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December 14, 2016
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August 13, 2001
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April 8, 1954
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ILLEGIB 7,0UNTRI SUBJECT LACE ACQUIRED DATE OF INFO. Approved For Release 2001/11/21 rCIA-RDP80-00810A003500890003-3 - 6 OLIZ,2), INFORMATION REPORT East Gersisly/Argentinair East German Trade Fsemotion Plans nilkkAaltmalner 40111Alin INFORISMOO it,FFECTift TON ".1ATIONAL OVIMISE OF THE UNITILO sum, wrnim TOR MARINO OF TIM It 11C1I0445 SIM ,114. OF TRS II, S. COOL AO AO*O0- 10 45 TRIM l ilISSIOn OR a %1O44 OF ITS =MATS TO OR ROMOPT flOOOTHORIZO PF. DOOMBITEO VT LAW UT RitromucTion o41011 MAO FOOVUOTAL 25X1X CD NO 25X1A DATE oisTR_ 8 Ancil 1r.?54 NO OF PAGES 2 NO, OFEPICLS. 461440,04w) 25X1A SUPPLEMENT 10 REPORT NO, THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION It has been decided rig*-tio 11.?1,(1, 10,41,P14n4sLenl,g,Faij:t inviewol-the .tstaat time 640;4 apa:-4heTs0444Y 01 ii tioducer* S 4111, WA tflitO (sparing mew liadb Qi Ccipine.14010 d remular ennual eig Fair sometialk nett fall, ? in :ssetemser,. Around the first part of Novraber 195:3,,stheze ?WMS rinlialt itzia& he Ministry of Foreign Trad, at xhion,.tnree spereteries of the DIA were present, as vell s representa.tires of the Chamber o'r Foreign 1Frade including Dr. Gottr10 Tess thg5 the chairman Frits Lange Chairmen the 0entre1-CromMilsibh Sate Prade, stItila also presents He severely 17,..ea Formir. mrd Inter-124 Qat -man Tiailei Kurt Cregorc, sa-Tirg.-; plai-Ai that explortl quotas for J.95:3 14,re .4144414.11,ifiJajt3i or 1204Pted 1t116 7 14316 t WT.* rinr oqt o.f ighoranG13,,:le,d paid as much as 4.1.00 a ton more than the current wort -vice, It was also made clear a this meeting that tne main eft,ort of the New Gourse was to be ulieoted toward the field of foreign trade6and ? vas t3 include not only Ess t Uarmany, but also the entire Eastern Bloc, plan is to underta]se a general attack on Wsetern, espitals ?.o markets during ,1954, This is to be done by sending to the , capitalist countries ,exports which are on Western export embargo lists; t.us flooding the West with thase. materials and seriously undermining Ito oconcmic poeiioe't.ss alLampie,J;aet qermany is supposed to ooncentrate on optioal instruments, machine tools, et,o, The plan states that ?10 percent of total. machine tool oeoduction will be exported and only 30 percent renerved for trade- sesth the Eastern .lOCc. ie,conneotion with this assault on the estern economyt: East Germany is elfwious to assemble trade delegations as rapidly as pessible,and send %heM to capitalist countrses to neotlete trade agreements. These delegations are to consist of a representative of KfA, a representative of the. Deetsche Notenbank, tTso poople ftom the. particular VIA, and 'sup technicians cr engineers. East iermany is interested especially in -Industrially underlevelopee cenntries, such se )irazil? AreentiEn and 25X1A '!2LASSIFICNCION SECREN 17 PISRE3 ; Approved For Release 2001/11/21 : CIA-RDP80-00810A003500890003-3 25X1A Approved For Release 2001/11/21 : CIA-RDP80-00810A0035 Chile, the Far East, and Africa, notably the Gold Coast. Delegations are to leave for these countries and others, in January, or at the latest, Feb? First and foremost, however, two delogations are to leave tn Deeembsrif 9 feasible, for tours of Denmark, Norway, Sweden, England? Belgium and Holland,. while a third group will visit France, Switzerland and Italy. Cocoa imports for the period of 153: storm-lied ? 29 rerorit of establish .totals, and the imports of southern fruits were eso far below established quotas, so that an acute shortage is anticipated for the Christmas season. In this respectgast German officials are worried, for they are fearful lest shortages at th1.6 festive season occasion further JisturbLnces among the population. 6 East Gerinany lost about 8,000,0GO (D!::E or rubles). (sic) in trade with Thilgaria?' which supplied ,defective equirrent and then disclaimed any responsibility for it, 7, ;7here is .cing to be a shortaze of Christmas trees this year in East Germany, and it will be necessary to import .large numbers of them. Lat year East Germany los.t around 4Q0.00C D by importing trees frcm Rumania The .tr,IJcs were aIl stunted or otherwise not suitable for sale. U Then the :ocnonio Conference of the U7 meets in Geneva in the sprinr: of l95, Germany wants to send .C.ele.gz,tions Lo direct contact with ';:estern representatives. :.cist Germany is alrd desi-r-ou::1 of es-L.blishinr_:i.irf-ot rapport 7:ith the f,ho nnn -4 - 9_ 7:ast Germany is very short of hard currencies, as is most of the "astern 7210c. :otably lacking. are dollars, 'olvis francs and Dutch Raiders. is a result, much trade is betn,?: done strictly on a barter basis, of one t::pel of --coes for another. Greece is hecoiu:.7 inerc si ly interestino: to East Cermany, After the. s,:Arinr Confereace?ast Germany ic'_plasning r:Ifikea cia offori to inf.'.rm tile Greeks of East orTlan ware.s. ) 25X1X Approved For Release 2001/11/21 : CIA-RDP80-00810A003500890003-3