxcars on 24 September; aryl a train o x ar_e Arid aiother; train of 22 .boxcars on 25 September) 2. On October. g troop trains were identified Composition oP' - Tons 'I'ro~ ~...Tra.inw 11 CL', 2 B, 910 25F 11 GB, .2 B, 930 42 F 9 CD 9 2B Q 857 34 F CBS 3 B, try F 1$271 C13 , 2 B, '837 33 .F From Altengrabow. 'Halle rail-- `"oad dis-- trict Kroepelin Jena Altengrabow Halle railroad district , Neuhukow - Jena ';;:1??f ~T.~ P,FTfrrTt,~t,C:T. T'.,S..nT FTr;TAT,S MY Pi Arc: nPTAI JrT Approved For Release 2006/12/14: CIA-RDP80-0081OA002900110001-6 Approved For Release 2006/12/14: CIA-RDP80-0081OA002900110001-6 25X1 SEC>R i/M, N` ROT -- U., s or1." WT, LS ONLY = 2 25X1 the following railroad cars were to made available at Jueterbog-Al tes Lager between. end 16 Octoters Date in Octotrer Number ofQatp '0 35 CB, 4 B, 135 F 14 3 CB, 17 B, 5 F 8 CF.44 B,, 4 F 13B, 1 F 2 CE, 5B, 1F troop trains from Altengrabow tc Wile- park on and October ineludedh a train of vented boxcai s,. 26 boxcars and 6 flatcars, on 12 Octcbec-s _Y rted boxcars, 17 boxcars and 37 flatcars, Date in Composition of Wil.dpart sty a4 30 B, 21 F Wildpark Stendal B Magdeburg Brest shuttle trai 25X1 25X1 l and another train of 35 converted re, R2 ioxcars #n 14 type flatcars, on l;- C=c;to Troop trains from Jueterbog-Altes sager 10 and 11 October included a train of 10 converted boxcars.,. 3 boxcars and 23 flatcars to Dallgow-Poeberitz,5 and another train of 1 boxcar and 11 flatcars to Grossenhiain (C-3) on 10 October; and a train o 21 converted boxcars, 31 flatcars and 24 Rely type flatcars to Dallgow. Doeberitz on 11 Octotero5 6? troop trains and 15 coer October-, Troop rains. 12 5 GB, 17 B, 38 F Altengrabow 9 CB,, 12 B, 14 RRym 13 21 B, 30 F Potsdam 15 54 0 1 eimar :Litovsk 7. The following railroad cars were to be made available on 14 and '__ October: Date in Number of Assembling Octo,,, Cars Station Station 14 1 Bs, 23 SSy . Gruenau Receiving SECRET/CONTROL - U0S0OFF1CIALS ONLY Approved For Release 2006/12/14: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA002900110001-6 Approved For Release 2006/12/14: CIA-RDP80-0081OA002900110001-6 SECRET/CONTROL - U.S0OFFICIA LS ONLY 4, 3a, age2 Li:-t cunt ?d from. 15 Perlin railroad disti?icto The cars were to 'ce dispatched to Erfurt,,9 8CB,1Bg4F ICL, 6 F flatcars were to be assembled) by all railroad subdistrict offices of prior to 2.6 Uctoterp nu~rers, u > Date in Conposition of Octoter `!'root Trains 6 41 B with soldiers 52 cars with artillery pieces and trucks 7 31 cars with .chwepnitz ;,Jurzen -"tanks E 42 care a Mus]cau 34 cars with tanks; 5 F with five T=-134 tanks 46 errs with Koenigebrueck Wurzen artillery pieces and trucks 52 cars with " Nieder-Oderwit artillery pieces and trucks 34 cars with tanks Schwepnitz heissen Jueterbog-Altes Wildpark Lager F uerstenwald e From To Frankfurt/Oder Jueterbog Koenigsbrueck Bad Berke 10 5 Fe 2 B. five T-34 tanks 28 cars with tanks 31 " fA i5 &9 27 er a is is SECRET/CONTRJL - UOSOCFFICIALS ONLY Jornitz Eilenburg Leipzig; Approved For Release 2006/12/14: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA002900110001-6 9o Troop trains Approved For Release 2006/12/14: CIA-RDP80-0081OA002900110001-6 25X1 SECR7T/CONTROL - U.S.OTTICIALS ONLY 25X1 25X1 25X1 10,, The following troop trains were observed at the Frankfurt/Oiler rams--- road station between 5 and 1e October: Date in October Composition of Troou Trains 6 express coaches with Brest Litovsk Muellrose about 120 officers wearing blue epaulets 9 10 SSy with Lieberose Fru nkfurt/(3e 10 JS-n tanks, including 10 SSy with 10 JS-3 tanks 10 SSy with 10 J&3 tanks Fuerst kids 14 16 SSy, 1 F with Frankfurt/Oder 16 JS-3 tanks and 1 radio truck 52 B with soldiers direction of Kuestrin Cottbus 11. the following leave trains ruttleddaily between Frankfurt Oder and Brest Litovsk., leaving Frankfurt/Oiler, a train at 8:45 a.m., and the ELue Express at 4:10 p.m.; and arriving from Brest. Litovsk, a train at 5:31 a.m., and the Blue Express at 10:55 aomo Daily feeder train left Magdeburg and Berlin at 5--10 a,:m~A and Schwerin at 5.