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July 20, 1954
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Approved For Release 2007/06/14: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA004500840004-9 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY INFORMATION REPORT COUNTRY East Germany SUBJECT Weekly OB Summary PLACE ACQUIRED This Document contains information affecting the Na tional Defense of the United States, within the mean- ing of Tltle 18, Sections 793 and 794, of the U.B. Code. as amended. Its transmission or revelation of its contents to or receipt by an unauthoria.d person Is prohibited by law. The reproduction of this form is prohibited. REPORT :r'383 DATE DISTR. 20 July 1954 NO. OF PAGES 4 REQUIREMENT NO. RD THE SOURCE EVALUATIONS IN THIS REPORT ARE DEFINITIVE. THE APPRAISAL OF CONTENT IS TENTATIVE. (FOR KEY SEE REVERSE) The following is a summary of Soviet and KVP military activities observed prior to 19 July 1954. A. `diet Troop Movements and Exercises: 1. First Guards Mechanized Army: On 4 July, the bulk of the Army rocket launcher regiment was still stationed at Meissen. Between 14 June and 6 July, units of the 8th Guards Mechanized Division rotated between their posts and Koenigs- brueck. The movements included four shipments from Leipzig and three return shipments; four shipments from Wurzen and five return shipments; one shipment to Grimma, one to Eilenburg and one to Leisnig. On 9 and 10 July, the engineer summer camp near Grimm was evacuated because the area was flooded. On 8 July, the camp at Zeithain was occupied by units of the 9th Tank Division, including the 70th Guards Heavy Tank and SP Regiment, a medium tank regiment, and elements of an artillery regiment, an anti-aircraft regiment, and a rocket launcher battalion. On 9 and 10 July, two shipmentsleach carrying a heavy tank company of the 108th Tank Regiment, left the Zeithain camp toward Jueterbog. The 44th Guards Tank Regiment of the 11th Guards Tank Division was confirmed on 7 July in the Bohra area at the Koenigsbrueck troop training grounds. On 8-July, one shipment with 16 to 20 anti-tank guns of 85-m and 100-mn caliber was loaded at Koenigsbrueck. 2. Second Guards Mechanized rgy: On 3 July, one shipment with a unit of the 31st Anti-Aircraft Artillery Division went from Velten to Wustrow. Between 2 and 8luly, elements of the 2nd Light Artillery Brigade with twelve 85-m anti-tank g ns.practiced firing at sea targets in the Sagard area on Ruegen Island. On 10 July, two shipments, each including four 85-mm and 100-mm anti-tank guns, carried other elements from Doeberitz to Altengrabow. On 9 July, a unit of the 10th Guards Rocket Launcher Regiment went from Velten to Altengrabow. On 9 and 11 July, a unit of the 1st Mechanized Division with 250 soldiers and 42 self- propelled guns but without motor vehicles, was moved to Thuringia, with one ship- STATE ARMY NAVY X AIR F81 (Not*-. Washington Dishibefiea ladkahd by 11X11; Field Distribeton BY "#" ) Approved For Release 2007/06/14: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA004500840004-9 Approved For Release 2007/06/14: CIA-RDP80-00810A004500840004-9 Wustrow to Naumburg. On 22 June, one shipment carried an engineer company with 18 pontoons from Eisenach toward Erfurt. On 6 July, 20 guns of 122-nun and 76-mm caliber were used in a night exercise at Kindel. On 1 July, the engineer training area at Dessau-Aken was heavily occupied. 7. IV Artillery Corps: A 294June shipment with elements of the 25th Guards Rocket Launcher Brigade from Rathenow to Altengrabow was followed by additional elements on 4 July, Early in June, the barracks of the 6th Artillery Division in Rathenow were still occupied by guard details only.2 On 10 July, a unit, probably a battery of the 124th Heavy Howitzer Brigade, was shipped from Brandenburg, to Altengrabow. On 7 and 8 July, four shipments, presumably with units of the 34th Artillery Division including 152-mm :*um howitzers, returned from Sagard on Ruegen Island to Altengrabow. During the night of 7 July, elements of the 30th Guards Gun Brigade from Potsdam, equipped with 16 152-mm gun howitzers, held exercises in the area southwest of Fahrland. On 6 July, elements of what is believed to have been the 6th Guards Anti-Aircraft Artillery Division returned in one shipment from Wustrow to Chemnitz; on 8 July, a light unit with twelve 37-mm anti-aircraft guns returned in one shipment from Koenigsbrueck, probably to the quarterin area of the division. On 21 June, one shipment with elements of the 32nd Anti-Aircraft Artillery Division went from Frankfurt/Oder to Jueterbog. 