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December 21, 2016
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June 24, 2008
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May 20, 1955
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Approved For Release 2008/06/24: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA007100230006-5 CLASSIFICATION SECRET/ (;3UNTRY ".,?ti.X s:)PLC__ Ro~:ti?1in.,TTaae, A4,.f4a1A E !ALUATIO CE OBTAINED #; TE OF CONTENT t!WE OBTAINED ;_:FERENCES 'r*, .\GES 2 ENCLOSURES (NO. & TYPE) 20 May 1955 PEMARKS 25X1 1,. Air activity and aircraft observed at Rechlin--Laerz airfield between 4 and25X1 March 1955t 4 March. At about 1030, 3 MiCr-?15s or U-MiGr15a took off and practiced flying in echelon formation to the right at an altitude of about 300 meters,, March, At about 1800,,a MtG-15 or U-.M?G-l5 made a local flight. A eizeat25X1 wuamber of swept.-back jet fighters were counted on the landing field, 10 March. During the morning' there was intensive air activity by MiG-15a or U,?'MiG~,,15s in t e 111erow area, The aircraft flew at high altitudes developing vapor trails, he sound of jet engines was continuously heard from the field,; A Li-2 was observed aloft both at about 1400 and 1700, 11 March, At 1930, 5 to 6 MiG-15s or U41iG-.l5s with set position lights practiced flying. One aircraft towed a sleeve target but no firing or approaching practices we re I held 15 March. There was no air activity except for the take-off by a Li..2 at about 1245 24 March. Between 0800 and 1300, individual take-offs and landin;;e were continuously made by MiG-15e or U?=MiGi15s. A maximum of 3 ewelt-back jet fighters were simultaneously aloft. 28 March. No air activity was observed. 29 M~axch During the afternoon, individual MiG-15s or U-MiG4159 practiced local flying. Up to 2 aircraft were aimultaceouely aloft.1 2;, Air activity and aircraft observed between 10 March and 13 April: 10 March. Individual flights were made by MiG-158 or U-MiG415s which took off at intervals of about 30 minutes and remained aloft for about 25 minutes,, 11 to 16 March. Individual flights by swept-back jet fighters were observed from a distance. 21 Larch. Two formations each of 4 twin-engine aircraft crossed over the field. Individual take-offs were made by MiG-15e or U-MiG-15s. 22 March. At 1030, a MiG-15 or U-MiG-l5 took off and landed after a short local flight.sight swept-back jet fighters were ready to take off from the western and of the runway, About 20 soldiers wearing coveralls were seen between the aircraft,, Eight canvas.9covered MiG?15s or U~MiG-15s were parked in front of the flight control station. About 20 swept-back jet fighters were counted on the southern edge of the landing, along the taxiway. 24 March to 2 April. Every day from about 0900 to 1700, individual flights were made by MiGy-?158 or U-MiG-15s, On 25 and 27 March, night flights were made by individual swept-back jet fighters with set position lights. Not more than 2 aircraft were aim>1ts.nenusly aloft. FLASH P1 AoeICI(ATIMI ------- Approved For Release 2008/06/24: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA007100230006-5 Approved For Release 2008/06/24: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA007100230006-5 ril. Bsteen 1030 and 7100, no air activity was observed. A total of 56 MiGr15s or V4U(;.l5s and 4 Yak-lls were observed on% the landtr field being arranged as followp: abovit 40 swept=yback jet fighters in the southeastern corner of the landing field, 5 jet fighters and 4 Yak-Ile north of the flight control?statiop, fs jet fighters northwest of the flight oontro} station, and an indi'idua jet fighter east of the flight control station, Fifteen. soldiers who apparently received instruction were seen around the latter aircraft. Four $iW-154 or UJIiGw15s without tarpaulins were parked south of the eastern end of the main runway. A total of 20 to 25 soldiers who ap ntl onducted maintenance work on the latter aircraft were seen j i!ur_..tb le Ma ~ tl ril Between 0930 and 1700, there was air activity by XiG?lcs or tT-*iG-15e whic flew in elemsmts of two, Two elements were simultaneously aloft, 13 April_ Bentsen 0900 and 1500, individual flights were made by MiGa15s or tT-MiO'15a at intervals of about 30 minutes? 3a On 7 April9 the Token type radar set was still observed on Sprotscher Berg (Mountain), about 1 km southeast of Ellerholz railroad station,, The set was in operation from 0930 to 1030. A radio truck was parked next to the radar set,2 4, on 26 April, there was intensive air activity by MiG.15a or . ?,1 About 25X1 50 sweut.blbk set'fighters were seen on the landing fielder 25X1 lv 0 It is believed that the 'Mechlin-Laerz airfield is still occupL 1 flatter division headquarters and 2 fighter regiments. A total of 50 to 56` liQ.u15s or U-YiG-156 and 4 Yak-llewore observed on the landing !!skin Alt lctivity' was condudted alo the us * ttmssio MiCkx j was obse'rvsd Ila Yersebufg ia' ( 2/1953`, la Patnits &A tt k in 952/19540 C t Tta Tokew.type set was previously observed on Sprotsoher Berg, SECRET Approved For Release 2008/06/24: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA007100230006-5