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December 20, 2016
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' . ` CLASSIFICATION stmtt COUNTRY East Germany SUBJECT Rail Fre?3ht Traffic through East German Border Stations PLACE ACQUIRED DATE OF INFO. 641174 aEwcatr This n6Cnnnr COnnI12 IlPOSSAnos Ammse +m IAIIOSM. Dunn Or rnn onltit0 nrAr1),. WMIN tiIC IWIPO OF tins Is. nCTIOY 75' LID 714. OF tint V. S. COs[, n AOCn120. Itii rMSnuNNQQS Os nlnOL Anon OF Ili CORlntit io Os 1241)11 11 As OIUStig1)121 PVA*g Il raosl NTCO n us rn OCnOOOCUON Or tilsl 500 IOOSM11)rno. 1. The flJ.owing rail shipments were observed on route from Kiets to Insterburg between 1 and 12 June 1954: Date in Ltmber.and Type Tons June of Care Date in Number of Load June Flatcars 1 14 tractors 2 8 machinery 6 28 tractors 9 7 machinery 12 14 tractors 10 23 boxcars 673 28 crash cars 23 boxcars 700.. 28 crash care - boxc&r express train coach . late ar NO. OF PAGES V SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. G - gondola car T -. tarlc car R - refrigerator car M1R!!Y t}; A!F FBI Approved For Release 2007/10/19 : CIA-RDP80-0081OA004600750005-7 SFCR T Date =,!-,her and Load Juiae 'y'^& nf Care, neu field railway balls )")Cor~C-U'/es new "i?ht- raxifi and tucks 12 E. and etermired 5A, 6 potash 7 1 F new trucks 2". `i undeterrired z~ Cs P sulphate of soda 10 2 F dredgers 6 P accessc.'ies nev t:-u--k:, machinery par to and eter n fined r G?ross.'.orbetha SalLnu amen Not, drw-u sen maoh-t ne-r y pat is Le?:ipz' tgy xiachin:3.--.r )arts Svagdc buirg large boiler rings Xoethe;l new, type IL-ale aceas.,c: _.,s 4 F dredger rei.tions Nordhausen 5 F large iron sections 4 shin cocti.ons Koethen t[' '.F new trucks Ar!ckau 2 F dredge rs nrd}'a'ur*n mathirery parts steel etrtctures, Erfurt parts 4 snail rc''ntairel-s Weimer Each zcYxr,t'y' ;,.:rte,; iiag alr, g; undete;'mi r_e e' -rs If CA sectjcan',r z t3e1 ;tinctures u."inthtil air F and Soiflet e37ori, b7J)eE;1 .309.. F?`IdtkfV,ir t/Lde r Brest Litcmsi- Danzig Approved For Release 2007/10/19 : CIA-RDP8O-0081OA004600750005-7 19 2 F dredgers Nordhausen 27 F accessories and wheel sets 6 G 6 new email containers Weimar each C, F machinery parts and boxes 20 10 F steel casings, 2 meters Dessau in diameter 14 F steel structvree, iron sections, boxes 8 -B undetermined 5 Brest Litnvnk Brest Lit43vsk `. Some of the shipping papers of the shipments to Brest Litovsk which consisted of dredgers, iron sections and constructions and trucks bore the note "To Be Forwarded to China" or "To Be Forwarded to Korea". 7 4. On 7 June, a train which came from Frankfurt/Oder was shunted to the track leading to Lossen-dueterbog at the Foenigswusterhausen railroad station. The train consisted of 2 Flatcars with 3 caterpillar tractors, 9 flatcars with 9 trucks with van.-like superstructures and some of them with two--eheel trailers, 3 fhtcars with 9 rectangular steel containers about 2 meters long, 7 boxcars with undetermined load, and 1 coach with escort personnel. 5. On 16 June, the following shipment which came from Frankfurt/Oder and ,as bound for Jueterbog, was observed at the Cottbus railroad station: 30 flatcars and gondola cars with 40 canvas-covered motor vebicles(proaably armored scout cars), 12 boxcars with undetermined load, and 1 boxcar with troops. 9 6. The following shipments were observed at Frankfurt/Oiler between 10 and 20 Jute: RRy - heavy duty "latcars Date in limber and Load June Type of Cars Frankfurt/Oder border Gross Neuendo:-f, Erfurt, Marbast 1Pa , 1 coal iron Leipzig Yierseburg Wittenberge 0 8 B nonferrous metal Dresden 6 a machinery Ann Brest Litovsk 4 *and F 14 3Rym " and F 12 6 41 pig, iron Fraanksfurt/Cdor border 2 's 10 3 16 G Wittenberge Thale ?2 #' 14 RRyri and 14 o F 25 F 4.3 53 4 3 i -.s F::-anM:.I" I't/C)dei order 11 Lc.:ipat F fnnw, Uolfen Pima OVA L tovf- ?4&gdeburg-Sua'rau htna, raehrinery grain Mo rseburgg Leipzig Ness/Hafen Frankfurt ration) 11; supply depot Wrtseburg Ri :3sa Gr::editz Brost Litovsk mashinery art' machinery parts PaAnt bi2