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December 21, 2016
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June 4, 2008
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March 4, 1955
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COUNTRY TOPIC Approved For Release 2008/06/04 :CIA-RDP80-00810A006300610002-6 ~F East Ge Mechanised Divis Fe'lbeil~t EVALUATION DATE OF COAT SATE OBTAINS ~R~FERENGES PAGES 4 ENCLOSURES (NO. a n~>, REMARKS PREPARED 4 March 1955 25X1_ 1. Between 0800 and 1000 on ~ and 22 Jannars- 1955, 8 to 10 groups each of about 30 soldiers left the Oranienburg co~-centratian temp and marched toward the training avers on I,ehnits Sae. 4a lg January, about 15 soldiers carrying carbines, rolled shelter halwes, oanteeaw anb field bags were seen in the area south of the installation. There was ne training activity in the installatioM on these two dears. 1 25X1 2. In the afternoon. on 27 January and in the morning on ~ Januarsr, there was no training nativity in the installation. Firing practice with carbines and training om small radio sets were held in the vicinity of the installation. A soldier serried a box at hie belt; the bex was about 15 x 15 x 15 cm and a rod antenna about 75 om long ~~uttsd out of it. The Soldier wore a headphone and had a microphone~i l4is hand. 0n 31 January, the installation was oocnpisd by an astistatad 800 soldiers. i four-wheal s~rmored reconna~,8eanoe car and a T-x/85 tank were seen in the installation on the same day. 3. At 1000 on 17 Tanuary, 12 to 15 new three-azle tank tracks each with stwo-axle tank trailer were seen in front of the aencentr tion camp on Stalin illae. They were escorted. by about 40 HYP soldiers who woraack-bordered blue~pauleta. c' The trucks had a oapncity of an estimated 3,000 liters and the trailers-,rf- an estimated 2,000 liters. 4. In January and early February, the KPP Section of the former concentration camp was occupied by an estimated 1200 to 1,500 soldiers. On several days, six T-34 tanks were seen near the inatallptfon. Two of them practiced driving. Four other T-34 tanks daily trained r~th four Bl-64a in the wooded area near Lehnits. Groups of120 to 30 Soldie2~s were dai~r observed leaving and entering the installation. 5. Eighteen 73-mm AA guns and fe~ur AA guns of about 25-mm were seen in the barrsaks yard during the day. Ten to 20 Soldiers practiced on each gun. 2 Nod "c Approved For Release 2008/06/04 :CIA-RDP80-00810A006300610002-6 Approved For Release 2008/06/04 :CIA-RDP80-00810A006300610002-6 6. From the night of 2e~J to th4,~?~,sAO~,on_of 25 J~uary, the units in the concentration esamp8a~~a ma3or ezercise. All units left the inatal~.ation on foot. 'ih-o field 1~itehena Pere the only vehicles observed. The soldiers were armed with carbines, submachine guns and one machine ~gex~. ions soldiers carried portable radio seta. A radio station which was in operation at all times was erected~in the installation. 3 7. On 22 January, a tank NEO said that four new tanks had arrived by rail on 21 Jaxruary. The tanks were not new but overhauled. They had a weight of about 45 tons and the gone were of about 12.5 mm caliber.. The type of the tanks was unknown to the units in.Oranienburg. 4 8. Between ~ encl.. 2~ January, an artillery unit changed its quarters in the installation. 