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December 21, 2016
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November 9, 1953
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Approved For Release 2009/04/14: CIA-RDP80-00810A003000490010-4 CLASSIriCATIOiv r `).JNTRY East Germany IC Soviet Ammunition Dopote in East Germany k.'t LUATION E OF CONTENT `a E OBTAINED '.FERENCES ---PLACE OBTAINED RCPORT DATE PREPARED 9 November 1953 + ES 3 -ENCLOSURES (NO. & PYPE) 2 _ 1? skeW'Jiz of ammunition dump AARKS ! d\ c1Q 1. In mid-September 1953, the new ammunition depot at Bad Saarow had not yet been filled. Minor cone ruction work was done. Each bunker was additionally provided with a lightning rod, each 16 to 18 meters high. Spot lights illuminating the outer fence were fitted to the 84 poles of the electric circuit around the depot. The searchlights so far employed woxe withdrawn. 2, In August 1953,)I Ithe caseates of the former Kuestrin or- tress near Oorgast were prepared for the storage of air force ammunition. 25X1 3, At the beginning of September, a lar a ammunition depot was established in the area of the former Kuestrin Fortress in Gorgast. Numerous lighting rods 25X1 were observed on a'group of hills about 200 meters west of the 1"ansohnow- .-Gorgast road. The depot area me_~.sured about 200 x 400 meters and was surrounded by a wide ditch. The bunkers were brick vaults, built into. the hills and covered by 75-cm concrete layers and layers of 4 to 5 meters of earth, Several large bunkers of about 10 x 6 meters and several small bunkers were observed. They had been constructed by order of the Soviet Zone Government, Department VP Air. The construction project was listed under No 115 and was to be completed about in late September 1953,2 . 4, At the beginning of September 1953, a KVP ammunition depot was located between the southernmost houses of the fathen health. resort and the signal stiation of Strand, west of the Dresden-Bad Schandau railroad line. The.entrance to the depot was lo- cated about 8' meters off the railroad line. The depot was camouflaged as. quarry and the ammunition was stored in five recesses driven into the rock. Two more galle- ries were under construction. The recesses, which were said to be about 120 me- ters deep, were covered by a layer of sandstone, about 160 meters. long; and the entrances were provided with strong lattice work and were well-camouflaged. They were very difficult to recognize from the railroad line and road. The entire do- pct was surrounded by a board fence and the entrannes were illuminated by search- lights. Infantry ammunition and small arms were chiefly stored at the depot. In- coming and outgoing shipments were exclusively handled at night. The KVP personnel at the installation belonged to the KVi' barracks installation 'in Bad Schandau. A sketch of the depot. 25X1 CLASSIFICATION Sj~'G :?T/C0N ' 0L d U. S. Or IGTALS ONLY Approved For Release 2009/04/14: CIA-RDP80-00810A003000490010-4 Approved For Release 2009/04/14: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA003000490010-4 SECRET/COONTROL - U.S. OFFICIALS ONLY 25X1 a former German ammunition depot about 5 kin north of Sohulzend.orf near Gransee has been used as VP ammunition depot since 1952. A single track railroad line was under construction southeast of the depot in mid-1953. At that time, it could not be determined whether the line led into the depot. The ammunition depot proper measured about 800 x 1,000 meters and was surrounded by a circular board fence which was paralleled by a barbed-wire fence. The five-meter strip between the two fences was cl.aared1 ploughed and declared off limits. Watch towers were erected along the board fence. The depot was located in a dense woods of pine trees. The ammunition bunkers-which were allegedly filled with artillery and infantry ammunition could not be seen from the watch towers. Only officers and workers had.access to the depot, while the guard personnel were forbidden to enter the dump. The individual guard de- tails employed at the beginning of July 1953 numbered about 28 men and were equipped with carbines, submachine guns, pistols and light machine guns. The following units picked up ammunition by truck at the beginning of July 195:13 KVP Spremberg, infantry and artillery ammunition KVP Halle, infantry and tank ammunition KVP Zeithain, infantry and tank ammunition VPL Zeithain, infantry ammunition KVP Frankenberg, infantry ammunition KVP Prenzlau, infantry ammunition KVP Prora, infantry and artillery ammunition. 