-31 a.m. Prior to 10 October, an additional leave train left Frankfurt/Oder daily at noon, and arrived from Brest Litovsk at 2:37 p.m.. This train, however, was dropped from the schedule Since about 5 October, the volume of dd ly leave traffic considerably decreased. EM on leave are not admitted to the Blue Expresso 1. Comment. The dispatching of three troop trains from Wurzen on September 1953 was previously observed twice. It i~,; assumed that theirains carried elements of the 20th Gdm Mecz Regt of the 8th Gds Mecz Div which participated in field exec cises beginning in the Grossenhain-Elsterwerda area on t out 26 Sep. tember 1953 and extending to the Koenigsbrueck area. 2. I J Comment. These th=e troop trains previously reported to have been loaded in the Magdeburg railroad district. They possibly carried elements of the 43d Army Arty Brig of the Eighth Gds Army or contingents of the IV Arty Corps to field exercises of the Eighth Gds Army, 3. Comment On 7 October 1953, the troop train went from Neubukow to Rudolstadt. C mment The troop trains from Altengrabow to Wildpark probably carried componentt of the h Art Div (US) back to their home station. Th ain Iwas previously reportedo SECRET/CO NTROL - U. S.OFFICIALS ONLY " Frankfurt Oder Approved For Release 2006/12/14: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA002900110001-6 Approved For Release 2006/12/14: CIA-RDP80-00810A002900110001-6 CECRs;T/CO "1TRGI, S (F 1(;T AT 0;'LY 5 The movement of the troop train from the Potsdam railroad sta1:iox to Wild park, and the unit probatly Transferred to . Stendal on the troop traini cannot definitely be i aterpretedn 5, Cor~r~ez to Troops returning from a two-day firing practice at Jueterbog on 10 Octoi:er 1953 included: elements of the 2d Light Arty Tria ` to Doeb ritz on the troop trra.ins on the troop trai 6. ron ant , The shuttle-trains reported in are ;?a., (. are the first of this kind with the previously known cam served in the fall of 1953. The troop train to hues rin re ?or :1.n param graph 10 possibly was identical with shuttle-trai :reports; from the Cottbus and Berlin railroad districts Ix eviousiy .n :catec tie beginning of the repatriation movement of dischargees. 70 I Comr.?ent. On 14 October 19539 tanks of the 7th Gds "ecz Div bably were to be withdrawn from Berlin-Karlshorst. 8 , r--lCormzent o The troop train prof r tly card the same unidentified unit tack to Potsdam which, on Cctoter 1953. moved from Wildvark to Jueterbog on the troop train Corvnen The flatcars probably were to Le used for return th ip- r;ents of units which had participated in maneuvers of the Eighth CA 'Is Army in the Chrdrufm Jena-Rudolstin dt area. 10. L_LConment. If the 41 boxcars actually carried military per.-on.-el,, the train possibly was the first sb,ipment of ref lacements from the il:sSR observed in the fall of 19530 110 1 Comment,, Lad Berka is located in the area where the Eighth ':ccs rr- started maneuvers on 10 October 1953. However, the artillery unit loaded at Bad Lerka cannot be identified from this inforrrationo 120 4L 0. l?lost of the troop trains probably carried componer.t,s of the 8th Gds Mecz Div which returned to their home station in iurz?YA. Eilenturg and Leipzig. The troop trains dispatched to Meissen pos-dil-ly carried contingents of the 9th Tank Div and/or 45th Gds Tank :he t o .-f' the 11th Gds Tank Dive As t"e Fcrnitz railroad station is located be- tween P.iesa and Osehatz, the troop train to Bornitz probably carried tanks of the 9th Tank Div tack to their hone station. The NiedFer- Odex,witz railroad station is located north of ittau; the -rnoveriar l. of a Soviet army unit to this area cannot yet be interpreted,, The three trains on 9 October 1953 were previously observe& Approved For Release 2006/12/14: CIA-RDP80-00810A002900110001-6 13o Cor:rrenta The troop trains were loaded with tanks of the 7th Gds