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December 20, 2016
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August 10, 2007
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August 3, 1954
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Approved For Release 2007/08/10 : CIA-RDP80-0081OA004600190010-3 INFORMATION REPORT SUBJECT Ship Inspection in the Canton Area ma SOWc, EVAtUAdON$ DI nos REPORT ARE D91NWWE. THE APPOAKAI OF c naa IS TENTATIVE. (FOR KEY SEE NVIDSU 640559 1. On 11 April 1954 the OW NAG SSAM arrived at Ch'iennhanchai (N 22-1k, E,113-30) frost Macao; and on 14 April, when the vessel was departing for Macao, two doctors went aboard to make a quarawftne inspection. After the doctors left the ship, seven members, two of whom were women, of the Border Security Bureau, dressed in olive-drab Liberation. uniforms, came aboard to make an inspection. The insignia on their caps bore two Chinese characters, Pa I (1 August, 0360/0001), in yellow on a red background. Their arm bands bore the name of their organisation. in Chinese Pein Fang Chien Ch'a Chan (Border Inspection Center, 6708/7089/2914/2686~f4541), also in yellow on a red background. Three inspectors were armed, two with revol- vers and the third with a w bins. They searched the passengers and asked them to produce their travel permits for examination. Although their duties were carried out in a quiet manner, their search and interrogtions were thorough. One passenger who hesitated in answering questions and showed signs of nervousness was repeatedly interrogated and his luggage was thoroughly inspected, a procedure which resulted in a five-hours delay of the ship's departure. Such occurrences were not frequent. Lastly, the customs inspectors came aboard to examine the cargo. Their cap insignia bore a key, a stick, and a dragon. The badges on. their, chests were round in shape and had five stare at the top, below which were two Chinese characters, Rai Ivan (customs,. 3189/7070), in yellow on a red background. While the cargo was being examined, the ship's staff. completed customs pro- cedures, ghibh inbluded getting the customs inspectors' initials signed and official seals stamped on the manifests and logbook, and getting back the ship's license. A Supervisor, who was assigned by customs, sailed on the ship. 2. When the SSIR NIIKt ROM arrived at Nanshiht'ou (0589/4258/7333), about four kilometers from Canton, officers from the Border Security Bureau came d0U iO0j111di u.s. Ci+!?ICALS 61W.Y ___J XNAYY ---I-i iA1R_ ...f X 141 ? r ____I _. I i This Document omtefns lnfo,metloa fleeting the Na. tonal Defense of the United sates, within Me mean- ing of retie 18. secWns 780 end 7N, o,eb UJ. Code, as amended. Its tfwmbsloa w tuveatbn oItscontma to a receipt by an utmuthaelwd pawn At peebtbtted by law. The reproduction of this tam b peebtbtted. REPORT DATE DISTR. 3 August 1954 NO. OF PAGES 2 REQUIREMENT NO.. RD REFERENCES - Approved For Release 2007/08/10 : CIA-RDP80-0081OA004600190010-3 I COHFIDUTIAL/CONTROL - U. B. OF=IAr4 CHLY aboard to examine the passengers' identity cards and travel permits. Any dangerous materials on board the ship, such as acetic acid, formalin, and salicylic acid, were removed and taken to the warehouse in Hanshiht'ou; the H$IH KING HSM, however, had no such materials. The passengers dis- embarked and the ordinary cargo was discharged at the Lien Being (5114/ 5281) Pier, Cbangt'i (7022/1029). 3. On 17 April the B8Th LO left Macao for Canton with a cargo of formalin and automobile parts. Inspection of the ship, prior to departure, was easily made since there were no passengers. Besides examining and seal- ing the cargo, the customs office assigned a customs official to sail with the HSIN LO as a supervisor. The ship anchored at F'angts'un (5364/2625), approximately 1.5 kilometers south of Huang She (7806/3097) Railway Station, Canton, where the formalin was unloaded and stored in a warehouse; the automobile parts, however, were unloaded and stored in the former Butter- field and Swine warehouses. 4. The confiscated warehouses of Texaco, Ltd.; Jardine, Matheson, and Company, Ltd.; and Butterfield and 8wire, as well as a number of new warehouses, most of which were one-story buildings built at Fangts'un and Ranshiht'ou, were used to store incoming materials from Hong Kong and Canton.