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December 14, 2016
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July 22, 2002
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December 16, 1953
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Approved For Release 2003/02/27 : CIA-RDP80-00810A002900450007-4_ .ASSIF!CATiON ''r T CENTRAL NTE` 1J.GEN E,AGENCY may. , INFORMATION REPORT . COUNTRY Poland SUBJECT Frankfurt/Oder - Brest Railroad Line i PLACE 25X12CIRED DATE OF INFO. mats DOCUJT rr CONTAIIOS .IFOINAT OrIAfZCTINOTHE NATIO L DEFINER OF ,OR BIITIO STATES WITHIN THE I"ANDIS OF THE NSNONAOE ACT so a S.C.. $T AND SLAB AIENOOD, ITE TIAMNISSIOI ON TIN IETSLATIOI OF ITS COIITNNI II ANY HANNEN TO IAITNOII2ED FPNTON IS PRO. I4II'TAO or LAW B. 600CTRNt & FOSS is PIONINITaD. 25Y- 25X1A 1:, Since ; .e low rate of traffic of four t ains per day on the ast German rail line to Brest between 10 and 18 August, the rate had risen to appi"dxir .tel 12 trains per day as of 11 September, These trains carry normal loads of machine parts, uranium, tank cars, etc. Lo military traffic w?~s -Qbser.v (i The two le-:ve trains and theidilue ::xpresh are travelling their normal schd"`Ides.. 2 There has been no evidence of partisan activity or any other form of re5 stance to the government within Poland during the past month. 3. There have been no changes in the operations or the organization of the railway brigades during the past month. `iowever, all trains from Frankfurt to Brest will be routed around ..arsaw in October or November 1953. This will be difficult to carry out, as the line around '.arsaw is not capable d" handling normal brigade traffic. 4. The reason given for the reduction in normal traffic between 10 and 18 $.t ot_,st. mentioned is that the industrial quotas for the firms in '-~ast'^ermany were being given their usual periodic review. Until these were completed, no gooc:r were shipped. 5. At present the brigades travel three main lines to the UISS:i (The line to Rava Russkaya has been discontinued); a. To Brest: Frankfurt/Oder, ?wiebodzin, Poznan, Konin, Kutno, Sochaczew, 'arsarr, Giedlce. Then on to Brest via Lukow-Terespol or Czeremcha-ynokoe,. All, traffic to Brest uses the above line except those trains exceeding the limits for weight or clearance. These detour from the main line given above around Warsaw from Kutno to Plock, SierDc, Brodnica, Dzialdowo, Nidzica, Wielbark, Crabo:.o, Ostroleka, ialkinia and then back to Siedlce. This is the line which will be used after October or November. 25X1A REPORT NO. ,DATE- Dom;. _ * r , NO. OF PAGES NO. OF ENCLS,. BUPA-&E' E TO REPORT NO. ._ Approved -PorRetease 2003/02/27 : CIA-RDP80-00810A002900450007-4 Approved For Release 2003/02/27: CIA-RDP80-00810A002900450 b? ? To Gerdauen ihelrxns do? ozhnyr .s Kuestrin, Krzyz, Vila, Bydgoszcz, Torun, Jablonowo, Ilawa, Olsztyn, Korsze, Gerdauen, c, To Dorohusk: . Guben, :agan, Glogow, Leszno, Ostrow ti cp, Lodz, Tomaszow, '?a.dom, Deblin, Lublin, Chelm, T)orohusk. The routes mentioned 1n a. above are travelled most frequently, the route: in b. less "requently, and the route in c. only infrequently.. 6. All lines used by the brigades are double track with the following exceptions, which are single track: a. The line Siedlce-Czeremcha and Czeremcha-Brest. A second track is now under construction between Siedlce and Czeremcha, b. The entire detour around tarsaw described under 5.a., above. c., Terespol$Brest. d. Twenty kilometers.from Dorohusk in the direction of Kowel. e, Twenty-si-7 kilometers south of Gerdauen toward Korsze. 7. There has been no new construction other than that mentioned Construc ion of railroad lines is carried out by crews using hand tools only,. 8. The principal bridges in the following locations are in good repair; Frankfurt/Oder, Poznan, ,.arsaw, Terespol, Czeremcha, Torun, and the brie over the Bug south of the junction at Malkinia,, S..CF:,T Approved For Release 2003/021*: CIA-RDP80-0081OA002900450007-4