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December 21, 2016
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March 11, 2008
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April 28, 1955
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Approved For Release 2008/03/11: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA006900610006-6 CLASSIFICATION East Germain Military Shipments at the Satskorn Railroad Station EVALUATION DATE OF CONTENT DATE OBTAINED- REFERENCES 2 PAGES ENCLOSURES (NO. & TYPE) REMARKS This is UNEVALUATED Information DATE PREPARED 28 April 1955 1. Between 1730 and 2215 on 9 Anr 1955a the following materiel was entrained for Lychen at the Satzkorn railroad station 25X1 2 T-34 tanks, 2 T-34 tanks without armament, 6 x 122-anm field howitzers, 2 x 57 mm AT guns, 17 x six-.wheel armored personnel carriers, 2 four-wheel armored personnel 25X1 carriers. 28 trucks-._4 field kitchens,, 1 repair shop truck, 1 bus,, 1 jeep,, and 1 sedan 2. On 10 Au'rii. the following materiel was entrained for Lychen 2 x 85.4m AT guns, 2 x 57-sun AT guns,, 2 x 120-mm mortars,, 19 six-wheel armored 25X1 personnel carriers,, 25 trycks,, 2 tank trucks,, 2 field kitchens,, 3 repair shop trucks, 1 sedan and 1 motorcycle. 25X1 3. At 0530 on 10 Avril. the following shipment arrived from Haldensleben and was unloaded at the Satzkorn railroad stations 12 -54 tanks, 4 JS-1 tanks, 2 JSUT?R122 guns, 3 repair shop trucks,, 1 tank trucks 25X1 2 ambulances,, 1 field kitchen,, 1 buss, 1 jeep,, 10 trucks,, 10 boxcarloads of personnel and 5 bexcarloads of ammunition.2 At 1435 an 11 Avrila a shipment of 9 T-3h5 tanks, 3 boxcarloads of ammunition and an escorting detail of 2 officers and 12 soldiers was entrained for Stendal 25X1 4. At 1900 on 13 April. 20 T-54 tanks,, 1 baxcarload of equipment and 1 boxcar with an escorting detail arrived from Brest-Litovsk d 25X1 were unloadedo4 5. At 2200 on 13 AAri4 a shipment of 6 JSU guns without armaments, 1 JS.-]. tank and,, on a boxer,, an escorting detail arrived from Kirohmoeser and was unloaded.5 6. At 0345 on 15 Anil& a shipment of 9 T-54 tanks,, 1 JS-.1 tank,, 2 JSU-122 guns,, 1 repair shop truck,, 1 ambulance,, 1 jeeps, 5 trucks 5 boxcarloads of soldiers and 4 boxearloads6 of equipment arrived from Halde&sbsn was unloaded. 25X1 7o At 0900 an 15 Anr'il, a train carrying 8 x 85-am AA guns,, 4 generators,, 2 field kitchens,, 1 ambulance,, 28 trueks,, 11 bomeare with soldiers and 2 boxcars with equipment passed through the Satskern railroad station~snd proceeded toward Oranienburg. he train came from the direction of Jueterbog. 1s, ....a SM ff~ Approved For Release 2008/03/11: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA006900610006-6 25X1 ( / Approved For Release 2008/03/11: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA006900610006-6 3~CRET~._ 8. In the morning of 15 A 6 T-34/85 tanks and, on 1 boxcar an escorting detail were loaded for erstenwalde 9. In the morning of 16 April 7 T-34/85 tanks, and, on-boxcar, an escorting detail were entrained for Berlin-Sehoeneweide 25X1 25X1 C t The trains on 9 and 25X1 10 April 1955 carried units of.the 10th Gds Tank Div, which transferred to the Templin training grounds. The motor vehicle0 is believed to belong 25X1 to the 10th Gds Tank Div. ` 1. [Cc t. The tank firing details of the 10th Gds Tank Div. which had 25X1 transferred to Hillersleben on 1 April returned to their installation. 25X1 C , The T-34/85 tanks of the 10th Gds Tank Div which were entrair25X1 for 'uerstenwalde, Berlin-Sehoeneweide and Stendal on 11, 15 and 16 April, were presumably forwarded to th 7th Gde Mecz Div in Fueratenwalde and Bedin- Schoeneweide and the 207th Mtz lfle Div in Stendal upon arrival of T-54 tanks. A total of about 60 T-34/85 tanks has so far been dispatched to posts of mechanized and rifle divisions by the 10th Gds Tank Div. C t Available information indicates that, including the tanks 25X1 menu oned in the present report., the 10th Gds Tank Div is equipped with a total of approximately 140 T-54 tanks. 25X1 C nt, Tanks which had undergone repair work presumably returned from e chmoeser tank repair shops Comment L The tank firing detail of the 10th Gds Tank Dive which transferred to Haldensleben one 5, pr returned to its inatallationo Comments This ALL shipment cannot be explained. 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2008/03/11: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA006900610006-6