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December 21, 2016
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June 19, 2008
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December 3, 1954
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Approved For Release 2008/06/19: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA005800220009-8 COUNTRY CLASSIFICATION SEC .East Germany TOPIC Rail. Freight Traffic through East German Border Statio DATE OBTAIN REFERENCES REPORT PAGES 5 ENCLOSURES (NO. & TYPE) REMARKS REPARED 3 December 1954 1. The following shipments were determined by personal observations, between 27 October and 16 November 1954: B - boxcar E - express train coaches F - flatcar R - refrigerator car G - gondola car T tank car Date in Number and Load October Type of Cars 27 6 F machinery parts Erfurt Brest Litovsk 8 F crated machinery Leipzig 12 T undetermined it 3 F trucks with hoisting it gears 8 B undetermined 6 F crane parts and boxes it 12 F machinery 28 50 F new trucks Frankfurt/Oder direction of 1 F4lkenberg 23 R new Coswig Brest Litovsk 2 7 F wheel sets 29 6 F machinery parts Chemnitz 30 12 F If It 4 B undetermined 31 24 T Grosskorbetha Guben 3 25X1 4B 8 F machinery parts Leipzig Brest Litovsk nI er1nir1nnri1'%Ki SECR: Approved For Release 2008/06/19: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA005800220009-8 Approved For Release 2008/06/19: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA005800220009-8 SECRET UNCODED October 31 5 F new trucks Frankfurt/Oder Cottbus 2 B troops November 20 F new narrow gauge Weimar Brest Litovsk 24 F large boxes and 4B machinery parts undetermined 14 F crane and machinery Leipzig 6 B parts undetermined 5B military goods Frankfurt/Oder Cottbus 21 R new Coswig Brest Litovsk 2 8 F wheel sets 6 F Leipzig 8 F Dresden 6 F new trucks Zwickau 25 F machinery and boxes 6B military goods Frankfurt/Oder 6ottbus 10 F new trucks Leipzig Brest Litovsk 4 11 B undetermined 4F machinery parts Magdeburg 4F boxes Chemnitz 40 B undetermined Leipzig 18 F gantry crane parts 6 T gasoline Frankfurt/Oder Brand 5 8 B military goods 36 T undetermined Ruben 4 5T Cottbus 6 40 F 78 trucks Dresden Guben 1 12 B military goods Frankfurt/Oder Cottbus 46 B undetermined Aue Brest Litovsk 7 18 F boxes and Magdeburg " 24 T machinery parts 20 B 11 7F frames and-girders Erfurt Reppen 10 E Brest Litovsk 7F wheel sets 2 15 B undetermined Frankfurt/Oder Jueterbog 3B troops 30 F empty 20 new narrow gauge Weimar 18 F boxes and machinery par ts 12 B undetermined 46 B 15 F 15 new trucks 8 F machinery parts 12 T Merseburg 40 B 3? F 6 trucks direction of Co4$bus 4B troops and equipment Falkenberg 1 Approved For Release 2008/06/19: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA005800220009-8 Approved For Release 2008/06/19: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA005800220009-8 Tovember SECRET 8 50 F 80 trucks Frankfurt/Oder Koenigsbrueck 1 B troops - 1 25X1 6 F machinery parts Leipzig 10 F tractors Chemnitz Reppen 8 F boxes 21 R new Coswig Brest Litovsk ,, 7F wheel sets undetermined Grosskorbetha Guben 3 40 F 40 new trucks Zwickau Brest Litovsk 8 G 50 new small containers 8 F machinery parts 6B undetermined 50 B undetermined Frankfurt/Oder Jueterbog 1 B troops 45 B undetermined Brest Litovsk 1 B troops boxes Leipzig 40 F 40 trucks direction of Cottbus 1 1 B troops Falkenberg 4F 40 B undetermined Dresden 8 F machinery parts 8 F machinery parts Leipzig 20 F 20 trucks Cottbus 1 1 B troops 20 F 20 new trucks Brest Litovsk 4 10 T undetermined Guben 20 B potash 3 8 F boxes 30 F 30 trucks direction of 4 B troops Falkenberg 8 F machinery parts Chemnitz Brest Litovsk 10 G 60 new small