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December 21, 2016
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Approved For Release 2008/04/21: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA006600570013-6 a.. - a or SAE Cr CONTEND J DATE C)S!A NED_ REFERENCES PAGES....--1_ -- 2 ENCLOSURES N : & TYPE) ~:,-' the lo':.e';7e! in the rea~ 17 re' deg. ra~~. i~~ red >oorierad black el alet~3 xi ~h artillery insignia wd's AT #runs approximatel;r 40 trucks" b - 63 I. ar 2 ery -TWia gut re. did ed at ,d so'.di ers we .ri n- red-,bo#dere&b M. 0900 or Liarch , Uj, at 1 oas-:t '25 trucks A . ra::1ro4d-ma s' Lee,.,ur.oaded at the G nthir rai.I to l 30 an 1C ia^c.rci lr f.'o 1at1 irA9Seft It he'~ I~lirlc~ K., (5283/B4) ota 6r lLf ~n ` ~ i 52 2 321 trues. The bull,' of tac ca_oxal 4 z d h&ut' cars, P'-34. ;au, l si, t eeY ss 7 Aec s, 6 25X1 T _e colam ,s i.(icluded a ' otal of 12 rociste1 unc2 ors, 12 media awA sa AA i. x 574 s 14 1 d V`x ISO- rul k1131 , 1-2 x 120-mu: id. 2 x + -rsll" 1 ca< i `3r aride (, i helm P ecI 1 'ueckY?) -0 01-agcXebufg dhd pa'bcL red-eai i c?.. -_~,.~s xpahe At 2055 x 122--!in howitzers, 6 x 120-r-,m c 'i.. _.. .. approximately 30' tru.ccs andi a nrn-A 15Q sol(iiers wearing rec.-L-... Approved For Release 2008/04/21 : 6IA-RDP80-0081 OA006600570013-6 5..'`t 12.Iaxe_ '3 rock station between 13 a:al 17 ? Bch lery inailgnia, 1 radio truck and ?aced 4- Trio following shipmefts wex: absented at the Ira ft& -Doeberit;:a a:.1rc a. a toward the ',iald Kasernen. 3 15 trucks with ammunition (prc jec::-bileS with. fin' s"7, an passed through latheiow.. 'y he column came from the eas soldiers wearinij red-bord red blr ,1 bordered black epaulets ` artillery a caliber of .170 to 200 i _~, accora5anldrd 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2008/04/21: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA006600570013-6 black epaulets were loaded. ~:....:,1.,..~? ~i Cl. uu irL~~4Ls end. roM Forst Zinn. i);'23, 6 x 122-ran f el.d hogi+zero. 6 x 120..~:ortars, 44 trucks At 0143, o' x 1292-mm field howitzers, approximately 30 some 150 soldiers were 1,94ded for Forst Zinna. At 0252, 6 x 122-=- field howitzers and apjroxirzatoly 30 trucks ---I v d f and some 150 c uletis arrzvea rrom Forst Zinna.4 0615 on 9 ldiarch. a shipment including 10 new tanks with crated LS"'M passed through the Britz railroad station and proceeded toward r: ap_5_:n. 5 t} %:i TCh9 a shipment of 20 flatcars e~'rrvi nc- 7/1 +,..,.i I , it 1cous vehicles went from Frankfurt/Odor to Ebersaalde. 6 CcUMent. 5 shipments " .. x j5. 1 artillery - " t the First Gds ecz Army on n 8 f ~.. vua MLI=%; , ulv Vl1110n, transferred. on 13 .arch, presumably, to.wln er exercises division in the Le tzlin? Heath, returned to their installations. 3, Con ent. T:''ie rocks: u iaun.hers of a new t ype are quite definitely "": i oerc to belong to the 25tx :'3s RL Brig which, along with other u . i bs o ' the 6th Arty Div rio,,redi on 3 trains from Rathe zow to Toeb,,r tz on 7 _,Aarch, pro-,ably to _. L o ~' participate in winter exercises mt Seca Div. The unit mentioned 'went re; or pres- nab_y returned to Rathenoci by road. ocment. This transfer of artillery units of the 1st Mecz I ,)rst Z:thne,, was conf":Lraed by railroad records. Coop;i nt. This may h_.v been v' ks (T-54?j, tyre ~t from Brest-Litovsk t i o eustrelitz. yv' 1. ontioned :,hiprie it, however, included approximately 20 Co ;vent. ;with this ; 4z, pr er:t, the Fourth Gds ;e A ez r }r a total of abpro:::=_oatei.y 70 track-laying amphibious vehicles Approved For Release 2008/04/21: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA006600570013-6