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December 22, 2016
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May 19, 2009
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April 1, 1954
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Approved For Release 2009/05/19: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA003701100005-4 LI.H~7INUMVi`~ 3i:.C1L+T/CU NTR0L i} ova. UYF1C.WZ Uiil2( CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY INFORMATION REPORT COUNTRY East Ge ariy SUBJECT Rail Freight Traffic through East German Border Statians PLACE ACQUIRED DATE OF 'NFO. THiS OOCUM1110 CONTAINS f11F641ATIQ Afnow NaTICN6L u~V NSs OF Tub UNITED STATED. 4Y1THlN YSiB IL 1AF OF TiTi.N 88, SHCTIONS 7B3 AND *84, OF THE U, S. COON. AS ANIZ ID. 1T$ TRA[i8~1.$SION!'fR @6YIGL- ATIOiS OF TS CONTgHTS TO OB BECBSP* BY AN UNAUTNORIZBD PZRSOY AS. PROHlRIY=D BY LAW_ 'Nit NBPAODIJCTiON OF THIS FORM IS PROHIBITE6. REPORT CD NO. y ?6 DATE DISTR. 1 .April 195/+ NO. OF PAGES 4 NO. OF ENCLS. LUSTED EE9AW8 sP LEMENT , `O, RtPORT NO.. THIS IS UNEVALUATEb INFORMfiATEt)N 1. The following shipments were observed at the Frankfurt/Oder marshaling yard bee. fw a" 13 r' )' p ' ro.l11311. ,j J_ 7Z)4: t boxcar F flatcar gondola car refrigerator car HR7 ) M heavy duty flatcars RR ) Pate in Number and Load From TO 13 46 B and F carbide machinery parts furniture compressors 14 R 54 G empty 12 R undetermined 54 G empty ~;6 B empty graixa shuttle train 2;; C hard coal 6 RRy pig iron 3.2 F str ictural iron 15 B military- goods 51-1) B and F carbide furniture machinery parts n cI printed material woo]. ... _ _ . *%. piece goods empty grain shuttle train. Frankfurt/Odes 41 Plester itz Magdebu g/Buakau Bad Liebenwerda Brest Litovsk Leipzig ) 1 Jueterbog Brest Litovsk Berlin railroad district Frankfurt/Oder PIesterita Bad Liebenwerda Koethen Magdeburg/Buckau Grlim a. Leipzig Frarikf urt/Od er CLASSIFICATION SECREUCONTRoL - U*S, OFFICIALS ciNLY Brest Litovsk n i4erseburg 3 Ch initz Hilbersdorf Zittau9 Halle, LL;ipzig Satzkorn Dresden/Altstadt ) Brest Litovsk Dre den/Hafen Brett Litovsk n 2 i s;'{ICE ,_.._ T I F--rI DISTrRreu-rlnrv ~_..-f . _...._ ~~ .~_ ..._ .AMY ,r AIR ; 63 Approved For Release 2009/05/19: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA003701100005-4 Approved For Release 2009/05/19: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA003701100005-4 SECRET/CONThQI. - U Q a ~ 'OFFICIALS 01ILY Date in Number and Load TX pf Cares _ 16 54 B and F 8 B 30 B 3B 18 not reported 19 21 B '5 B 6B 22 B 10 B 3 RRvm 6 gym aF 56 B 55 G 55 G 20 55 B 55 B 56 G 56 G 5F 6B 1 train carbide furniture nachinery parts 11 11 f iesterits Bad Liebenwerda Magdeburg/Buckau Brest Litovsk piece goods ammunition ft empty grain shuttle train empty military goods n Koethen Frankfurt/Oder If iIohenleipiasch) Altengrabow ) Brest Litovsk 2 is Koenigeborn ) 4 Satzkorn Jueterbog ) 6 Kirchmoeser ) 5 military goods it ammunition military goods rails structural iron empty grain shuttle train empty n empty grain shuttle train