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December 21, 2016
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Approved For Release 2008/04/08: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA005400090011-4 CLASSIFICATION COUNTRY East Gcrmanv 1 __~__ ~ Soviet Troop Trains `? > EVALUAI1ON DATE OF CONTENT DATE OBTAINED REFERENCES PAGES REMARKS This is UNEVALUATED Information CB - /boRF F --'T2at6ar RRyi I.thebiry o 1. Durirrg-tho ret irn irV' tb to 1%tV.3t t~, iE3, ~t~ac~g~ tr"airie . ~c~re dispatched ftGI' 0*dru4 ttr .fib aer4iorf -on L September 19 Eight adds orial droop - tr1 a. 1rert u -] pad ed i .t*- Anaaanr Dr. , area . d-ur i4 .. the f'ollowir>go cls e': I. -trobp-train' qf 5;O OB;was d patched . typ Brest - Lito sk during .the ss e. iod. It could hot pe de,,erminej, wk ether ,he ' train carried Aft-ft .ok-; was mpty_, - . , 2, On 3 October',' .ftr" ,p' ?n crGB- ~ .. - -? . j~ sg~.diors~arra.ved, at Sa.tzko? c1 from 'FwM 6a. , Troop trains dispatched from Satzkorn on 7 and 8 October included a train of 13 CB to Bernau1oW-'f ?OdtbbeiI An* a i:ft3:, ,r 17 li 4.- ' 25X1 4. The following troop trains were listed in.railroad records between 5 and 11 October: Date in Composi-ion of Oc ber Tram Trains 3B, 35 F 2 B, 27 F 4B, 29 F FM Guesen Sperenberg 32 CB, 6? F, 28 SSy- Stendal Potsdam Tangerhuette CLASSIFICATI ?N SE-_,R1 Approved For Release 2008/04/08: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA005400090011-4 Approved For Release 2008/04/08: CIA-RDP80-00810A005400090011-4 SECR EET; -2- 30 CB, 43 F, 47 RRym 18 B, 42 F Tangerhuette Ktitirter sdorf Fotsd:. Magdeburg 7 7B, 22F Mah:L,Ankel Potsdam 0/ B, 43 ' _ ang rhuette 7Bo 25V iahiw:winkel Wiidpar r 1.0 B,46F 7 B, 28 F 8 0B, 22 F, c Langerhuette F9 tt n SSy n 11 4.0 B with soldiers; shuttle-train No 124 RehaC en- Klausdor f 25X1 5. Troop trains between 9 and 12 Octobexr . >.c lui_Isc : 25X1 i n Number of 25X1 9 55; empty Jueterbog Wusterraark 14 CB with soldiers Wusterinark Frankfurt./Oder 52 CB empty 55; with soldiers Frankf'ur t/ode: Jueterbog 55; empty Jueterbog Wusterna:rk 11 50: with soldiers Frankfurt/Oder Rehagen- Klausdo:rf and Wilduark 2 CB, 2 B, 11 F .lueterbog Crlnltz 2 CB, 1 B, 10 F rt se 12 1 CB, 11 F tt st 1 CB, 11 F tt 15 GB Frarurt/Oder Werder The troop trains which went from Jueterbog to Cri nitz carried Ja:a 6. Shuttle-trains observed at Frankfurt/Crier between 7 and. 13 October included: .?? .Luber of Octo~fi 52 B with personnel Brest Litovsk Frankfurt/Cder unload -t 54 B with personnel 11 54 B with personnel toward Cottbus roc(ispatehed toward Cott'ovs SECriEl. Approved For Release 2008/04/08: CIA-RDP80-00810A005400090011-4 Approved For Release 2008/04/08: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA005400090011-4 with about SC) tanks were dispatched from Weimar toward Halle on 28 September 1954, it is believed that the division ternina ted its sudr training with a large-scale field exercise in the Losses Weiiard 5E B;t Z 12 B with army a*d air force personnel 1.2 56 B with personnel 56 B .with personnel ft nkfurt/Oder toward Cottbus LJJCme t.,, The. -troop trains probably carried large cont. ngeo,--,- n i the 21st Gds Mecz Div back to their home station in Halle. During wJ-ie sium,er of 1954, the division was stationed at the Lossa troop training grounds. Since the bulk of the division was entrained at Ohrdruf and, acoording to previous reports, components of the division 2. 3. 4. ?hrdruf area. Shuttle-train e epprt indicates that 10 cars with rep1 acements wet to R? hagewa- Klausdorf, while 1,.0 cars were redispatched to Wildpark. Cj~hft~."On 8 October 19 wen rom Guben to Jueterbog. 6. e-tram? v nv of WVbterra*rk' t F rhnkf brt vr cA 0c- n'hpr 1 is reported for the first time 54, shuttle-train with replacer. en 1,..,s 954- is reported for .the first time. ent. The troop trains probably carried troops to a field se in the' Flhstbriralde aria.. '#n 'tl iO eport indicates that shuttle-train e ? + 25X1 I 25X1 25X1 25X1