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December 21, 2016
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August 20, 2008
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April 14, 1955
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Approved For Release 2008/08/20 :CIA-RDP80-00810A006800070001-2 CLASSIFICATI?N s''C~'1' COl.~NTRY- East Cermanv .REPORT ~i'OPIC Hain I''rei~ht Tra.ffie three~'h FrA.nkfiirt/(1cjRr 25X1 ~ j 25X1 EVALUATION p ` DATE OF CONTE . ?~ ~ 25X1 DATE OBTAINED PREPF-RED ~. ~~*{~ ?,g~~ ?~,,, PAGES 2 ENCLOSURES (NO; ~~_ nP>=j REMARKS. This is UNEVALUATED Information lp The following shipcients passed through th? liuellrose railroad atation~ between 28 ~9arch and 9 April 1955= Date in Composition of Train From the To 1~arch Direction of 28 23 new refrigerator care Cottbus Brest Litovsk 29 10 express train coaches " " 3 flatcars with wheel sets 30 20 new refrigerator cars " April 2 1 boxcar and 23 Sit-type ~rankfurt~Oder Cottbus flatcars with 23 , oanvas-covered motor vehicles which had one axle in the front with single tires and two axles in the rear ~-ith dual tires; the vehicles amounted devices which were apparently M 13 rocket launahera 5 6 boxoars with troops " ~~ 12 flatcars with 12 trucks 16 flatcars with 16 empty boilers of about 150 hl oapacity. , 6 9 boxca,rs~~ith troops " " 12 flatcars with trucks 12 flatcars with 12 boilers as above 7 20 SSy.-type flatcars with 20 " canvas-covered tanks.. presumably of type T-54; the gun barrels were crated ,9 45 boxaare with uranium ore Cottbus ~r- 29 March 1955r a shuttle train entered the CDR CLASSIFICATION Sk;Cit~`T Bre~t?Litovsk 4 5 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2008/08/20 :CIA-RDP80-00810A006800070001-2 ~ Approved For Release 2008/08/20 :CIA-RDP80-00810A006800070001-2 30 S> Coru~Bnt. Deliveries from East Germany railroad factories to the USSR, These ehf manta are robab identical with previously reported e ~ Comment, The consignee of the shipment cannot be determined. l~c appears unusual that heavy?duty flatcars mere used for the shipment ~~f xacket launchers They are usually shipped on a two~axle flatcar w:;th a 15-ton oarrying capacity. reinforcerieni of ttie T~'e~nt;rv~'ocirth dir Z1iro si~nila.r sh i manta dispatched to 11?rder and D~cand OA'I'Be~ f.?na~ the tJ'SSR to the CDR in eoesNetioa wits the currant ~,Comt~ent. This shipm~snt is probably identical with a previously reported ?hipment which Ras unloaded at 3atzkorn: on 8 April. ~__.~ ~oa~raent. Deliveries from the uranium-ore mining district in a a7:o~;J tc the USSR. 6~ ~Co~a~ent, ~.'hese ahip~nenta are connected with th ~'ihe eight shipment ~iw m e ~denti~ witFi a shipment which arr~.ved at Cranienburg on 3d Ddarcha 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2008/08/20 :CIA-RDP80-00810A006800070001-2