M y empty it structural iron military goods export goods Frankfurt/Oder n Satzkorrr, ) 4 Koenigsborg ) Jueterbog Kapen 5 Satzkorn 4 Guben ) 7 Delitzsch Brest Litovsk 2 n n Halle Erfurt/Gst 4 Breast TAtovsk 39/46018 21 56 G empty Brest L?itovs ts 54 B empty grain shuttle train ~ 12 B military goods Satzkorn 5B n 4 Magdeburg 2.3 46BandF shoat aluminum Hettsstett Brent Litovsk machinery and machinery parts machinery machinery 2 railway-cranes gdeburg/Buckau Berlin Grp undetermined 39/46004 6i# piece goods Frank fort/Crier Brest Litovsk 10 F structural iron am Gera Halle Lejitzsch 50 R empty Brest Litovsk 1 50 R n w 54 G 56 G 55 B empty grain shuttle train 55 B n n CRET/CONTROL - U h S. OFFICIALS UILY Approved For Release 2009/05/19: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA003701100005-4 Approved For Release 2009/05/19: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA003701100005-4 SEC? +"T/CGNTRCL - C,:S. OFFICIALS ONLY 2. The fo lowin shit eats were observed at Frankfurt/Oder between 1" s:r 23 January25X1 Date in Number and Load ~~~?.,~ erne esf bars 54 0 empty 53 B and F machinery parts 56 .8 empty " r'rankfurt/Od a za n " 1.9 20 B ammunition Brest Litovsk direction of C ttb" ' 112 B empty Fr cfurt/Cder Brent Litovsk 20 51; G empty 53 B and F machinery parts 55 B carbide 56 B empty 3. Since early January 1954, about 300 transport police have arrived in Frankfurt/Odero The personnel was quartered in low wooden buildings which had been erected on the railroad station premises, anuary- C - coaches T =- tank car Date in Number and Load 23 55 T .gasoline Grosekorbetha 20 B undetermined Brest Litovsk Framid r./Oder 4 53 B empty 54 B and F machinery parts shipments IS " para:.dehyde 9 " undetermined ., to " it 40 cars 50 " 27 49 T gasoline 45 cars uranium ore 24 " ore 3 Cv 31 B, am- unitiou 6 0 28 40 T gasoline e B 10 crash cars 30 B undetermined 29 21 ? J_6 R 10 B 6R 8R l 1 43 T gasoline 45 cars uranium ore 46 cars uranium ore Frankfurt/Oder Brest Litovsk Bt yt Pipsteritz Frankfurt/Oder Frankfurt/Oder Brest Litovsk Bad Sal zungen Sohkopau Frankfurt/Od er? Crcaakor betha chwarzenber8 Halberstadt Frei rt/Crier iychen Wulkaw Frankfurt/Oder Wu1 kow x`ranIcfi rt/Oiler Ditter svalde Velt'n Schwarzenber?g ;: CiLTjCG :TR0L .-. I' 0 o Approved For Release 2009/05/19: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA003701100005-4 D?sat, Litovsk n It between 23 and 31 25X1 Stettin } 8 Denzig Ruerstrin Brest Litovsk Dresden Leipzig Brest I:itovs Z3ltend dr?f Wulkow Vel ten 12 Frankfurt/Oder A1tenC.rabow I]dt irk Dresden ) Erfurt geeburg ) i ,ipzig S;.. tzi_orn Eisen,spalterei Brest Litovsk Approved For Release 2009/05/19: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA003701100005-4 81,ChF.T/CGtiTRC.'L - i S. OFFICIALS ONLY 3. Refrigerator shuttle cars which operate between the U37,1 ^zzd East 25X1 Germany. The load carried by these cars is earmarked for civilians as well as litar ?y ccns nption. In January r, 581 loadod- 'rif'er a,tor cars arrived in Fast Germarry.F G,,r rte. r