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December 21, 2016
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June 9, 2008
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June 24, 1955
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Approved For Release 2008/06/09: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA007500010009-2 the field at an altitude of about 400 meters and dropped the sleeve target over the southeastern ~;nd of the runway,, After another circuit over the field, '';ha 1landed from uoutheaat to nor'yhiwest at 155?3" Dt try the .r activity.,, I red fire truck and 1 Moskovichatype van 'l=_kc t c_wk were parked &: the sc utheastcrn end of the runway. M about 16009 the aircraft which were parked on the parking sites north of he northwestern end of the runway were truck* d on the taxf.wV to the disparsa3. south of the northwestern end o.? the runwaya 3, The following motor vehicles were parked in the yard of the: ^anaonnent south with w3. adorre pair ,e:d in a `r;l0.ck an hi,te checker board Pat-rera tank trucks were parked in ~.;h2 rard of the gar . at the eastern ?u trance of. Deutsch 'Wama~ 4D There was Intensive traffic by Soviet soldier?o,.. 3etween 0800 and 1500 on 25 May, 38 ! iG-15a were Ubse 'v 2 a Deutsch riagram &.rfieldo There was a 4/10 overcast at an altitude of about 2.000 mete re, a southeasterly wind of about 5 km/h, and clear vieibi1ity? twcer. 1000 and 1211, there wa. air activity by MiG-15s wh c:h took, off and landed em northwest to 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 The aircraft beaded southeast while disappearing from view and appeared over the field before the landing. 14 v'a.1# ata woex,a s were engaged In cor,st:r ~.e;t; : c work ~yy rLo th of the barracks Qildings at he field he AA gun emplacement was nr, t oceup; ?:d,? 55.. The following , bser'ations were made in the Deutsch Wagr m?11,l1.ta,ry post-8 25X1 NNoa I9 atd 29 .Bahnhof Str?aese3. The build xa were c ccupied by fitters, entered the installation, School build Ly a School children in uniforms were engaged it oa l- sAther-ics in the yard. Iwc van-like trucks and 25X1 truck were parked 'under the Ican-to roof,, 25X1 :g .ah :hof Strassen No 10 Gaenserndorfer Strasse,, Van- k? track were parked :In front: of the; ~~c.ildi ng yRt St ra>se,;, At about 12;1 .5!~ about 30 officers ranking from sub- iiet?c:e:na,t to captain and we ;,;:in ; blue-bordered blue ewaulet?- entered the building at short intervals. Two trucks picked up food in containers, No fhangc w..3 obse_r'?ed in uh.3 oc:c:apatiort of the other buildings which previously 'ouaad Sovio Y of Bole M The installation was guarded by a rentrtii., The following toter z~w':xic s were paxkOdc thores 11 trucks 5 va-1-1i"ca trucks 6 tank ?;;rucks= I truck with hoisting gear, 2bA1 25X1 25X1 25X1 SECRET. Approved For Release 2008/06/09: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA007500010009-2 Approved For Release 2008/06/09: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA007500010009-2 6 h ti ~,d ?~ 4~ c3G'Y d&.'~ ? 3s1l7 vice-z mad,-- ?tshC: po: 8r~sci t tf2t ers amin ? betwcci the cffdcci?H3 W.1-, tau .ding" a a.d ahe a rf r .d ; nc ,sae e 7. 11 o?ficera Si'.'3?i>$1"z ?3.cr UICS~}~`' @' $1i??a18i1'l 'Gt, ass `a Al ~ J. . e' -t :he of bcera wor'e b1 ue-bardared b?.u es r ~'ii ~5lxz ;, Tea` .: bu!iflin J was ?g'u&. ded by U,! ~. g983:-,~ C~i~id2 ipl , Tru ks ~a: b ~. r ry'e ' 25X1 T,r re parked in f:'?:J3A; of Ut3 ldir,4f 25X1 Paszod yto .Yd ~C:'ti?'1'( `tf 11 9 Nc 'ra'nked cto.z vohic:;to: - m: ni O%7 v...'tt '. N ~tt,4 at 2dR: of xC'k-, camp was d?lAr:c:Cih'Ca by ~?:a:'1:. _'.C--?.;, .~ x'43 c;Q% of 42 _ motc--,-- of various typ#?tI. and 3 van-like t `1'.ck3 1+?re rked thero') X32.,.. n~'arP83CE' g 1`+~i. (t2 Fat # I-ve gray crates G"ere cbvan,':.'C ' ? v. 'ic 3 n i1 'CIo' apps,"s"gin` ~Iy of `easy'' s:! b;r'r' s? oad.-,d on truriL: 25X1 V h'Sc'.tiar tra.?-ftc Q'ut c 1 ~nciudeds n.th drivers ;'ems was Oa.r'keci a