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December 21, 2016
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October 2, 2008
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April 7, 1955
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Approved For Release 2008/11/03: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA006700570010-8 CLASSIFICATION COUNTRY- Germany -REPORT ,rilitary Activities in the IJ,_)rthern Portion of the Soviet Zone of TCPIC;--- __25X1_ ~;TION. DATE OF CONTF DATE OE3T,AI v'D;-) PLACE OBTAINED. DATE PREP?REn. 7 Al)ri119:5 2 PAGE3___ .. ENCLOSURES (NO. & TYPE)_ _ This is UNEVALUATED Information-- Le :green 14 and l+3 ,iarch 1955, the Tauentzien Xaserne (.5584)' in 3tendal 25X1 ?o.s only partially occui.ied. 2. ie. i en 0630 and 0700 on 1,1 :"arch, the fcllcrrir. column left the Otendal ;t toward Brest: 25X1 ""I ti '.rucks with 80 to l soldiers nearing 11 lack~?boruered black and blue- black epaulets and carryin full field equip ent, 4 trucks with seams and boards, 6 trucks with amr wiition boxes, 1 rad. o truck and 3 field i'chens. .rotor vehicle seen. Pie column returned to the pose at 1600 on 1G i.:arch. re-t,urnin- soldiers af.. eared to be very tired. ., :Breen 190: a.:d 1940, a second column which left toward :rest 1n,:luded: 25X1 25X1 I-- x 05-rar. AT Suns, 6 x 57-mm A2, 6 ;c 62-mm ;:iortars, 5 field r.itcheos, a:::, trucks, trucks with boxes and 2 aLbulances? 25X1 The soldiers appeared to be very tired. The 25X1 ::.j ,.,r AT duns en6e:red the Albrecht-der-deer .aserne (5563) and the 57-amrl A runs and mortars the _rincienburd haserne (55E1) . t 030'J on _arch a column of 8 rocket launchers aresuriably of 132 r:m., 2 x 1:7 ;inns, 10 truci:s with some l:,w sol(liers, 10 trucks v ith ammunition box;:o an..i 2 field :,itchens entered trie post. 1 Oil 16 '..arc n,. a shipment of 3 x 57=?1":1: iil' ; uns, 12 x 85-mm r:i ;afire, 25X1 r: xirately 30 trucks and so: re 2 JJ solo iere wearing; red-bordered black e,...ulets -,-.ore entrained at the iiinz railroad station and. left to,;ard second shipment of 2 x 57-mm A' ow,s, 6 x 65-ran :12 .rrs, 25 ,r _cks :ad ar,)roxim:ately 203 soldiers -~:eariri' red-bordered black epauleta loaded at the same time. i.e departure of the train could not be observed. 1.) :.arch, the barracks installation in Prora (2341) was occuried by ra ::ore than 200 to 250 ooliiers. 2 Approved For Release 2008/11/03: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA006700570010-8 Approved For Release 2008/11/03: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA006700570010-8 1615 on 16 ;arch . a }raw n. caAryin about 10 x 85-mm AT --uns 5 x. 100 ,_ n r F;nns, 5 YA-12 !rims mover;), and some 30 trucks passed throe ~h tY e Samtens railroad etat 4 on and 25X1 25X1 o -oceeded toward Bergen. 13'00 on 16 i~.23.rch, a ship::uent of 3 x 5?-Lies AT guns, about 8 x 85-mm guns and come 20 trucks, -,7}.i-oh had been entrained in Binz, p :aticn and oroceeded toward Lietzow, 'ter 1600 or,} 16 and on 17 i:iarch, another three shipments passed throu&h the station and proceeded in the sale direction. 2 7. At about 1330 on 15 March. 30 trucks including some towing AA guns were unloaded at the Neuruppin railroad station and left toward the barracks installations. .t about noon on 16 ;:larch. a train carrying 6 x 57-mm AT Suns, 20 .rucke and 1 field kitchen was seen at the Rambin/Rue,;en railroad station. The train was headed toward Bergen. 3 8. Between noon on 1445 on 15 March, 5 x 37-mm AA guns and 6 x 85-mm AA -ens were seen in Neuruppin an route toward the Friedridh-Franz "aerne (2201). The column cane from a northerly direction. At 1500, 4 x 37-mm AA guns and several trucks were seen at the Neuruppin railroad station.4 ~Co.nn,ent Corps troops of the LXXIX ;.itz Rifle ~orpe and, possibly, small elements of the 207th Litz Rifle Div presumably particip-;ted in exercises of the 19th Gds Mecz D-k.v y+,:ich were held -;.n the Let zling Heath between 3.3 and 6 .;4 rch. 25X1 2. ~ Gomment. Units of the 4th AT Arty Brig were entrained, presumably 25X1 for firir.;; practices at Wustrow or on the Rostock Heath. Units of the 4th AT Arty Jri wflich. accordirz t:1 rrai 1 road 25X1 records. arrived from Rostock on 6 trains, returned to their installations. 4. omment. 5 shipments: of artillery 25X1 unite of the 12th Gds Tank Div went from Neuruppin to Forst Minna cn. 11 ;..arch and the first of these shipments returned to i;euruppin as early as 13 :+arch. The units which were observed in Neuruppin probably belonged to the 75th AAA Regt which returned from Forst Liana. 25X1 Approved For Release 2008/11/03: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA006700570010-8