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December 16, 2016
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February 11, 2003
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June 3, 1954
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25X1 Approdq&FRR ~ 201( - - 1-9 CENTRAL 1NT`LLUGENCE AGENCY NFORMATION COUNTRY East eery SUBJECT Russian Main Rati?.in. Supply Depot at ?rankfurt/Oder 25X1A 'LACE ACQUIRED DATE OF~ SOURCE 25X1X 25X1 DATE DISTR. 3 ~rvne 1,5 NO. OF PAGES NO,. 0 - :NGLS. SJPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. L. the 10 February 194, all German employees and worke-'s of the main ra-0i ore supply depot at Frank'uvt Qder were diacharged without. notices 'i;h=e reason being that all G rrana eripio *ed ..: th Soviet ur_ith were to be made -.vailab1.e for tho Ger,n*n ,+cnre ;;r ` f main depot at Frankfurt/Oder will allegedly be turnad over to Soviet civilian au- tsaoritiee On 9 Yeabruaz 1954, 40 Soviet air force soldiers arrived .at the depot;, o urce believed that the depot was to become a reser' a depot, while the current supply for units in the, GDR was to be secured by direct distribution from ration supply carat , I On 10 February;, the main supply_ depot at Frankfurt/O der was fill :d to capacity by 558 carloads of foodstuff inalutidE 3 ng: Lo ad 36 8 flour e mpt y brags 46 n ooa ,s 15 millet 9 b isc uits sugar 27 sn it 12 peas 9 hu ll ed bar ley 6 " tea 23 gr oa ts 13 ' fish 12 bu ck *het u C- w 4 canned moat caned fruit he ca rr nn ings ed fis h 5 0-Its to ma to pul p sago mustard powder matches oa Pe i0 ve t pp ge meal. e-C' table oil 435360 2 CLASSIFICATION SMEET STATE X 14AVY xI rlsRB DI$TRIDUTIQ A!R .I ~S Ft'st 1 25X1 ' 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/10/12 : CIA-RDP80-00810AOO4200230001-9 Approved For Release 2004/10/12 : CIA-RDP80-0081OA004200230001-9 25X1 SE:CR1TT 25X1A The f olio'Ping is a list of supply shipments that arrived at the main supply depot in Frankfurt/Oder between January and 12 February 1954: Number of Cars in 1954 uary bruary, Brest Litovsk flour 78 15 makhorka 20 - fish 21'. 3 sugar 17 oannad meat 13 oats 14 buckwheat 9 groats 6 millet - lard 2 tea 1 Wittenberg'e vegatable oil 21 Leipzig meat 4 2 Lee ban Dre:sc1oa"a Heiden-au noodles zwiebaQk noodles 14 8 Mesa salt 12 hulled banle_ zwieback peas 3 The following is a list of supply shipments that were dispatched from the main m pp1y depot between January and 2 February 1954: Number of Cars in 1954 vd S arow flour -~ I fish I -~ sugar and salt 3 1 various foodstuff 3 3 1 2 4 8 f lour sugar and salt rakhork a noodles eear:nod rmmat vegetable oil various foodstuff fish sugar various foodstuff liei denau flour 4. 'P5 rank` rt/Oder, bakery s~CRET 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/10/12 : CIA-RDP80-0081OA004200230001-9 Approved For Release 2004/10/12 : CIA-RDP80-00810A004200230001-9 SECR' T/CONTROL - U.S. OFFICIALS ONLY 25X1A 25X1 Jueterbog flour 5 makhorka 5 noodles 15 augur and salt ?J 3 vegetable oil 3 canned meat 1 fish - various foodstuff 15 Strausberg tea and pepper lard fish flour 11 sugar and salt 2 makhorka 1 fish 6 vegetable oil 2 varlous foodstuff 2 2 6 4 undetermined flour 5 salt 3 2 sugar 5 2 noodles S 4 iaakhorka 7 4 vegetable oil - fish 1 -, canned meat 2 various foodstuff 26 11 3 25X1A The discharge of German employees is believed to have been made ec; uu of =: ?: c ?ity reasons, rather than to make available personnel for the German o .,; A rtt I_tt nears improbable that this main ration supply depot of the GOaO z',-a1d Gee taken over by Soviet civil- Jan authorities. 25X1 I L. j (I crz~ra Information tends to .ndicnate that, the depot is filled with 8,400 tons of ratio" Bupp1y, . a e o about 4,200.,'000 daily rations, 25X1 a;1it.n L. ` ie rate of incoming supply amounted to 232 carloads (without tobacco) ? and is a thou : 20 percent above the monthly average rate of 1953. As the rate of out- going >a p y is 10 percent ;.above this average rate, it can be ii red that the s ocl n , up of ration supply es is being continued. fi 25X1 w E'CRET/CONI'ROL -w U. S. OFFICIALS ONLY Approved For Release 2004/10/12 : CIA-RDP80-00810A004200230001-9