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December 14, 2016
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March 19, 2003
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February 2, 1954
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Approved For Release 2003/08/07 : CIA-RDP80-0081OA003500240005-2 0,j 4j311 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY INFORMATION REPORT CONFID TTI COUNTRY China/Macao SUBJECT Chinese Communist Influence on Conditions in Macao DATE OF INFO. 25X1 C PLACE ACQUIRED This Document contains information affecting the Na- tional Defense of the United States, within the mean- ing of Title 18, Sections 793 and 794, of the U.S. Code, as amended. Its transmission or revelation of its contents to or receipt by an unauthorized person is prohibited by law. The reproduction of this form is prohibited. 25X1 REPORT NO. 25X1 A DATE DISTR. 2 February 1951+ NO. OF PAGES 2 REQUIREMENT NO. RD REFERENCES THE SOURCE EVALUATIONS IN THIS REPORT ARE DEFINITIVE. THE APPRAISAL OF CONTENT IS TENTATIVE. (FOR KEY SEE REVERSE) SOURCE: 25X1X 25X1 la The population of Macao has dropped from 150,000 during the border incidents of 1952 to 130,000 in October 1953.1 About 20 percent of the residents of Macao are Communist or pro-Communist'; 40 percent are . pro 1ationalist; and 40 percent are neutral. During. 1953 Communist activities in Macao decreased and the people grew tired of Communist propaganda.2 A moving picture theater which used to show only Communist films had to close down because of a lack of an audience for the movies. 2. From 1950 until 1952 Communist influence was felt throughout the Macao school system. Textbooks were modified to appease the Chinese Communists and some schools displayed the Chinese Communist flag. In 1953, however, with the lessening of Communist influence two Communist middle schools suffered decreases in enrollment.. The Lingnan (7117/0589) Middle School p~rollment fell from 800 to 600 and the P'eicheng (1014/2973) Middle School enrollment fell from 600 to 300. In October 1953 these schools stopped displaying the Communist flag and gave up using Communist textbooks. The Haochiang (3445/3068) Middle Schoolyis still Communii t-controlled. Among non-Communlist Christian schools, the Communists have their greatest influence in the P'eitao (1014/6670) Middle School. The following. teachers in the P'eicheng Middle School are Communistso KUANG Pin-jen (6782/4426/0088), LIANG Han-tan (2733/1385/3225), and LIN Te-chang (2651/1795/ 4545). 3. The attitude of the Macao government toward Protestant churches is generally unfavorable. Recently, the flow of persons coming from the mainland has stimulated the Protestant church movement in Macao. The Communists in Macao pay little attention to the Protestants because there has been no sign of organized political activity on the part of the Protestant churches. 4. Smuggling persons from Communist China to Macao is usually done at night through Wants'ai (3494/0098) opposite Macao by sampan. The price charged for smuggling one person varies from HK $1,800 to HK $2,700.3 The smuggling is handled by Chinese Communists in Macao who collect the price after the person arrives in Macao. CONFIDENTIAL 25X1 25Cr~ tA: Washington Distribution Indicated By "X"; J~ I Approved F : CIA-RDP80-0081OA003500240005-2 Approved For Release 2003/08/07: CIA-1Wf-00810A003500240005-2 CONFIDENTIAL/ 25X1 A Comments 25X1 25X1A la the population of Macao was 25X1A 100,000 in September 1952. The border incidents in July were reported in 25X1A 25X1A 2. rted increase of Communist influence in Macao during 1952 see 3. For a detailed report on the methods of crossing the border see CONFIDENT 0 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/08/07 : CIA-RDP80-00810A003500240005-2