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December 16, 2016
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June 21, 2005
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December 11, 1953
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CENTRAI. INTELLIGENCE: AGEN( REPORT NQ 1 4 ORI IATI N REPORT CD NO-. 3 NTRY Poland/Bast Germany/USSR SUBJECT f:rankfur't/Udor-Brest, Railroad Li ne PLACE ACQUIRED DATE OI- INFO, TAIN 59i$CrINR1it? %OffrUNN ARFA&.t4RUM A"MC'SAM S"t t}AflrANAft nYPNN~;A AM V-612 301MD z3TATM WITH10 TN$ "NANIN0 Or Mir 113. SsKUT1Op:4 70-1; AW@ 396,. OYIHn r?. A. COM. A3 ANBPORD. AT;i MAt13M1^s3AaN (Tie 8000 25X1 25X1 tC ApprovVSlW'209;?F71113 : CIA-RDP80-00810A00310034tr~i3f 5X1 n enrtonF+_ 'severe. lii,lli(' fuel trains were ~..;., ~, ~ x'~E # I2-.0 axlest of -xi_rh 3C ax1~, con- Dtse re:.. '1 e -,f tot, .~ iieC'.' ,,,,t ]er1n s 1s'te d t-raA rt o empty cart y F,nd fertilizer ruL.._ t' err ,:;aen l.Lhele?znodorozhrXy) fin L t (i: tohc~r c ye ,r t`_=.e trip 8c:iedu1,08 for r,,il,,ay a cE un: e in pei,,-oli'ilel. !`itrde, cr_'?.'L.- c' tc r"r., 1 :o { nslsted of 11 Fan fter DATE DISTR 11 December 1 5.1 NO OF PAGEt. ' NO. OF ENCLS.. (USTED BELOW SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO, THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION n r ^ rtisan eot.ivity was noted aloe,- toe r.3nk'ur (ilr n ?F stL:a )us? line Burin,: 1953.. :}l r?::1J before rt;;.sons attar,-end a freight tlwin t it __ r> t e !,)Ski i Irn._~' st - .t -,on P_ nd o>tole s:irrar aror three treA i ]t - i;e rt >a.i i esenp--~d . an the Russian ti i,itcvva'k co_lt:, in _.taiine Uraniumy :.,=r,~-r and refri or- tor c:.rsl . ars n troop tr,. i n or parson ;er trains were ob-a- l f'or t :o? 7;::t p,_.c:ced in c. rrors r'ld w'.A-h co.nslst of fret-1_1t c&rs an(l fi.t i_.'c.rSt ~,. . r P-! -?c"'{',r nE. riyin- c r co--, ].1:1.n ..'Le d IQ'1 ` S `1 d`:t cc i t. in C } 1 ! ' 7Y~ S oi' e-11i te Such trai.uc.' a ,t; ~' ~r Lirm wr;:i' lS C.^[1~1 ' f,a.j a. n r(.)2IG'-~cf.c'r 3 . , Cu i an usually *, . ,? i.rer :,nc six enlisted men, yexceptt L- Lhe case of e; 'i-2 t: v)5e v--dt "ry 1ng Mani , /';hi Ch rt. f ao. n':, r? en officer and urua...Yy GP 'J Cchwiebo'`.iz_i.n, ry%a.szyn Opaleri.c^. Poznan Release 2005/07/13 : CI4-RDP80:00810A00310R30011 -7 ~ 30 3.. tutei Taking on board Polish pilot 4att r. Sup-.1y . cc3 t.i1 . a enort (:lrn;~~ab+ n) . of Lrain i.:l-:.utes rater 3up-:.1S..;;oiitt. :our +:har ; e u' } tot % x4 :r}=port of. t-;^ cOm :aiw;dwr. A)l It. ILLEGIB Approved For Release 2005/07/13 : CIA-RDP80-0081OA003100310006-7 Approved For Release 25X1 0 at ;.or *.ochaczew u- raanti Lul ow Malagzewice I`+erespol hcnv,a of p3.icts a is i-.~t't':C' point +A:o4 /sua:)r!j iw Lat Ch8.T1gt of pilots b' 8U;'t `u.y p:~-; Ut g. x , 4port. of 3.: ra ni o)m ande r C/G3[iA supp~~t t cirlt? Foi- recall, t _bru " Document .ine Customs control. Lay-over Sant 1_I return t. rip A" all the stations _nside r o nd there the train stops f. r ;. long. period o`' 'I.?ii i is possible vo ;et off' the train, move abcvt, Auld even ieri'rer Lath st,as:,iur.r 10,, .'ach hri:Tarte tzar an;hed -,oik plan? I?ver y each mar, ha six hours d,i'~,a an.1 then k.weive hours o f f :: ta`ach brigade has to rake trree trips p?3r -r ont t.. 1-a *h o,,' i't tri s lasts an averctge of sit days for {v ruts 1 t . l.p o:+te . nat , with good traffic cordit::an1, a round trip r be ",.Facie in :ti-e days, 161h man has 'g Maw days off ao t iie>rv! s.r S nday:a in U e rlonth, and on his days Pff he may travel d t.r ;z,~e;t 3.7' 1.o h. i home,. The foils 3,a'.ag are thy:, chief arr;.i,.`.Lt s which the men smltggle into Poland, Combs golit (Bic) j -3 Cbiffon Ba xl-Pr4lnt 7e:i k Sant la,s:. ~ ; Z e+winrr s, a~~ t e:s fart cI')C; Ks t:~ 5 G.1oty each 2! .< .30 Zloty pe ~ !.eter 70 Zloty each l.! ca '.0 Zloty each o 50 Zloty "acr11 I to 2 Zloty each 1,)(,0 to 200 r lot.y each !? of ' 9,1e s ;uwglt d roods are hidt.en In the:: coal tenders of the trainee 31,; railway workers ;:arils to the stations to the brigadiers living o'lartc. .r.7 i cabov:;e:c) arlu p+urchale the snuggled goods. Usual., purchaser ?u u- de by the s ..a persons,, The German railroaders ,A$(, the c, ,r.n. ned t.o r arc;:htase as.xditional food:, It Is i.Y- possible ~ TL 'led mood in Brest because -?'man ra li'OtJ?ters to leave, their cabooses and are under very t.rict con:tarot,, is,, The manrs'a' a.r kr sleeks are carried out at various control points varies ,fir. y , u seal.., folish docir ;nt and customs z ontrolri are u.sua7 l~ perfunctory ex_-rt 10-r the control at. TerespoL The itussla:i docent and tug=.t n co+1 r"v _ .c1h `L,, suao won arriv'_in- at iresu :Ls very et r .c . During a riot :onty L ali of the poosible hiding places in the caboose: havt be, v :need fv.1 11s,~ _se..;, on, and the inspectors lu_8d11 au all he wauI. o Lhc. a?.aboc ie, esars;haxlg for concealed caches caf contt'aharxd 'tod,q.; Cr, the l.ocomotivee all he toe] chests have to be opened, and every the cfety lit s are unscrewed, At the Russian c::hd .ts point. near treat all food has to b shown, and often leaves Of :read are cut in ti o in th!e, searct for :c nt^aband:. Onio is and potatoes are locked up in a chest o' "Ito _i. 17C~'.tr 3 ho lr'; 2 lie, jr- :L: 2 kic?lr,. Approved For Release 2005/07/13 : CIA-RDP80-00810A003100310006-7 1 61 ,;, 25X1 ' Approved For Release 1165/0313: CIA-RDP80-00810A00T l uua lO~-7 t've .ry Lri.,sade c .