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December 21, 2016
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Approved For Release 2008/03/31 : CIA-RDP80-0081 OA006500580004-6 GdIFICAZION. EVAL_I_i \TiON.._ DATE OF CON T EN CAT_. 08TAJ N Cu Fi;G _:,'__..____ENCLOSURES RE Mir.,.^:\ti'. i 25X1 the fol.locrin!-- r't.L? j)r;ont,,; v'cro ia -)atclied 25X1 _ron Fran- ur Oder between : and 12 Larch 1955: :Icuotrelitz; i src:.). 22 flatcars with load oxcceding ctaaaar . e.~'.; to ::oiusdorf; 12 ;:arch: 20 flatcars to 'Ieincdorf; 25X1 25X1 the following sh r::ents irc.re t .3paccl,ed 25X1 ro i 'ran.: iz er e ;eon 2 and 7 .:arch: 2 10 flatcars with load exceeding stand ax(! ..iea:.urc r a-M.s in the arch: /Z I..._DATE PREPARED__ __ direction of Cottbus. 2 Scars with load exceeding standard ?:eosarer entc t i` _ ~r:.ten^r~.:l.cze/ Spree. 2 22 flatcars with load e:.coedin.- ctand:.u-d noasuro:3oi. tc to? ::einsdorf; 6 :.larch: 22 flatcars with load excoedin- stand-.rd neacu:^o;;or.'.;s to A] t.rup yin: 'Iarc?i: 17 flatcars to 1'renzlau; T]i folio:ring shipments rare observed in 1'ran1:furt/0c1er :;ctc-xc n 1 and 7 i s u c] ., boxcar flatcar C - -:ondola car - tali: car 25X1 25X1 S-E C..R_i-T 25X1 Approved For Release 2008/03/31 : CIA-RDP80-0081 OA006500580004-6 Approved For Release 2008/03/31 : CIA-RDP80-0081 OA006500580004-6 S-.ewC+t~l~P . ::,..r c:r paid of Gass Load From To 20 C coke I'ra:i:f art/Oc'~r-bor er ~ '~ialeben ` ^~ l.,1 " cotton 16 i' machinery and Ma,deburC r::achinory parts ll I' machinery and Stassfurt machinery parts 11 r machinery. a.,-id :Mort machinery parts 3 B ammunition rinow 3B ;pie iron coke iron ore sheet metal machinery empty Brandonbur6 Dresden Wrest Litovsk Borkonbruccdc 4 1:occn rten Prani:furt/Cdor.bordor Groeditz 3iltendorf ) i Rostock &uo Dre: t Litovcl: Berlin-ih uzmelobur. 0ell7rol10 (rayon) ;1olfon machinery machinery 10 L chemicals 1.' G coke 10 T empty I' iron and parto 50 T empty direction of Berlin 12 F machinery and ::aedeburL machinery* parts C, . riachinery and Chomnitz machinery ;arts 6 fuel I.arsebure 20 C coke DoddinCen 36 G iron ore rranlcfurt /0c? or-border 10 P iron 12 B cotton 4, I3 cool 12 C coal 14 machinery and machinery Tarts 4. P machinery and machinery parts 6 I' machinery and macs, iNery Trrta S-1LC-R..I ? LeipziC Ditterfold Fran.cf urt/0c.cr-border ebur Staasfu;` t Chornitz 6' Jioloben -:er'oburc 7 ,;iodoritzcall Brest Litovsk 7 Ziltendorf) 5 ;liodoritzach Iralle Stacsfurt Dresden Riesa Leipzig Pieatcritz Brest Litovok Approved For Release 2008/03/31 : CIA-RDP80-0081 OA006500580004-6 Approved For Release 2008/03/31 : CIA-RDP80-0081 OA006500580004-6 7 !;2 C col:o rr?n'.;furt/Oc.er-border Ziltendorf 5. 3 F shoot metal Roctcck 0 i iron 12 1.' machinnory and LoipziC machinery parts 6 machinery and Dessau machinery parts Tsoipzi~ Brent Litovsk q.. T'?e fo7_1o' in.r _-'?ii=and:r: --n o observed in the Cottbus railroad district i latcar with sideracks heavy-duty flatcars in ITrinber and Typo of Cars Load. From 1 SU 17 laxise aircraft crates Drest Litovsk Cottbus B escort personnel Vie shipment was tacen over by I:4TP in Cottbus. Ten car- wore shunted to a connectin,; track in the o%:eriing and, in the _,ornine of 3 ;arch, were dicratchod to Cottbus airfield via the Sproowald line! 7 c,sa were dis:atchod to Drovritz (Crab);ou) near Jaonschnaldo