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December 21, 2016
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October 29, 2008
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May 9, 1955
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25X1 Approved For Release 2008/10/29: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA007000250007-3 COUNTRY. TOPIC, CLASSIFICATION Fast Germany -REPORT Soviet Rail Border Traffic at Frankfurt/Oder EVALUATION DATE OF CONTENT DATE OBTAINED REFERENCES PAGES 1 ENCLOSURES (NO. & TYPE) REMARKS PREPARED 9 May 1955 CB-Converted Boxcar; T-Tank Oar; RRYM-Heavy-Duty Flatcar 25X1 1. Soviet rail shipments from Brest Litovsk on 0 ADril and 3 X955 included 13 ERDI, each with a load of 80 tons, which went to FrankfurterOder and were rrdispatchmd in shipments of ~ RRYM to Jneterbog, 6 RRYM -RRYN to to Stra se on 0 A il; and a shipment of 2 CB. 22 RRTM ent to Satzkorn.z 25X1 20 On IL and 2 lam, only grain shipments or shipments of ore arrived at Frankfurt/Oder from th UIISSR. Most of the grain shipments contained wheat, barley and rye (for bread) 25X1 3. Qj and &ft.r 28 April& an undetermined n umber of shipments containing ore continuously arrived at Frankfurt/bder from Brest Litovsk. A few shipments also arrived at Kuestrin. All shipments were *idispatched to Ziltendorf. 4. During the period of observation 50 T for white fuel were dispatched to Brest he number of empty T for black fuel increased to Litovsk about every third day.4 1110- about 50 care per day. Most o the incoming crude oil shipments were dispatched to Krumpa, Merseburg and Halle. C_ The receiving stations indicate that the shipments contained 25X1 equ.pment for the Twenty-Fourth Air Army. Contradictory to this assumption, however, is the high weight of load which exceeds that of aircraft, radio or radar installations. P1 A(F OBTAIND The shipments probably again contained T-54 tankso 25X1 The grain shipments belong to the repeatedly reported movement of 25X1 grain shuttle-trains. The report indicates an increase of the movement* C to The tank cars are used for shipments of jet aircraft fuel from the 25X1 5. r.y...Y._..+ _ TA,% n,w-iA et oil shipments from the USSR were previously reported. L substitute the previbas shipments from a re r which have been stopped since 1 April 1955? I I A r 1 1 1 f. A I I SIDCRBT These shipments probably Approved For Release 2008/10/29: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA007000250007-3 Approved For Release 2008/10/29: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA007000250007-3 Approved For Release 2008/10/29: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA007000250007-3