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December 20, 2016
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August 13, 2007
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May 2, 1954
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Approved For Release 2007/08/13: CIA-RDP80-00810A004400860007-5 ~ " 25X1 CLASSIFICATION "-'~'~'j'. :~ ct. ~ arrtwnn EVALUATION DATE OF C~NTENTI DATE ODTAfNED~I REFERENCES ~ ~~F9 25X1 _I 25X1 2 ?Say 1951, TE PREPARED .._ PAGES ' ENCLOSURES tNO. a'rvPe~ 1. The following coal shitntents entered east Gctrmany t:u^ouGh the Forst border station betweon 19 ?F,arch and 21 April 1954: 25X1 .~ 25X1 Dote in 1"arch Number of Cara Tana _~ ,ad To 1?. to 31 2459 ~ ~~g,619 ce ,. ~^arious railroad StatiOne 795 15,925 dc :ce Ziltendorf April 559 11,186 ' " various railroad stations l to 24 4275 90,837 ? 31 " ccks An additional quantity. of 34~1951tons of coko cons:.gned to 'Lii,enaorf was Smportod via Forst and Horka. 2. The following ehiizrentp on route to Brest Litovsk were observed at tho *luellroso railroad station on 12 and 14 Ptay: B -boxcar E -express train coaches F -flatcar Date in ?'ay Number and Tvne of Cara ~` 12 33 B 45 B 14 51 F 10 E 4F Lo;cd undetermined uranium ore undetermined new khS.. Dz sasu S:shuarzenberg Cottbus Approved For Release 2007/08/13 :CIA-RDP80-00810A004400860007-5 3, On lC., 12 and 1l~ S??w y- one trsin each consisting of /?2 tank cci*a ~dth gasoline ttaa disi~:~cched fY?om Troeglitz to Stett'kn. L, i}, The fallevl.ng cx-,pCv grain shuttle trains were d3spatehed to the Ee.;:t ' at Franld crt/Odar ? =twee~7 and 16 Meys Date in NtmitY:r of F_`~,y Boxc^ ~ From 7 50 8 Sb 9 50 5I 6C 56 56 lO 56 55 56 11 57 12 ,(,$ 13 56 56 14 52 56 15 E.9 56 16 60 51 56 ?Herlin-Ru~molsbvrg Naumburg Sehoenebec?n 1^agdeburg Berlin-.Rur,r:.olsburg u 2~agdeburg Berlin-Ru~amelsburg tr Magdeburg RB.A Wuatermrsk Magdeburg Berlin-Ru:taneJ.sb:mg Schwerin Berlin-Rtu~melaburg P4a;;deburg Schoenebeck/Eabe Berlin-Ru!r~nlaburg n Cn 15 ;^.ay, s train ,f ~3 Y:oxaars loaded frith grain, nrria,~d st Zrrankflr_ JOdor: 5 0/B -converted `:: xcar K - kitchon ca: ?' -tank caz? Date in Nurabes? nd ~~y _ Tune of cars 14 !,2 T 12 b3 T J-3 1 B, 40 F L>O CB 1Q :'C '-: 1;,2 T --~ 4: T Loud From Troeglitz rotor veh3.clos Busetrin ~trausber 6 e'~1=~y Berlin-Oct-, Fr^xn]cititrt/gOder 7 bahnhof Trr,el-lita G?dzneen r 25X Approved For Release 2007/08/13: CIA-RDP80-00810A004400860007-5 i 25X1 Comment. Polish hard coal shipments consigned to industilal enter Combi prises. The ne Fast at shi~enta to Ziltendorf are consigned to the Foindry F~~erstenberg/Cder. Comment. Uranium ore shigaents to the USSR. 25X1 Caemtent. New railroad cars exported to the USSR. Conmient. Feel shipments to the USSR which are tranaloaded at Stett in. 5,. Comment. Tl.e number of erpty grain ~~trains dispntclaed th may b prece e, USSR incr e expected ding weeks. eraed. Therefore sizeable grain imports frog the USSR aster a considerable drop of such shipments in the 6. Comment. Tlis shipment was consigned to the air force depct at su sberg. 25X 25X 25X