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December 21, 2016
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Approved For Release 2008/04/14: CIA-RDP80-00810A005700930004-6 CLASSIFICPUNCODED COUNTRY East Germany REPOR TOPIC Soviet Troop Trains EVALUATION DATE OF CONTENT DATE OBTAINED- REFERENCES PAGES 2 REMARKS ENCLOSURES (NO. & TYPE) CB f converted boxcar B - boxcar 1. The following troop trains with soldiers which were dispatched from Meissen between 16 and 30 October 1954: Date in October 16 19 22 23 25 28 30 Number of Cars Receiving Station 55 B 55 B 55 B 55 B Ishangalovsk (?) Kovel Chernishovsk Kovel 55 B " 55 B Chernishovsk 55 B Kovel 2. The following eastbound shuttle-trains with soldiers were dispatched via Mestrin-Kietz between 16 and 26 November: Date in Number of Cars Dispatching Station November 15 54 B Jueterbog 16 54 B Meissen 54 B Fuerstenberg 54 B Weimar 54 B Bernau 54 B Haldensleben 54 B Bernau 23 54 B Magdeburg CLASSIFICATION SECRET 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2008/04/14: CIA-RDP80-00810A005700930004-6 Approved For Release 2008/04/14: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA005700930004-6 25 54 B 26 54 B Magdeburg 3. The following westbound shuttle-trains with soldiers were dispatched via Kuestrin-Kietz between 20 and 30 November: Date in Nu mber of Cars Receiv ing Station November 20 54 B Neustr elitz 21 54 B Weimar 22 54 B Greifs wald 23 54 B Magdeb urg 24 54 B " 26 54 B Brandenburg 28 54 B Neustrelitz 30 54 B Weimar Since extensive track construction work was begun at the hietz railroad station on 1 December, it is believed that the personnel exchange movement via K*etz terminated on 30 November. 4. On 4 December, shuttle-train of 50 CB went from Jueterbog to Brest Litovsk via Frankfurt/Oder. Comment. Another report confirmed that the eastbound troop trains 25X1 In paragraph 2 were occupied by dischargees. Except for shuttle-train 0 25X1 on 20 November 1954, all other westbound trains are believed to be empty. the personnel exchange movement in both directions terminated in the first days of December 1954. The present computation of eastbound troop trains carrying dischargees indicates that the movement includes 74 shuttle-trains which have been observed with their numbers and 76 additional shuttle-trains or a total of 150 trains. Excluding 10 trains which probably were empty at the beginning of the movement, a total of 140 eastbound shuttle-trains with dischargees has been computed. Since it is believed that less iischargees are being moved in a railroad car than replacements, each train probably carried 1,150 dischargees (46 cars with 25 men each;, while those with recruits may have carried 17380 men (46 cars with 30 men each). This comp_'uta.tior -indicates a total of about 160,000 dischargees. Since this figure e::ceeds even the total of about 152,000 replacements of the 1931 and 1932 class wvhich was observed in 1951, it appears that these two classes have been discharged. She present computation of westbound troop trains carrying replacements indicates that the movement includes 69 shuttle-trains which have been observed with their shuttle-train d 66 additional shuttle-trains or 135 trains. On the bads of the assumption that each shuttle-train carried 1,380 men, and including a deduction of five percent since the last westbound trains were probably not loaded to capacity; about 175,000 men arrived from the USSR. The difference of 15,000 inch between the total number of dischargees and replachents in 1954 is probably made up of reassignments and hospitalized -personnel. The actual strength of the army units in the GDR was estimated at 560,000 men prior to the personnel exchange movement. Since December 1954, about 50 percent of these men are believed to be recruits. This assumption is confirmed b, numerous observations at the barracks installations. Thy personnel exchange movement of the Twenty-Fourth Air Army which probabl,r has an actual strength of 25,000 men is believed to be immaterial. Approved For Release 2008/04/14: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA005700930004-6