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December 21, 2016
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June 24, 2008
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February 17, 1955
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COUNTRY TOPIC EVALUATION-. DATE OF CONT DATE OBTAINED REFERENCES- 3 PAGES ENCLOSURES (NO. & TYPE) REMARKS DATE PREPARED 17 February 1955 1. Prior to late iLa r 195 the headquarters of the 5 tri Tz' Leine uerit) 25X1 Unit, subordinate companies of which were assi~rred labor rr,i sioris in the kiadno (N 51/L 59) area, was located iri the castle and a villa in Sn:ecno (N 51/L 49). The unit was subordinated directly to the .Defense J istry. Under an enactment dating; from ;;rid-April 1954, the previous designation of "57th PTP" was charged .Ato"57th TP".3 Corlinarrder of the unit was ,eia~;or ruiizek (fnu). The unit which totalled about 1,100 Wren was organized into a training unit and 6 companies . 1 2. The training unit was Located in billets b Mrnberk, two small tovins about 2.5 kilometers riorthv fall of 1; r 3_ recruits received basic train, 1 ftor 20 November 1953,1 an NCO school; where TP soldiers grouped ith class E were trained was located there. Cl~.ss E included men of special reliability. Prior to late belay 1954, the lst and 6th Cos r~ere located in Stochov (N 51/L 49), the 2d Co under Senior Lieutenant auchanda (fnu) in flubi (N 51/L 59), the 3d and 4th Cos, the latter under Senior Lieutenant Bena (fan), in Sruecno, . rd the 5th Co at the Armada bituminous-coal it about 3 kilometers south or Ciirecno. Actual strength figures of the companies varied between 150 and 1001 soldiers. 1 he ist Co was coi..::,anded 25X1 by Senior i,iautenant Josef Subert. Lieutenant Paulus (fnu) was political officer of this unit. The co..mpany numbered about 175 men. Senior Lieutenant Suchanek (fnu) was commander of the 6th Co which s/as located in the same billets. The two companies worked in the ieiosek .At'.unirious--coal pit in Tuchlovice (N 51/L 48) . In addition, they rece , ,? gil?itary trainin&. Un(,er the provisions of the - Wch became known in April 1954, the above m soldiers 'I wear on the black epaulets of their 25X1 orms !'? consisted of a five-pointed red star _ Approved For Release 2008/06/24: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA006200310009-3 CLASSIFICAT1O14 R_,"FIDENTI Czechoslovakia 1. 57th TP Unit in Smeono and 7th TP Unit in Libkovice 2. Czech Troops in Most LACE OBTAINED-, emblem t d with a crossed hammer-and-axe eiblem. S nee lawnw- company also received model N-98 rifles. CLASSIFICATION C ~ ii'I )ENfIAL Approved For Release 2008/06/24: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA006200310009-3 Approved For Release 2008/06/24: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA006200310009-3 C i~FIDEL TIAL~ o;ie st.t'_,uiach.iie guns were also available for the guard details. hecora ractices ,,sere held every two or three weeks. The men had to sii.ot at targets or silhouettes up to 100 meters away. After the record practices, the rifles were returned `to the armory whore they were ..ept in a bad coi.dition. 1 1'lid CF soiuiers' pay was tics 74?'0 per month exclusive of their i.ico.me fror.. labor. No leave was granted unless the figures of t'.e labor Man were realized, knowledge in the field of political i:idmctrination was rated satisfactory and no punishment was :,.flitted for two or three months. 1 ~. Prior to 3 August 1954, the headquarters of the 7th TP 'Juit was located in a cantonment about 800 meters east of Libkovice (Li.,witz, i1 51/F 23). The code designation of the headquarters was Vitkovice 15. Officers of the unit included Captain Iaoina (fnu), co,.mander, and Senior Lieutenant Mares (fnu), political officer.l The unit5to which 4 companies were subordinated,was a regular delinquent unit to which soldiers were also reassi ned fros normal military units or discipli given no regular furlough, but only Penalties inflicted at this unit w :,t the 57th TP Unit and payment for percent of the usual wages. After soldiers of this unit were turned over tbrthe Public Prosecutor. the 7th TP Unit The unit had four companies. The 1st Co, which was commanded by iiajor :3lazek (fnu), was located in a cantonment in Libkovice. The 2d Co, Which was commanded by Major knot (fru), was located in a camp of five low brick buildings and one low wooden building; at the Pluto it in Louka (':iese, N 51/F 13).Other officers of the unit were Senior Lieutenant Smolik (fnu), deputy company co,.:mander, and Sadovsky (fnui, _gompany numbered about 160 men and was equipped only with model N-98 rifles. The 3d and 4th Cos were stationed at Zaluai (galtheuern, N 511E 13) and Brezanky (Briesen, i 51/F 23). It was unknown which of the two units was located in each of the two above-mentioned towns. 1 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2008/06/24: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA006200310009-3 Approved For Release 2008/06/24: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA006200310009-3 ;11 3 Auust 1954, a unit of 160 to 180 men who wore black-bordered red epaulets and carried rifles and submachine guns was observed leaving the Stef anikiaserne which was located south of the city and on the west side of the Zatec (Saaz, N 51/F 10) road. In mid-July 1954, tc;,D trucks which towed guns and an undetermined number of soldiers wearing red-bordered black epaulets which mounted cross-like insignia were observed 4t the billets on the western perimeter of the city, on the south side of the Chomutov (1omotau, N 51/F 02) road. The guns had muzzle brakes and massive wheels. Comment. The 57th TP Bn is known in the kladno area. The 7th TP Unit is reported for the first time. The dissolution of delinquentttalions (PTP), which has also been mentioned in newspaper re purposes of propaganda. ILLEGIB Approved For Release 2008/06/24: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA006200310009-3