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December 20, 2016
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Approved For Release 2007/09/28: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA004700170005-0 IEVALUATIONJ DATE OF CONTEN DATE OBTAINED 12 new gun carriages for heavy AA guns 29 May 1 SS-type flatcar with 12 new gun carriages for light AT guns 12 new gun carriages for medium AT guns T-34/76 tank I SS-type flatcar with To Sternbuehholz Ludwigslust 1 30 -May 2 new heavy guns, 5 meter- Schwerin ~ratenwalde barrels, muzzle brake, about 150 m. caliber, rubber tired Train flatcar with SP gun Schwerin Schoenbeck barrel about 5 meters on'T g,: muzzle brake, about 120 ? mm caliber 30 June 5 boxcars with ammunition Holzhaa1sen Wieder. Wzsch 5 boxcars with ammunition Jueterbog-- Luetzow Altes Approved For Release 2007/09/28: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA004700170005-0 25X11 25X1 CLASSIFICATION SECRET/ Approved For Release 2007/09/28: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA004700170005-0 25X1 C, ;ay 46 tank cars with fuel 22. boxcar; with. a ';3nun t7 on 1. flatcar with sideracks with 2 howit ers; of 12(_ to 150 mm, barrels of about 2.50 'renters and with muzzle brakes 3 June 15 boxcars writh nilitary roods Train 4 June "1 boxcars 'with mil itarr goods .1.1 June 3 flat cars with 3 trucks ,r 12 June 2 boxcars with military roods 13 June 2 tank &ar" s with fuel T ?.4 June rain care with fu el 9 C; June 2 tank care with -o-e Train Train and 3. 1zr i ent .fjed t anik 19 dune 7 . bo-'Ccars with nit ita':`5.:ppi n 1 'rcbi=oeser Alto in Eberewalde O~ran?.enburg . rre_'.e.lde Satzkorn -str'el tz 2 June 2 .flatcars with s.i.derack.s a'u,erst enbe;tig/ Boet,ZoJ with 6 new field kjtche z Ha*el 5 boxcars with a 'load of tons each Fuerstenberg/ Da i o navel. - Approved For Release 2007/09/28: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA004700170005-0 2 i latcar , with side7~aek:s Tai Fi ,h 2 T-31o?s 4 boxcars with a 8 tons each 24. w~".ane 2 flatcar sI with sideraccks laux,,chors 8 boxcars, Of I I ton l"t c "a1 e., au 25 June 2 flatcars. with cider asks ueterbog- e : G?itd t. d pp~~~ 4 4 t~ ~ q^ y~ Y~ry r] /~ reel (, {/* ~q 44 j,l42 box,--L rip: i `Jh cable reel s r ' tp~ - G1.. arses fiel( and other signal equipment 2.6 Juno 5 flatcars with sid era ks Juet?rbog ] with 1.0 field howitsers of Altes Lager anprowximatelyt 120 nw. . June 7 flatcars with side racks and, Satzkorn .?; boxcars jai th 9, x 76.2-mm, AT tuns and 3 x M-13 rocket lam m" .a? 1 July 2 flatcars with.sides ks vji th 7 mortars of approx~=,,-te-ly 0 mm 18 June 25 June Approved For Release 2007/09/28: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA004700170005-0 5 boxcars withy ition undetermined 3 boxcars with a ;tion .terigrabow 4? 8S_ Il cars with T?14 =determined fengrabo r toward Stendal Kirchmoeser tank 25X1 and 1 truck - 25X1 1 .13 flatcars with sideracks Erest4tovsk w th 13 tank trucks Train 10. 29 June 3 x 300-man, rocket launcher3 B .asentral railroad station. On 30 June, 17 guns -4ere seen at the loading and 10 x 76.2- guns at Oranienburg railroad station 11. On the anoa~ning of 29 June, sptr?oximately 30 gun carriages were seen at ramp of Bbers'Slde railroad- station. 12. In the late afternoon 'ou.1 July,, a rail shipment arrived at Ieubra ndenburg railroad station from tie. -east. The train.carried 24 x 85-i AT guns which seamed to be newer 13. On the early- morning in Rathenow was load ria Frankfurt/ Oder, of 1 July, a shipment of 54 guns from the Arado Plant onto 27 flatcars and dispatched to Brest-Litovsk ,tz~,}n>s or equipment for the :'. The trucks belong to the Third Shock .nmea&. Tine ruck belongs to the 25th Ta k Diva Information refers to tr fic between the division and the army tank spare part depot at Ebersu lde O merjt. Belongs to the 6th Ods.Mach Div. Lgg&e_nt. Information refers to -the reequipping of units. 25X1 25X1 25X1 SECREf, Approved For Release 2007/09/28: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA004700170005-0