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December 19, 2016
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September 8, 2005
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May 24, 1954
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Approved For Release 2005/11/22 : CIA-RDP80-0081OA004300460006-8 OOUNTdY TOPIC CLASSIFICATION'-"`011-L, East Germany Soviet Troop Trains 25X1 EVALUATION--- I PLACE OBTAINED, DATE OF CONTEN DATE OBTAINED REFERENCES_ GB -- converted boxcar, B - boxcar, F - flatcar, RRym - Heavy-duty flatcar PAGES a.. 2 -ENCLOSURES (NO. & TYPE) REMARKS- 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 troop trains Date in Composition of 25X1 -REPORT MATT Da?t'DADI r 20 May 1954 Troop 'Pra.ins.._,.- s~. .. , 5 CB, 25 F 1 CB2 , 2 F 1 CB$ 2 F 1 CB, 4 F' 1 CD, 2 F 1 CB, 3 F 2GB,6F I CB2 4 F 1 CB, 3 F 1 CB, 5 F .1 CB,, 4 F 25X1 25X1 Brand Zossen to it Unaenadorf it' it n n n n etwseen 7 and 11 1'. y 1954: 11 3 GB, 5 B, 10 F Finsterwalde 13~CB, 19 B, 17 F Xlausa Heubukow Neustrelitz f tt Rudoletadt Magdeburg Lossa CLti3 IL Stendal Oschatz Ohrdruf ,ferneuchon '3uster srk 25X1 2. The Berlin rai]i o6d district headquarters was ordered to make available four shuttles -trains with a total of 80 GB,, 14 B, 13 F and 14 kitchen cars which, on 14 May, were to be dispatched empty to Brest Litovsk via Frankfurt/Oder. Additional empty trains, observed at the Wuster k railroad statione The train went toward Dallgow-Doeberitzo 5. Troop trains identified twoen !w and 3 May included: 25X1 and 5 flatcars with T-34 tanks and SP guns was 25.X1 all transitworthy flatcars.4 40 On 9 May, a troop train of 2 converted boxcars and 20 boxcars with personnel, 3. On 1I.May..-the Frankfurt/Odor. railroad subdistrict office ordered assembling of to Brest Litovsk included I train of 60 boxcars, and 2 trains of 60 flatcars each- on 15 x,. n-AA"'I train of An converted boxcars on 1& 329 cl.ASSIFIcATION SECRE .25X1 Approved For Release 2005/11/22 : CIA-RDP80-0081OA004300460006-8 25X1 Nov Troop Trains Date in Composition of 4 9 B, 17 FA 7 RRym Brandenburg 41 3, 39 F, 10 RBym Potedwa 36 B9 35 F, 8 RHym Wildpark Approved For Release 2005/11/22 : CIA-RDP80-00810A004300460006-8 Alten., bov, fT 20B914F9 5Rrtrm It a 27 B9 19 F, 9 RRym Potsdam 1139 25 F 13 38 19 F Eberswa.lde Jueterbo g 4 B, 24 F 25X1 3_1 Dor,nt, The troop train which carried reported. 25X1 an air force unit was previously 25X1 25X1 25X1 E'.j ~onto these troop trains carried details belonging 25X1 to the headquarters of coinxn- ing officers of suaxnar camps? Observations near the Kindel and Templin troop tr:;Ining grounds in 10,53 indicated that,, outside the troop training grounds, details were static-nod responsible for a com' lete blocki of the training area. It is believed that similar asures have also been -taken in the surmner of 1954, and that pertinent details were dispatched by the COFG headquarters, 25X1 3:0, 0 Comment. the troop 25X1 25X1 . 4,L jCammanto Conclusions on the dispatching of empty trains to Brost Litovsk cannot yet be drawn. The composition of the shuttle-trains iric'icates that these trains may be used either for transportation of troops or for shipm is of personnel such as Soviet dependents and German POWs. Flatcars are suitable for carrying motor vehicles, heavy weapons and equiaunt, and supply goods, The two trains of 60 flat-- cars each which were to be dispatched on 15 lHay 1954 are not necessarily connected with the shuttle-..trains, 25X1 5. 25X1 25X1 :ommentm a tank unit of the 25X1 6, rare t. The troop trains were previously reported and belonged to the movement r0, components of the 34th Arty Div (US) from Potsdam.. and of the 20th Ar AT Arty Brig (US) from Brandenburg to the A1ten: rabow troop training grounds. nt Previous information on the movement of components of the 63rd AAA 25X1 7b IC Wm, 25X1 Div US combat firing practice in the Jueterbo area fails to clearly indicate whether one or two troop trains oporated n Approved For Release 2005/11/22 : CIA-RDP80-00810A004300460006-8