9. On 2 February, exercises started which were to last three weeks. Troops were restricted to quarters for this period. The units left the installation ?be'tweet~ 0200 aa~d 0300 and r?turrted after 2 or 3 days. They were fed from field kitchens. On 2 Febru~cy, all unite appeared to have vaostgd the installation. The exercises were l~sld in the Borgadorf Forest between Lehn~~a andrgsdorf: i't;nk, ~prti~lery sad infantry whits conducted firing prac ces.. thhe afterndon c~[ 2 Fe'brus~:y, Sovie$ units Here observed practicing in the Liebenwalde wooded area north of the 3chmachtenhagen- Zehlendorf road. 3 25X1 25X1 10. the entixe regiment stationed ~.n the Ruinei~berg ~o~~i Kaserne in Potsdam iras to .hold an exercise, at :.~~ Bornsted.ter !'eld on 21 Jams At 0900 on 21 Janus, 30 trucks each occupied by'18 soldiers, 7 SBgcns each with ~ sq'.~diera, 24 ?pen four or siac-wheel arm?i~ed perssnnel carr~ers_.each-with 6 soldiers, 3 trucks each with 2 M-1943 heavy machine guns (Goryunov~ and 8 soldiers, and 1 radio track were assembled on Bernstedter Fe3d. All the soldiers wore blue service color. At 1060, the regiment divided and about 25 trucks, 3 SII-76 guns, 12 armored personnel carriers and 2 trncka wit'~i with heavy-machine guns moved toward Bornatedt. The crews of the other trucks occupied the trenck positi?ns~with S! gax-s emplaced on each side. '!'he armored personnel caariar8 were emplaced behind the trenohes. 5 and 3~ 11. dt 1440 on 25 January, 7 SII-76 guns, 12 three-sole armored personnel carriers and 40 trt3eks ldit the Ruinenberg gaserne and were followed by 12 three-axle armot~ed peraomael carriers at~od 12 trucks half an hour later. On 28 January, there ass nQ training activity in or near the installation. It appeared that the unit-had not yet returned. 5 ans. 6 12. At 090? ono February, l0 to 12 trucks each with 20 soldiers, 6 to 8 three- -axl.e.8~nored personnel carriers. each with 6 to 8 soldiers axed 4 or 5 SII-76 gene entered the kaserne; the coluaan had come from the direction of the main rai].ro~d station. 0n .8 February, a anise carrying rifles and submachine ~ gene were seen marching to, axed cog from, ,i" r Borhstedter Feld. qA to 50 trucks and 4 SII-76 guns were seen in the barracks yard. Three other SII-76 guns were seen in open sheds. 5 13. At 1000 on 21 January, seven 37-mm AA gone were seen in the barracks yards of the Garde du Corp$ Kaeerne. About 24 soldiers wearing red-bordered black epaulets reoeived training on esah gun. On 4 February, a total of 12 x 37-mm AA gene weave seen iri the barrac~s ysrds and in tl~a former riding school. The installation was occupied by an estimated 350 soldiers. On 25 January, only a few trucks were seen in the egg garages and B~ sheds. zt appeared that the unit was net in the it~alirie-n. She same cbservatie~- Ras leads., on 31 January eori8 1 P'ehraa~y. ~ +-'~ 14. At 0900 ?n 20 J 4 e~ '~5 tale s~oe eerier a~ad carrying rifles ems, ~'~ gds, "# tl~ ~. 1-a~c s~ awd fo3lanred by 4 t~et~ whiel~ treed ~ ~ ~ #t ~~"+'~f> 6ta~ne, 12 three-?a~tl.e s~ ~I~~r a~iit tdia~rs, 12 four-w~ua1 31~~4 ~t ~ eral~:~ '~ '1i$plt ~:~ 5't-~ ~' 8"~ each oocupied by 9 seldiere, 4~ to ~ ~ e eiesotbss~t, by 18 aeldiers wearing bins ae~3.eie eReior, atilt 3 Ali tics te3~Eh aalt+axeras left the kaserne and wenttt~ard ~~. ' ~r eied ag~sge. 1t 1400 on 8 February, I? trucks sa~ah atfd 1qr ]:8 ~Ntil~tt'3-era wed tilv+e 4er~ric~e color, 5 3U-76 guns and 4 trunks wig 57-amt.' gwns eni~errd tlv Ewa*. 