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December 16, 2016
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September 11, 2002
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January 26, 1954
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CLASSIFICATION Approved For F'1OtITtI?t~0~= 081b0 INFORMATION . REPORT COUNTRY pest Gernar r/USSR SUBJECT Frw*nut/Ode Hretat Railroad Line 25X1 PLACE ACQUIRED DATE OF INFO, THIS BCCDSERT CONTAINS INFORMATION A!FNCTING THE NATIONAL DEFENSE Or THE UNITED STATED. WITHIN TUE WEANING OF TITLE IS. SECTIONS 783 4010 7!!.. OF TUN U. D. CODE. AS A32YUED, ITS TRANSMISSION OR REVEL- ATION OF ITS CONTCHTS TO OR RECEIPT BY AN UNAUTSORICEII PERSON 1$ FROIIRITED BYLAW THII REPRODUCTION OF THIS FORM 18 PROHIDITED. 25X1 NO.. OF ENCLS, LUSTED BELAWE SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO, THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION ~';.as closed for several hours; traffic was resumed later, but a very low speed limit was enforced:, Polish pilots maintain that the line was blown up by diver..ants- During early August 1953 a similar incident occurred near Minsk; Polish pilots maintain that this line was also bloom up? In both cases the brigades waited until the damages were repaired, so that no one might see the extent of the devastation. The avera.,fe traffic from Frankfurt/Oder to Brest and back consists of 15 trains every eight hours. From 13 to 20 August 1 93 the traffic c, 1J decreased significantly - about 10 trains every eight hours. The lords from Frankfurt/Oder consist of all types of small and heavy industrial machinesq .' 1 ?t! :;,a 3 cranes, and empty refrigerator cars. The loz:,.d.s from Brest consist of corn. ores, uranium.Sore, and loaded refrigeration cars The average tonnage of a train is 1,700 to 15 800 tons rand ~ the number of axles varies between 104 and 106, There are about ten empty cars leav- ing Frankfurt/Oder for Brest, and about 600 freight cc rs leave Frankfurt! Oder for Brest. 3:. The only change in the organization of the brigades is that while earlier a brigade was composed of it men tone brigade chief included), there are now twelve men (brigade chief included).: Formerly the brigade would rest after a tour of duty; now four men Co home and are repl=aced by four members of another brig,ade; the remaining eigit- must proceed on a new tour and. wait to go home until back in Frankfurt/Oder,, This system is de- signed to get the raazimum use from a locomotive. The schedule has also been rearranged. so that now the trio from Frankfurt/Oder tc Brest is done in one and one half days,while formerly it-was done in four days. About 15 trains 'a day ler,ve Frankfurt/Oder for Brest and vice versa. About 5'0 to 60-percent of the trains are ore trains; 30 percent r=ef-_C-orator trains (this has been true only during July and august 1953): the remainder censi.sts of machines, industrial and transloi: ding equipment, and passenger trains There are about five leave trains a month, except the blue Express ? which circulates daily. The take-up of each train is _U -follows: locomotive, German personnel car., Russian personnel car, :n"i he rest of t e bra? d 25X1 'SATE AVMY NAVY CLASSIFICATION PISRk3 DMTRIBUTtON IRIIID07-2 _CD NO.. 25X1 DATE DISTR. 2