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December 20, 2016
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June 26, 2007
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September 9, 1954
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Approved For Release 2007/06/26 : CIA-RD_P8.0-0_081OA004400060005-5 VI..r\VJII 1V/1I IVIT CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY REPORT INFORMATION REPORT CD NO. PLACE ACQUIRED DATE OF INFO. THIS DOCUN ENT CONTAINS uroRun ON ATrtm HS THE NATIONAL DE FIN SE OP THE ONITEO STATED. WITHIN THE ^EANINO OF TITLE IS. SECTIONS 753 AND 7)4. OP THE O. S. CODE. AS ANENDSO. ITS TRANSMISSION OR RRVEUU ATION OP ITS CONTENTS TO OE DECENT ET AN UNAUTHORIZED PERSON IS PwxnITED NT LAW THE REPRODUCTION OF THIS FORM IS PROHINITEO. NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOW SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. 1. At a 1#M. salmi/ Lam/ is 1111110800W it was of t4eitr!X4!'1ltiLIIJ tr, ttte CSR Poland were no }vr7ger erma`in loco- motive brigades. The previous practice was to be discontinued in recognition of the sovereign status of the GDR and with a view to transferring the control of transit shipments in Poland to the Polish railroad authorities. It was laid down in Moscow that, effective 1 July 1954, trains loaded with goods consigned to the USSR would operate only as far as Frankfurt/Oder where they would be taken over by Polish personnel who in turn were to take them to Brest Litovsk. It was also agreed that all grain shuttle trains would operate through Guben; two or three trains per day, in particular coal trains, would operate through Kuestrin/Kietz; while the bulk of goods dispatched to the East would be shipped through Frankfurt/Oder. 2. The agreement concluded in Moscow stipulated that for a transition period German locomotives may be used for the handling of trarsit trains through Poland. Source stated that German railroad authorities believe the Polish railroad administration would be unable to fulfill its treaty obligations because of a shortage of loco- motives and rolling stock. Comment. Unconfirmed information on the intended deactivation of the East 25X1 - oolum a may be oonneoted with the reDested rearaat stioa of tail t,tdt traffic through Poland.