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December 20, 2016
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March 30, 2006
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May 7, 1954
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CLASSIFICATION .~ ?r 'iN Ct3?}'Cr:C! U.S. M; YX+.LS 0`41;1 COUNTRY Approved Fo AL9 ffffli(JEINGO Past GormuT VVUTZFJ STEMS WMIJU TI WCA#93E32 OF 77:H ESPIG5A@E A( lue P, y. ~:.. aY Ai3N $2. Al ALIMMO +'b. ITS T4iA:38l4tB'33QG1 OR 7'350 :MLf3t4:: 25X1 25X1 25X1 i. '!x -i Ms's a. r , .rw n ~ r ~ r i .,vse* d'r"b~ `-11P i`nn'} -f1'4ci g .!hln++a+ t 9.v.?rofn tti r n. a , F6h??i "i954:z "1atce r gondola ear -in _.0prap? it cax sa y :. _ hea fxruy iatc ar 1)14 i Jf., 17 Miy 1953. THIS IS UNEV 1 it/~ s?~.I! R F ~xF~ilYI~~ S !ON irert 1,5 t?k I n>rr ' ,_rt ste er 3x5 ; it: vr~k~ rkfnrt/hex A).1acldr",u`f, , tat t . empty una et: srxn1 * . DATE DI Tk ": he -f ,&_ 15w1Yi ,, whip-athts ixere - >iaift -ved at I re.i:4 M ';/r; yr ix twe'en ._ x 'mod 3.1" Fei n ; .;: %e- ? : tanr qai? . ' !.tr i 1t .J N . (tt [ rco3e Brost -L t vr; k I s ra.1i ,p 2 I .?ost I itev .k Zi tendo rrx'' Approved F.or Releasg 2,P06-/04113 CIA-I DP8'0-0081.0A00 3801330004-9 Approved For Release 2006/04/13 : CIA-RDP80-00810A003801330004- 15X1 SECRET/CC?NTROL - U.S. 4,FFICIAL3 GALY _2- Date in Number and Load February ` ,,,_xof Ca ., . crane parts furniture 5 B Soviet piece goods 12 F 32 AT guns 8 R military goods 18 RRy 55 C empty 55 G to 21 B empty grain shuttle Frankfurt/Oder 31 T train empty It 56 G is 40 B ammunition Frankfurt/Oder border 12 B barley r 7 R. military goods 4B2 F buna Merseburg sheet aluminum machinery Hettstelt Sonn barg/Thuringia, Magdeburg Bucicu 56 G at heavy machinery empty Magdeburg Penig Frankfurt/Oder 46 B, F carbide Piesteritz 6 B undetermined machinery ;chinery parts Soviet piece goods Leipzig Dessau Lauchhammer Frankfurt/Oder 55 G 55 G 56 B 45 B, F empty empty grain shuttle train tt carbide screws undetermined furniture chemicals machinery steam boilers furniture Lauchhammer Goerden Frankfurt/Oder "rankfurt/Oder border H It Piesteritz Finsterwalde Leipzig Bad Liebenwerda Bitterfeld Sonneberg/Thuringia Dresden/Neustadt Goerden SECRET/CONTROL -- U.S. OFFICIALS ONLY Brest Litovsk Jueterbog- Altes Lager 5 Dresden ) ) Jueterbog ) 6 Koenigeborn ) Brest Litovsk it Altengrabow 2 Halle 7 Dresden 6 Brest Litovsk Brest Litovsk ft to to 7 Brest Litovsk Approved For Release 2006/04/13 : CIA-RDP80-00810A003801330004-9 Approved For Release 2006/04/13 : CIA-RDP80-00810A003801330004-9 18T ~6 G -3- Da to in Number and Load From 55 B r: 56 C empty 5 B e+xs yr=i tion 1.5 B ?a;*ij unition 1.$ F new trucks 2C-1, G coke 1-5 B amriunition 15 R military goods Frankfurt/Oder Frankfurt/Oder border 56 B empty grain ohuttle train Frankfurt/Oder 55 G empty 20, B Frankfurt/Oder 7 B, F carbide Piesfieritz "I l.t;ta Wolrfen .rni vure Bad Liebenwai de machinery Tiagdeburg machinery a-kid. f:achinery Magdeb-urg,' uckau "arts ,,aehinery Sonneberg /Thuri n ;ia SECRF;T/COI-;TROL -- U.S. OF-IIICIA a ONLY empty M empty n e rnniLion new trucks 22 B grain Frankfurt/Oiler border rt 14 Brest Litovsk er Altengrabow 2 Ziesar I Ei. nleben Altengr abow Leipzig 6 Brest Litovsk 7 Brest Litovsk Brest Litovsk . 