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December 20, 2016
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August 8, 2007
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August 13, 1954
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Approved For Release 2007/08/08: CIA-RDP80-00810A004800490003-6 CLASSIFICAs''DN East Ge. -maa.ny Soviet Central Motor Vehicle Repair Shop ;VALUATION-1.___ DATE OF CONTENT DATE OBTAINED- REFERENCES : STAINED REPOR1 at Bbrlin 0berschoeneweide 13 August 1954 AGES- ~p ENCLOSURES CA & TYPEDa..A._ u EMARKS-This is UNEVALUATED 1. The following equij inent was either repaired or newly manufactured at the Soviet cent: -a1 motor vehicle repair shop in Oberschoeneweide in April,, May and ,-ne 1954; Engines, ove rhauleu': Studebaker vylinde: ? blocks with cylinderheads and quarter bends small busses with cep chassis 25 25 23 Conmand cars - 8 g Large busses 5 3 5 Workshop trucks 5 Lathes 10 15 10 Grinding m&chines 5 8 5 Drilling m chines 10 15 25 Work benches 50 Work benches 100 Filing machines 40C . 400 ZIS brake drums 40C 300 100 Cardan shafts 5,000 3,9000 3,500 Approved For Release 2007/08/08: CIA-RDP80-00810A004800490003-6 Approved For Release 2007/08/08: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA004800490003-6 Pistons Studebaker floating axles Seats for small busses Machine gun ammunition boxes In May and June 1954, the following from Zeessn for complete overhaul.: 250 300 engines ,,arse sent to Oberschoenew,reide ZIS Studebaker ra 100 105 June 120 160 Chevrolet W'illa,s Gas Ford 60 90 18 18 30 130 30 In May 1954, an additional six chassis to be installed in workshop trucks were sent from Zeesen to Oberschoenew~-ide, In l':ay and June, the following engines which had been overhauled were sent to Zeesena- ZIS Studebaker Ghovro1e~. Will. ys Gas May 95 105 60 105 15 June 110 150 25 125 25 4. Raw material which arrived during the period "Prom r id Aprii to late June 1954 included 5 carloads of pig iron in nars on 23 April and 2 carloads of old rails on 28 April., In mid , xne9 10 carloads of scrap and 8 carloads with tubes for Cardan s,';~xfts arrived at the workahop, Curing the period from ini.dApril to `=ate June, the following shipments of new material a? nufactured at C b -.;-schoeneweide were dispatched- {3 2..6 L? r s 2 carloads with 500 ZIS brake r-i-li ?~s and 600 Cardan shafts bound for. Ketschendor?f , Ott e r L 5 carloads with 500 Studebaker cylinder blocks and l carload of C&rdan shafts bound for Brest T:?;ovsk. Q.n l_2 &U 2 carloads with. 200 ZIS cylinder 'locks, 2 carloads '4 h 200 Studebaker cylinder blocks, 2 carloads ,h 250 boxes containing 9 cardan shafts each, and I carload of 150 c tes with spare parts bound fc Brest Litovsk, On 28 XI~LX*- 2 carloads with 200 Studebaker c;.iincer blocks, 1 carload with 150 boxes with Cardan. sh' fts, 1. carload ? :%th 15{0 boxes with floating axles bound for Tech loproirkoort :?.`os ! .ya ,Squa:~ e 31W37, 1:os~;,owo Approved For Release 2007/08/08: CIA-RDP80-0081OA004800490003-6 Approved For Release 2007/08/08: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA004800490003-6 in 31n, e 2 carloads with work benches,, 2 carloads -with tool boxes and 2 carloads with 200 ZIS cylinder hlc)cks, a,.0_20 6 carloads with Studebaker cylinder block,, 3 oarloado with Cardan shafts,, and 1 carload with float:; ng axles `bound for Technoproiinport in Moscow, The equipment bound for the USSR was thrrough'.y greased and packed in oil paper and tar board, The boxes were lav-ded with strap it on,= Lou-quality materiel. is being; used for vehicl(-ts to be overhauled at the Cberschoeneweide plants while high qu ity -,mteer;tal is being sent to the USSR or Ketschendorf. 6. After the beginning of l9549 the Soviet moto ? vehicle repair shop at Ober et:oeneweide was name Werk pro ass, 7. In late April,, the workshop was assigned two German trucks The trucks Dame from Leipzig and,, according to the drivers, had nevi, usly been assigned to a Soviet unit in Leipzig which had been deactivated0 ry' 8. The cylinder blocks and heads manufactured at Werk Progress were cast and processed at the plant in order to be dispatched ready for as Fmr bly., Although pistons could `he produced. at the plan.t9 the pistons for overhauled engines wex'c supplied by the Ketchendorf plant which also delivered other i pare pants such as fuel feed pumps, etc a Other engines were dis x tehed without pistons. No crankshafts were manufactured at the plant. 'luring the time under r?eview. After crankshafts for Studebaker, Z1;3 and Chevrolet engines had been manufactured on tr ial9 the machinery eras sent to the Uwr{ in April 1954, Cardan si,afts were manufactured only for Studebaker, vehicles,, Two short parts and two long parts ware needed for one Garden transmission for Studebaker vehicles, Stocks of cardan shafts on hand were between 69000 and 89000. Cardan s:.mfts are racked in parts of nine and not in whole units. Almost all machina tools manufactured at the plant`. had the size of those used in ?e rkah:)p trucks. Large lathes with a ma rry length of abou4 4 meters between t^=. centers were only repaired or overhauled at the plant, Cver?haule:t engines of poor quality only were being returned to the Zeensr.plant, Since late Ywy 1954, test drives with Cardan shafts nanufacti reed at the larnt were being made The trucks were 9Q an estimated 300 German workers, On 2 June? i.2 guns includingg 8 x 12122--m field howitzers and 4 x 76..iai A ie:1 . guns were loaded at said to have come from Fuerstenw&t ie, The motor vehicle spare part depot at Ketschs,. to 0f was operated by the depot, 2, Careen, The production figures are not 3wor?thy?, The man u a,ctewe of machine gun box --s iq reported r )r the f first time, Approved For Release 2007/08/08: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA004800490003-6 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2007/08/08: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA004800490003-6 Cormierrt. . -rla a 3ov unit- v'ae deactivated in Leipzig has been received,, If the information is correct, it would only be a minor supply ?snit Cor rent o The two trucks belong to the :.95th Engr P egt of the Third Ods Hoch Army in Sperenbergo , ~ I w "S V" Is given ereeence, since the motor vehicle er r e part depot and ordnance and equiraient depot in Fuersten,,rasde.-4cetscher.dorf are located in. the same area. The motor vehicles "i:e1one; to the iiq G`? , the Rear Services of the G rrAy the arrly troops of the Second and .",ourth Gds P'ech Armies, the 7th Gds 1'ech Div, the Gda Mech Div and the 2d AAA Dive Cane The statement that onnns Y ax a h Az ri 'k i 1 d-A ,tr Approved For Release 2007/08/08: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA004800490003-6 No inforr, tion