containers 1 railway crane Nordhausen Danzig 2 F accessories 12 F machinery parts Magdeburg Brest Litovsk 20 B iron parts Halberstadt 40 F 40 trucks Cottbus direction of 4 B, troops Falkenberg 40 F 40 trucks 4 B troops 15 F new trucks Zwickau 8 F boxes Leipzig 40 F trucks Frankfurt/Oder direction of Falkenberg 16 12 F boilers.,and boxes Dresden 2 B undetermined 2. I -la train of 49 flatcars and 1 converted boxcar with 713 tons was dispatched, from Rostock to Brest Litovsk on 4 November SECRET Approved For Release 2008/06/19: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA005800220009-8 Approved For Release 2008/06/19: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA005800220009-8 shipments CB - converted boxcar Date in Composition November of Trains Tons From 10 1 SB, 50 F 1,000 Neustrelitz Brest Litovsk 12 1 CB, 1 B, 10 F Frankfurt/Oder Satzkorn 19 1 CB, 25 F 600 Neuruppin Brest Litovsk 21 1. CB, 24 F 800 Wildpark It 4. A shipment of 11 flatcars with undetermined load en route from Brest Litovsk to Fuerstenwalde-Sued 25X1 was observed at Fuerstenwalde on 18 November. The following shipments were observed at Frankfurt/Oder on 18 and 21 November: Date in Number and Load 25X1 November Type of Cars 18 56 G empty Frankfurt/Oder Brest Litovsk 25X1 1 train 65 trucks Brest Litovsk toward Cotthus 1 56 F boxes Frankfurt/Oder Brest Litovsk 11 56 B undetermined 30 B probably ammunition Brest Litovsk Frankfurt/Oder ? F 26 guns 11~~ Coumient. These shipments were connected with the motor vehicle exchange progeam. It is noteworthy that four boxcars with troops were attached to some of the shipments from the USSR. On the assumption that these cars really carried troops, their number would far exceed the strength of a normal e'cort detail which consists of 5 to 12 soldiers. It is not believed probable that these trains were used for the shipment of recruits to the GDR in addition to troop shuttle trains which are currently observed. There is a possibility that these cars carried the personnel fdr the trucks shipped who would thus represent additional motor transport units. Comment. Deliveries of East German railroad car factories.to the USSR. The Soviet-gauge wheel sets carried along will be used on these cars in the USSR. Comment. Deliveries of East German hydrogenation plant to the USSR. 1. L. These cars are believed to be newly manufactured equipment t. orted to the USSR or Red China. ,*UNCODED for the bomber regiment stationed at Briesen airfield. which is served by the Brand railroad station. Comment. Intra-zonal shipment from the hydrogenation plant at c-chwarzheide-Ruhland possibly to the KVP/Luft (Aeoclub) at Cottbus. in Saxony. Uranium ore shipments usually consistlof 45 boxcars with 15 tons each and 1 car for the Soviet escort personnel. Comment. This shipment was repeatedly observed on its way and during unloading operations in Satzkorn. The shipment consisted of 10 tanks of the new T 54 type which were-consigned to the tank dividion stationed there. Similar shipments were dispatched to three other tank divisions of mechanized armies stationed in Altruppin, Meinsdorf and 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2008/06/19: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA005800220009-8 Approved For Release 2008/06/19: CIA-RDP80-00810A005800220009-8 Com.:.ent. This shipment consisted of two parts. UNCODED an s, posse y of the new type, were shipped but, on the other hand, no tank unit is stationed at erstenwalde. Comment. It is believed that these shipments were further forwarded from Frankfurt/Oder. Gun shipments were recently repeatedly observed. Approved For Release 2008/06/19: CIA-RDP80-00810A005800220009-8