8. Miscellaneous.- On 3 July, one shipment with 100 76-mm guns was dispatched from Frankfurt Oder to Brest-Litovsk.3 On 6 July,40 boxcars carried about 6C0 officers, with ages ranging from 40 to 50 years, from Frankfurt/Oder to Brest-Litcvsk, presumably for discharge. On 6 July, 16 new 122-mm howitzers, probably destined for the 25th Tank Division, were unloaded at Templin. On 7 July, twelve new 122-nm howitzers, intended for the 1st Mechanized Division)were unloaded at Doeberitz. B. KVP Developments: 1. The transfer of elements of the Mechanized Division Potsdam from Oranienburg to the new training grounds east of Klietz continued until 7 July. Elements of the mechanized regiment from Hohenstuecken and the mortar regiment from Premnitz are believed to be in the same training area. Elements of the Oranier_burrg anti- aircraft artillery school have been at the Zingst firing range since ~3. July. Elements of the Infantry Division Halle have been practicing firing with live ammunition at the Zuellsdorf training grounds northeast of Torgau since 23 June. After 13 July, elements of the engineer regiment from Kuechensee have probably been stationed at the engineer training site at Sieglitzer Berg near the Elbe River east of Dessau. After 9 July, the Altwarp summer camp, formerly assigned to the "Organisation Dienst fuer Deutschland," was reoccupied by 300 KVP troops, probably from Karpin. 2. Around late June and early July, KVP troops occupied the former Soviet-occupied section of the Sachsenhausen concentration camp? The Bau-Union Kueste started construction work, presumably for new KVP quarters. Since February, elements of the Mechanized Division Potsdam from Hohenstuecken, Premnitz and Oranienburg have been engaged in construction work at the training grounds east of Klietz where only units of the Mechanized Division Potsdam are practicing.4 1. Th ob e shipments presumably went to the Templin training grounds. served on 5 and 10 July probably came from Altengrabow. Those 2. The units are probably located at Altengrabow. 3. Return to the USSR of field guns replaced in the spring with 85-mm anti- tank guns. 4. The training grounds east of Klietz will probably be used predominantly the i 4echanized Division Potsdam in the future. Comment: ery exercises and rotation of units between posts and summer camps continued during the period of observation. The move of units from Berlin SECRET Approved For Release 2007/06/14: CIA-RDP80-00810A004500840004-9 Approved For Release 2007/06/14: CIA-RDP80-00810A004500840004-9 SECRET - 2 - ment going to Crawinkel and the other to Dorndorf in the Rhoen Mountains. The unit was accompanied by woman dependents and billeting equipment. In June, the 18th Engineer Battalion, previously locsted in the Loewen Kaserne in Doeberitz, changed quarters with the motor transport battalion stationed in Olympisches Dorf. Elements of units from Altes Lager were still at Doeberitz on 11 July. On 2 July, one shipment with elements of the 205th Engineer Battalion of the 12th Guards Tank Division moved from Altruppin to Jerichow. Elements of the same division were still holding exercises in the Neuglienicke sector of the Schweinrich troop training grounds as of 7 July. On 9 and 10 July, three ship- ments carried units of the 12th Guards Tank Division, including 200 soldiers, 32 JS tanks and seven self-propelled guns, but not including any motor vehicles, from Altruppin to Doeberitz, presumably for exercises. On 4 July, one shipment went from Neuruppin to Neubukow. 