5 awd 6 25X1 Approved For Release 2008/06/04 :CIA-RDP80-00810A006300610002-6 Approved For Release 2008/06/04 :CIA-RDP80-00810A006300610002-6 15? almost the entire personnel of the Potsdam post was at the Klietz troop training grounds. The regiment from the Ruinenberg Kaserne had been in the camp at the Ferchels-Mahlitz grounds since about 25 January sad returned to the kaserne as late as 5 Febraary. The unit from the General Aever Kaserne left for Klietz as late- as 1 Februars- and reined on 8 February. The aAA regiment from the Garde du Corps Kaserne also participated in the exercises. The students of the motor transport officer school were employed as platoon leaders. 6 16. ~t 0250 on 1ZJantxar3i, a special train consisting of 13 coaches went from 'Berlin-Lichtenberg to Stendal via Sc2i~enhausen on the ffibe River and returned in the evening. BetRSen Lichtenberg and Schoenhausen, the train was occupied~by abut 800 RSfP offioers who allegedly came from Berlin and Strausberg. They were picked up b, trucks in Schosnhauesn and ..returned by trucks to the train in the evening. 7 17. From"26 January- to 14 Febr ~, ~e Ferohels-Mahlitz troop training grounds woo still off limits. Sinoe 5 F~ruary, the training activity at the grounds had"decreased considerably. Heavy weapoa firing was only occasionally $eard during daytime. It xas determined that Soviet units participates in the exeroisss. From 26 to~31"J: mss, mortar firing practices were held daily. Ten, to.. 15 m?rtar~ bslenging to a Soviet unit were .em~.aoed about 1'.5 1~ east of the ~au~f:liarv ai~1.'3a7d_ Sema ~rn~8 were seen there. ;Aboat 200- eaid~~.ers froau the -hutment ~, with the mortars, which were apparently of l~dmr~ amend supervision of Soviet officers end RCOs. 3 18. On 2 az~d-4 Feb~arv, the bulk of the units left the troop training grounds. About 3,500 to 2,000 soldiers and about 100 trucks werg loaded at-the arose ~udicke r"aiiroad station on each of these days. 6 Comment. Information from the area of Corps .Nord indicated that the 8PP urii~o eonceritrated exercises at battalion level and march practices at regimental level in snuary as did the Soviet units. Minter firing practices by all branches of servic>.were conducted at the-post training grouxxds and at the Ferohsls-~~hlitz ~c_.:._ w=__ `_~ ~d Jaegerbrueck training grounds. Joint exercises with Sov3s t usaits were a18o oonductsd in the area of Templin and dad Kosssn-l~aumbnrg in addition to exercises at Ferohels- ~1Vlahlitz training grounds and in the. area southeast of Oranienburg. L../J/\ I '"~~ 25X1 5?I~~, Comment. 9~here is no .doubt #hat is 3~ete u~~a were thpsrvsd. ~o~~i . _, c~~ , 'i~he Ruiner?rg gae~erne qt~t.~. J...q~ ; ',. .8ase~e the reooneanoa be~#~~~T ~~~~ : be~a~i ~~ ~- seed,. possib],y,., +~.~-o Etta o3' ~ ,=# '~ a dm_'e 1~ASerne quarters the AltA rrgimeut ~ .` ~ ~ , Approved For Release 2008/06/04 :CIA-RDP80-00810A006300610002-6 Approved For Release 2008/06/04 :CIA-RDP80-00810A006300610002-6 6. Comment. Information on the exercises near Klietz and at the Ferchels-Mahlitz troop, training ~-rounds was foi^e-ard.ed brev3ously. appears a win er it y un s of Mecz Div Potsdam: The det$haent of Soviet units as training units for the KPP is reported for the first time. 7.~Comment. It is believed that the officers mentioned were from the KVP Department with the B!(inistry of the Interior who witnessed 'the faxing practices or a demonstration exercise near Klotz. 8. Comment. The Soviet units magr have been elements of the 65th Mort 25X1 Brig of the~th 1lrty Div from Rathsnow which frequently left their post in units up to hattalion strength for one~day exercises during the period mentioned. by all we~ions was .conduc d 25X1 25X1 25X1, Approved For Release 2008/06/04 :CIA-RDP80-00810A006300610002-6