4f Kapen 2 Jueterbog I Dresden ) 35 B empty grain shuttle train Frankfurt/Oder P- I 25X1 U B military goods 1.le 7 Altengrabow 2 tl a following trains were to be patched to the East at Frankfurt Oder between 6 and 12 February: Date in Number and Composition train t,;:.in with u rani m ore ey, ipty grain shuttle trains 7 ta?a:ins of gondola care, 752, 75?, 754 rains of etyy tank earn EGRET/CONTROL - U.S. OFFICIALS ONLY a Brest Litovsk } Frankfurt/Oiler border Altengrabow 2 Approved For Release 2006/04/13 : CIA-RDP80-00810A003801330004-9 25X1 Approved For Release 2006/04/13 : CIA-RDP80-00810A003801330004-9 ,SECRET/CGNTR(1 ~. t+.S. CFFICIALS WILY Date in Number and Composition 3 trains of gondola cars, 769, 770, 771 11 /12 1 train 1 train 1 train with Mani= "1 train of empty refrigerator cars 5 empty grain shuttle trains 25X1 !.. wastbouncl shipments from Brest Litovsk ono February inoluded two trans MIGH ammunition to Altengr bow, 25X1 and 4 boxcars -.with foodstuffs to Satzkorn, X1 and b 5. the following shipments were dispatched from .1 1 and 15 flatcars and 7 empty gondola cars, 25X1 25X1 25X1 1. 0? cg. These trucks were probably consigned to Soviet units. A motor vehicle repair shop and distribution point of the Third Shock Army is located at Zieear, while a tank spare parts depot of the GOFG is located at Mtiellross. The latter appears unusual. as consignee for motor vehicles. 25X1 2. ~C,oa nzt. Ammunition shipments from the USSR. Large Soviet ammunition depots are I cated at Altengrabow and Kapen. The shipment of 3 February listed in para- graph l may either have been consigned to the Waldeslust ammunition depot of the 25X1 Fourth Gds Mech try or to the ammunition depot of the Twenty-Fourth Air Army located at the Biesenthal estate which is served. via Fberewalde-Finow, the latter of which appears more credible. The report confirms that index figure 401 25X1 have been used for ammunition shipments from We USSR after January 1954. 25X1 3. ~G -Mt-. Deliveries to the Foundry Combine East at Fuerstenberg/C1er. 25X1 ~;. Cow ze . Uranium ore shipments to the USSR which are assigned index figure San siiunent t gibers of the 22 block. 25X1 5. AnA. This shipment may either have been consigned to the ordnance depot ~'GOFG which transferred from Jessen to Jueterbog or to units of the Third Gds Mech. Amy stationed at Jueterbog. 25X1 6. G s qn . Ration supp ly? deliveries from the USSR to Soviet ration supply depots. 25X1 "7.??. Grain shuttle trains. In January 1954, a total of 2,15 loaded and 4,123 empty grain shuttle cars passed through Fr??aa urt/Oder. 25X1 S. =Spm Gt. From the shipment-record -number. the type of cars and the receiving station mentioned, it is inferred that the shipment possibly consisted of artillery prime movers. ECRET/CCN IDOL ? U.S. OFFICIALS ONLY Approved For Release 2006/04/13 : CIA-RDP80-00810A003801330004-9