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December 20, 2016
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December 5, 2007
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June 10, 1955
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Approved For Release 2007/12/05: CIA-RDP80-00810A007300430001-6 CLASSIFICATION SECRET COUNTRY ''mm W ~.L=06mj REPORT Soviet Ratio* Supply Depot at Satzkorx EVALUATION LACE OBTAINED DATE OF CONTENT DATE OBTAINED DATE PREPARED REFERENCES REMARKS This is UNEVALUATED Information 10 Juxe 1955 25X1 25X1 25X1 The following are complete lists of rail supply shipments which arrived at,, or were dispats)ted from, the Soviet ration supply depot at Satzkorx ix May 1955s 1. Incoming Shipments. Shipaext Number of ?Cars From ohixa ware 9 GDR flour 11 USSR salt 37 USSR canned vegetables 2 GDR flour mill products 68 USSR potato peeling 1 GDR machines cereals 26 GDR salt fish 3 GDR 6 USSR canned neat 2 USSR tobacco 6 USSR dehydrated onion 2 GDR biscuits 7 GDR millet 15 USSR empty material 2 GDR vegetable oil 2 USSR groats 4 USSR rice 6 USSR canned seat 3 USSR field kitchens 5 pieces GDR accessories GDR CLASSIFICATION SECRET Approved For Release 2007/12/05: CIA-RDP80-00810A007300430001-6 Approved For Release 2007/12/05: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA007300430001-6 Number of To Cars 2, Outgoing Shipments. Shipment foodstuff 14 Altengrabow 73 Dresden-Neustadt; vegetable oil containers 2 foodstuff 72 Koenigsborx empty material ftedettUIR 8 Brest 58 Jueterbog; 15 4 Berlin-Lichten-- be rg 4 Brei texbrunn 4 Aue 2 Johanngeorgen- stadt 3 Beelitz -~ 3 Prora 10 Rathenow 7 Peenemuende e*pty material 1 Biesexthal foodstuff 2 Brandenburg 'lour 5 Riesa foodstuff 1 Oberrottexbach it 3 Kirchmoeser It 2 Berxburg to 5 Rostock flour 1 Berlin-Kauladorf foodstuff 1 Fria drichshagea 't 7 Dessau 15 ? to 1 Oraxienburg it 1 Leipzig 3 Leipzig-Wahrex Comment Although the number of incoming shipments from the GDR and USSR is still below the monthly average of 1954, the volume of supply traffic of the GSFG ration supply depot at Satzkorn in May 1955 reached the monthly average of the previous year. A reason for the considerable increase of shipments to Dresden and Jueterbog could not be determiyAs Approved For Release 2007/12/05: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA007300430001-6