4 6. In August 1953, 8 concrete bunkers, each of 50 x 30 meters, built into the earth and covered with sand)were obuervtv in the VP ammunition depot at Gransee. All kinds of ammunition destined for the KVP were stored at the. dump.4 25X1 25X1 7. At the beginning of October 195391 by order of the Ministry -- of the Interior at Glinka Strasse, Berlin, the Bsu-Union-Sued in Dresden consigned Government Order OB/3/2103/1 of 22 July 1953 to the VEB Anlagenbau Berlin VEM for Project 11-1334 in Gorgast. Personalities at the 25X1 Ministry of the Interior included Lieutenant Co one Koehler, ptain Giess aschpartment chief and Senior Lieutenant Vorwerk as officer in charge of project Gorgast. The order for the VEB Anlagenbau included the construction of lighting facilities at the construction site; interior installation work in the low administrative buildings, quarters, and bunkers; and the establishment of a high-tension installation with two tranaformers,iincluding one with a capacity of 50 kVA and the other of 30 kVA. Source learned that ammunition bunkers for the KVP were to be constructed.2 8. The following is a complet list of rail shipments dispatched from the ammunition depot at Kapen in August and September 1953: 25X1 Date Number of Boxgars Shipment in Tons 3 August 2 30, ammunition Wilmersdorf 15 September 2 17, ammunition Finow 4 45, ammunition Jueterbog, Altes Lager 16 " 3 41, ammunition Altengrabow, 17 " 3 41, armiunition Wilmersdorf 18 " 2 16, ammunition Altenhain 3 31, ammunition Mockrehna SECRET/CONTROL - U.S. OFFICIALS ONLY Approved For Release 2009/04/14: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA003000490010-4 Approved For Release 2009/04/14: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA003000490010-4 SECRET/CONTROL .- U.S. OFFICIALS ONLY 9. The following is a list of rail shipments which arrived at, or were dispatched from, the Pfaffendorf ammunition depot in July and September 1953: Incoming shoo e t 3. . Date Number of ixcara Shipment 6 July 1 amm=ition 14 July 12 a 17 July 3 Outgoing shirr Pts 11 July 2 ammunition, 26 tons 17 July 1 16 tons 15 September 4 60 tons 16 September 1 14 tons 14 tons Jensen Altengrabow Mockrehna ig Jensen, Altenha Brest Litov Altengrabow Altenhain, Gonwnt. Information on the construction of an ammunition depot for the of a. new depot a eve pose e. However, su on has not been determined. At present,, it is doubted that the bombe and aircraft armaM,; ammo nition should be stored there. The KVP officers mentioned are known as belonging to the construction bureau. o=Bt-. Other reports repeatedly mentioned an ammunition depot located in this area. Its exact location has not been known. It is believed possible that the ammunition depot is being enlarged for the. K4TP. For sketch see Annex.- . 25X1 Ac. ording to the 1953,E 1954 East-German winter schedule, the.line had on en into operation rafter 4 October 1953< It could not be determined whether the depot was provided with a spur track to the W?olfsrub railroad. station's It can be assumed, however, that the old spur track has also been reconditioned. 25X1 SECRET/CONTROL ? U.S. OFFICIALS ONLY Approved For Release 2009/04/14: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA003000490010-4 Approved For Release 2009/04/14: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA003000490010-4 S7CR-T/C,"NTROL - U.S. OFFICIALS OIU.Y SECURITY INFO1ZNiATIntl Legend: riot fc scale- 1 Galleries, completed 2 Galleries, under construction 3 Low, temporary wooden buildings 4 Entrances to the depot 5 Board fence SECRIET/CONTROL - U. S. OFFICI.. LS ONLY SECURITY INFORM ;T IC)Iy Soviet Ammunition Depot Located South of Rathen Health resort. West of the Dresden-Bad Schandau ailroad L aye Approved For Release 2009/04/14: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA003000490010-4