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December 21, 2016
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June 4, 2008
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February 23, 1955
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Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA006300300005-7 0 CLASSIFICATION COUNTRY East Germany PLACE OBTAINED- TOPIC Rail Freight ht Traffic through Frankfurt/Oiler EVALUATION DATE OF CONTE DATE OBTAINED REFERENCES PAGES 2 ENCLOSURES (tvo. & rtOE)ti_ REMARKS-. iE PREPARED ._.~ 23 February It 1. the following shipments were d1s-_a;tched from Frankfurt Oder between 16 and 19 Februar.; e Date in Composition February of Train Dispatched To 16 55 cars 4 carloads exceeding presumably standard measurements Wittenberg 25X1 25X1 17/18 1 train carloads exceeding Brandenburg standard measurements 19 2 boxcars carloads exceeding Satzkorn 21 RRym-type standard measurements flatcars 2.I ( shipments 25X1 and 16 February; 25X1 1rl , Date in Composition February of Train 14 2 converted boxcars rarest Litovsk Altengrabow 10 RRym-type flatcars 15 crashcars s K d f 71 ~ 1 15 rr a c e urrmers . 16 3 RRym-type flatcars Wildpark 14 1 converted boxcar Wildpark Brest Litovsk 5G flatcars 8-.,%--r,_R_ T 25X1 Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA006300300005-7 Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA006300300005-7 8- -C-R-2-T~ 3. Af'the 1,040 railroad tank cars'Yc the transportatior., of wh- t :. C,r.,:c uc is which were schdal,ed to*be dispatched empty to Brest Litovek in f`;= ;_ ~:ar4~ 1955, a total of 200 had been dispatched prior to 15 February. o ,sac:h cars were obsem-ed returning from the easfi 1.~ Lcomnient. The two shipments are probably identical alts :tz :'i ?_a data on the number of cars and receiving station vary. The irformation in paragraph 2'is believed to 'be more credible. The shipsr.ent was ~rs.,i 'ply consigned to the 2d Gds AAA Div .in Bus eersdor:" and may have cart 3iotcd of AA guns and data computers. 2.I IC ennt. This train possibly carried heavy howitzers for Lie:. 124th iiv How Brig in Brandenburg. 3. anent. The data given indicate that a shipment of T-54 tanks was concerned. 40l ~Gom gnt. The shipment pr~ol b1y consisted of guns for one ,>f' the +trtillehy brigades'stati ed at Alter bow, The cra hca s .tad';,:a that ,ammunition for the gilds 'shf ped at the same time. \A jaant. the s pmen cons steel Qf?notor vehicles corn?ct t3~ai h the ? mebor vet-'CA exchangsop, -rid 6. G e itt"9"Slte ] d d %94 s to Brest UUMAM !E'efl*Pr'ebious ... . ? 0.1 . $-E-C-R-x- 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA006300300005-7