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December 14, 2016
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January 11, 2002
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January 18, 1954
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1"T LLO 511 Approved For Release 2002/07/29 1 CIA-RDP80-00810A00350062001.0-4t Cal1NTE~Y--. :!i 3 CPIC-...,_...,. 25X1A ''.+ "JaZ CNTieOL - 46it3 OFTICIA. I;i Oi L.',~. t `5sew vations Made Between ? rankfurt/Oder and Brest L itov,.3 25X1X 0 25X1 X un ucarw r, source saw, at Vie 1 no railroad sta Dion! a rTestbound trained with 107 artillar ; pieces prestuu?bly 85 AT guns, 20 trucks and' 2 tankso1 A {vi-aber o l' trains coneist9 nc of 55 to 60'rai.lrand cars each and loaded with x=e r.~:?a .:io.ns goods were also seen at the stationn The water station _1" K ztno .was not ed?.a ; w,ate for the traffic pt ssin throuEh that railroad station and could not J:ax:_ ish rater to the German loeoi:otiveo Other members of Cernan locomotive brigades told rouax _=e that they had been Cuiayed in Kutno for more ulasr four days. on 11 Dorr:rber, source noticed that the Brost Litovsk railroad stL.tion was iam;,.ed with trsins, He counted 19 trains but stated that this did not represent the total bf trains Narked there. Some Oarii locomotive engineers. told him that they had waited in Brest Litovsk up to seven day:.,, Five of the trains were load- d with new true'l -s , accord1n ; to their way bills th:. y -were to be dispatched to Frankfurt f Oder ? Mien, ; 25X1 A retur?ninc; to Gerrainy east of Warsaw, two eastbd,an . trains each of them carrying 70 to S new a trucks." On 14, :December, source observed,, west -5f Kutno, , an eastbound train of 45 boxcars loaded with Soviet air force personnel, loge dumps of corms were noticed at all major rallrc . stations of `.,.ho Frankfurt/ Oder .w Brest Litovsk railroad line. 2,, Westbound trains observed by source 25X1 X 25X1X included 2 troop trains of 5 cars eacaxg 5 trains each of them loaded with 5 to 61 ne25X1 A trucks and sedans; and 5 trains each leaded. with 30 to 40 new 85-rTa 2,T guhs and 4 or 5 T-34 tanks al- Between 17 and 22 November g with sedans and one westbound t sin loaded with about 20 trucks mounting, searchlights,. 25X1A 25X1A 25X1 A ?.r 25X1 A 3., to East Gor:, my was -,.sxcluded in previous border traffic reports. AT uas with a caliber ww 85 --i~aa. were fTf-st observve=d in Jr :inkf'~art Ode on 3 December 1953 I 119T-17-Pat, to the UU&R involved are assigned shuttle train ambers of the lax aeries. ,QJ T/CON'ltOL ? U. S. OFFICIALS ONLX F= ,:4 IFIrl~11~'11~! 4T "I 1-"Zea1.. Tnforr, ation on trucks,,. artillery gxi.eces and tanks sent from the USSR 25X1X 25X1A These vehielee wero delivered by East German automobile factories nt These tiairzs carried recruits from the' US t to East Oez?many0 The trains 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/07/29': CIA-RDP80-0081 OA003500620010-4