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December 21, 2016
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June 10, 2008
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April 28, 1955
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Approved For Release 2008/06/10 :CIA-RDP80-00810A006300320010-9 25X1 CL1~.BatFICATiC3Pi ('~~ssn ~~.e4 1;.~.:i m CEN7RHti. li+~~"> - I~tyF,ry'CY `4~U?~fTR~ SUBJECT' raL4CE ACQUIRED HATE OF' IN~'0. & axK.~lc~xe~~. oexsax~ne~.:c~,r.?ae.l?3~ ~iiit;ary Ac~,i~ifi~~ ~.n ~c..e ,~.~..~,:~ .. W the f:ecr~z~~a Guaras ~r?~oi~a?.~s~.~ .f~~.x~ TMTS DOCUTI6NT COBTAIHS 1 Pi60&YRTTDI7 APPECTIN6 T:~Y fiATfOKAL DEPEMlF OP THII UNS76'D StA7E3. YJITl4TY T:i% 10E.M1g1fIG Of TITLE .13, S[CTIOp! 798 AR: 734. OF YfIB tl. 9. CODE. AS Ai1ffWOE0. 1757P.AIFSRI3SiOq OB L`sVE1? ATION OP 17f: COliTiti73 TO OE: 6tiC5tpT ST Aq tli~ptlTNOpIZBO 'FdBSiOY 1.~"f :CST?#a~w~, ~:~~x'3C9Xlli@1.~'i~.?: i 2.:1` ,Yti. ~'7'I;Cn ; ~ ~~L~.Gr,i3 v?ith. v .X' ~ l -1T..~ A ' ~:~fi~ . . 2 truck: i:~,~in~ 12~}? ,^.tv:t~Ll`3 . anL~ trlxc~: 1 fraul lsflfl to 1320 an 2b ~~ua~ . ?,. . ie~C, 0i' E~iCL.S.. t~ss~wa e~!o?.> ~~'~JR`f !Vt) ~'~ iii iv Ut~E11,~LUA~'C:D IaitrCsR~1~T10^J ~. u ~''L,~?Giil 2~' '~i~ 1~ J~tYlli.t3.r~ ~.'~.f e`: ?,~.~;r~ 6.'''?.'Z't`,'if3c ~,i2~IGi1T'~'+3 .' d' --_..5: '~ ... ~ ~ X l ~-r- ` c~19~... arti:~lery (AT? ~:rtillery~ r.?.ax~s.rr; .~:>~ ~.v4a.;a h~l; %S1 + .:-~ y.~al ai :.die U4~:~JE.Y'it'L fae,~,d >"3..2.Siin~ ~1;C'a~:1YJG~>i. .,~X' ~~?.E' CJl!1'Sf' z1T ~:e?< ~;+!`?..C:'l,':~f.~ ~iilE.2"E' w~ss Yle~vy- artillery ~d geort~r ~.f3~.r~ ~:;?::_c!a t ~;i:~~l J.1 ~;;~~ r:`rc i_:1~ ai 9 January.axid.c~mtnuec~'U.~til "1RE' G101'1~1~,a C) ~G J~.ii~1~.Y'yr.. ~~'i'.~' ~'U ~t':+~].li.~ .vehicles ~v~ed. f~orl th8 ~.ireatic~n 2f P~?a~: t ;;:,,z~,y?d ~ls~??a:~:x ^'c >?eti:t 2~ T}ae i'ollowin43 oal.umn a~~ seen camin~; f~am ~ soiii:h~rly :,ii~-.:c.,.:a_+~a i~~-e :~~,~it fir" 2~_ .7ru?11~.~,x:Y~.. :~nus~z~zl.Iwr :;r4ti~ry ,:.r~,;..~1erY firm; ` A ,^ ~ .~.. ., '"... ~ i,#'1~ :L'E}~':.Q"I':'~ of ?:rlt,:3 31ia~.Zj ~ 'lij YY_' la;,^~ ~ xz ~,;^ _. Y12 prime movers approximately 15 x 152-mm field howit$ers 12 x 76-gg field guns approximately 120 trucks 7 field kitchens and soldiers weuing red bordered black epaulets, including some with artillery insignia ammunition. fuel and equipgent and truck During the entraining operation whioh was not yet completed at 1730, the railroad station wag unusually hearily guarded by sentries. A reu detail of approximately 120 soldiers remained in the quarter of the brigade. 5. All elements of the artillery brigade which had been ent:cainsd on 2 February returned to Olympisohes Dorf during the night o:P 6 Febrc~ars. 2 6. 9~ YeTt~. The latter trains carried 12 Id- trucks and 2 field kitchens. 3 three trains went from Alt?ngrabow to 3 rocket launchers, 24 7. Eight new tanks with turtle-like turrets and three new tanks with onion-shaped turrets were perked in a shed of the Gentzrode training grounds north of Aeurappin from 17 to 28 Jaguars. F~2 to 4 February, these tanks came from the Fridericus Kaaerne (2205) in l~euruppin to the training grounds for driving practices. Doting the period of the training, the roads were blocked by sentries. One of the tanks seen from a distance of 15 meters had the following shape and equipments 9/30 Ja~auary. three trains 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2008/06/10: CIA-RDP80-00810A006300320010-9 Approved For Release 2008/06/10: CIA-RDP80-00810A006300320010-9 - 3 ~ very flat, inclined turret, flattened on top; a gun in the tower third of the center of the turret, caliber about 100 to 120 sei without mussle brake; spikes. were fined to the slanting nose plate. Five soldiers with helmets, probably the arew, stood near the tanks. 4 Comment.. The report indicate Div conducted large-scale exercises grounds from about 27 to 30 Jannarl night firing practi eerci e pre~riously reported It is believed that the practices also invo ve un s o ? Light arty Brig and, according to the 122 mm field guns, possibly also units of the 34th Js'ty Mx. Similsr aaneuvers at diwision or corps level were frequently observed in the Soviet Zone of G1?ermagy in th? second half of January. 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2008/06/10: CIA-RDP80-00810A006300320010-9