3. Third Guards Mechanized Army: On 24 June, elements of the 62nd Anti-Aircraft Artillery Division, including twelve 76-mm anti-aircraft guns, moved in one shipment from Dessau toward Falkenberg; other elements returned in one or two shipments from Wustrow to Kochstedt on 5 July. On 4 July, the Army engineer regiment held a night exercise with N2P bridging equipment at Schumke Lake. Also on 4 July, elements of the 9th Mechanized Division held company-level exercises in two groups at the Forst Tauer training grounds, with tanks and infantry taking part. On 13 July, two shipments went from Peitz to Jueterbog, and one from Peitz to Wustrow. Up to 5 July, the bulk of the 7th Guards Tank Division was confirmed in Letzling Heath. On 3 and 4 July, seven trains were loaded at Zahna; the loads were not identified. On 9 July, one shi' cent, presumably with Army troops, went from Luckenwalde to Altengrabow. 4. Fourth Guards Iechanized Army: On 12 July, one shipment, probably carrying elements of the 63rd Anti-Aircraft Artillery Division, went from Fuerstenwalde to Wustrow. Between 25 June and early July, elements of the 6th Guards Mechanized Division were observed at exercises west of Bernau. Between 4 June and 9 July, elements of the 7th Guards Mechanized Division moved from Lieberose to Jueterbog in three shipments. On 12 July, one shipment carried a unit of the 24th Guards Mechanized Regiment from Berlin to Lieberose. Late in June, tank units of the 10th Guards Tank Division moved from Krampnitz to the south sector of Doeberitz. On 5, 9, 10 and 14 July, four shipments, including four howitzers, 18 heavy and medium anti-tank guns, eight anti-aircraft guns, six mortars and 80 trucks, went from the direction of Wustermark through Oranier_burg toward Loewenberg. Vehicle of the 4th Guards Mechanized Army.l 25X1 On 29 June, a shipment with 14 JS tanks was sent from Templin to Forst Zinna. 5. Third Shock Army: Two shipments from Schwerin, one from Rostock (probably with elements of the 3rd Guards Anti-Tank Brigade), and one from Frankfurt/Oder (probably with elements of the 32nd Anti-Aircraft Artillery Division) arrived in the Merenburg-Bruegge area on 2 and 5 July, presumably for advanced combat firing or other exercises. On 6 July, a shipment including medium anti-aircraft guns of the 32nd Anti-Aircraft Artillery Division passed through Pritzwalk on its way toward Perleberg. From 1 to 4 July, firing with live ammunition from field howitzers was observed in the area north of Ludwigslust. Night firing was conducted with anti-aircraft artillery on 2 July, and with 16 rocket launchers on 7 July. Between 3 and 9 July, one shipment with elements of the 4th Guards Artillery Brigade with a least eight howitzers and 13 100-mm anti-tank guns went from Schwerin to Sagard on Ruegen Island, in order to practice firing at sea targets. On 3 and 4 July, other elements, includin-; ten howitzers and eight 100 mm anti-tank guns, left Schwerin for short-term exercises in the vicinity of their post. The bulk of the 19th Guards Mechanized Division was confirmed in the south sector of Letzling Heath and at Hillersleben until 9 July. 6. Eii_,hth Guards Army: On 7 July, one shipment with elements of the 13th Anti- Aircraft Artillery Division went from Leipzig to Wustrow. On 5 July, the bulk of the 43rd Guards Artillery Brigade was moved from Altenburg to Altengrabow in five shipments. On 6 July, the 38th Anti-Tank Artillery Brigade was still stationed at its Altenburg post. Units of the 39th Guards Rifle Division were found at their Plauen station until 6 July. The 76th Artillery Brigade was stationed in Merseburg until early July. Elements of the 498th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiment of the 29th Guards Rifle Corps returned in one shipment from Approved For Release 2007/06/14: CIA-RDP80-00810A004500840004-9 Approved For Release 2007/06/14: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA004500840004-9 SECRET - 4 to Thuringia, possibly for exercises, is the first of its kind in years. Firing at sea targets from Ruegen Island ended after five days. The KVP's live ammunition firing practices and special-arms exercises continued. SECRET Approved For Release 2007/06/14: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA004500840004-9