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December 21, 2016
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June 24, 2008
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July 6, 1955
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Approved For Release 2008/06/24: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA007500290006-5 CLASSIFICATION SECE COUNTRY REPORT I OPIC - - -- Soviet Troops in St: Poelten, Urfah_r and I.1elk r - 25X1 EVALUATION L _ DATE OF. CONTENT-_ DATE OBTAINED V EFERENCES 2 DATE PREPARED 6 July 1955 PAGES ENCLOSURES (No. & TYPE) REMARKS 1. On 13 J ;: o 13559 2 jeeps, wi'g''! ~, 'i1-7_e 1, _ 19 25X1 b roe ' ,l.. s and t e~ac_~ a~'~~~.ed epat.mstu, ;ec~~.__ and rttic ?-. a drf.vcr oaring black--bordered red epaulets were par'kec. in fEo:?t of {-,e 25X1 ` forn3r t reisgericht (district court) building on Schiee;c tntt 2i ng in - Ste 'Poelten, Truck I was parked in front of the gnrsga west c-" 25X1 _rho -0o .ineY ..~:re r zga Two trucks were pcrkec'. area of the to sa' ivity v7,s observed. An a e'Ge i hed `hrnbeW joil )s, a van-like actor vehicle and 2 trucks in the area of 1Are ]Mari' &ase no in whose open motow- -_'Ucc`` a storage sheds 16 '! Seventeen soldiers r''_20 ore -bJordere biac..~: epaulets were observed at physical training in '~kc ar=oar. of ';he 3_':` n,, Josef TSaser=ne. Motor vehicles observed at t1ae 7F" c o i:.10 ins'i;"?lletion included trucks i C.ri'i 'Z3 ~cv~ and jeep drive'ro rearm red-bordered black epaulets; van-like !rotor vehicle 25X1 an i ruc f Truck with ? G T7_:cer rrearir 25 rod-bordered black epaulets arc trucks sere 25X1 oi)oer'rcE entering or leaving the area of the former mill Ct 03 7' encr Str ssoo ~ T'-ivc trucks, oo e.., a ~ e' ~II_tI.J,.2 van-like _k., motor vehicles, a i ? p9 ,rr~or cr vehicle, 2 lieutenant colonels and 3 majors ~;ea.rir.g red- S / bordered black epaulets with tank insignia and 3 majors wearing red- bordercd black epaulets with artillery insignia, but e:nly few soldiers 25X1 tearing red-bordered black epaulets were observed in the area. or Camp Spr'atzern. Motor vehicles observed at the camp included jec'Oc and trucks UNCODED all n:r:1_th drivers wearing re or Are Dl ack epaulets, 'Gi_'t?c-ke 1 driver.: wearing black-bordered red epa:a" e ;;, and 25X1 2. On 14 Juno 1955, 30 soldiers were observed at review practices by fives in the area of the Auhof Xaserne northeast of Urfahr. `i''::cnty_fi o solc.'_ers serviced an SU-76 SP gun, a tank, truck and 2 van-li'_;.e :-.oto- e2. Trenty-t,~,o motor vehicles were parked under shedroofs. A colonel, 2 lieutenant colonels and 5 majors, all rearing black- dor'd_ered rod eneulc' s ; 2 lieutenant co? o__els ~ree.rin red-bordered black epa- i ets, 3 najore ^a in xed-boiGere black coraulets T _t 'h e t Very gma Approved For Release 2008/06/24: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA007500290006-5 Approved For Release 2008/06/24: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA007500290006-5 a major wearing black-bordered black epaulets; and an undetermined nurlbc_, of Soviet women and children were observed leaving or entering the installation, Motor vehicles observed at the site included trucks jeep inscribed kone-ne), tura, and van-like motor vehicle all with drivers r?ee^ ;~ b?_?.ck- borclered red epaulets; se an van-like motor ver.icle and truck all tan th drivers wear-7-41j r>d_?-.bordered epaulets-, and truck 3 On 25 !,?ay '-9559 8 medium U guns and an undetermined, ntneher of trucks ='10 e:rir fined at the St. Poelten railroad station. The destination of the shipment was unknown. 3 On 29 P: ay 1955, over 100 four-man tents were oboe r v ecl east of the l~t;hc:+_n,b' of the Danube Steamship Line northeast o ' l..e!_'~e Z;!aCtc^.`'tc^.t:-t.'i_*IC.a number of ='U_'~JiJe'.,?4i:^C~. m?..`i of c^_a Ui~.l~i7Or OIC~ C.-ne. about 40 o'fs , s r,"~ were barked. best de the tents. ailpi.1 ; ' 3:_O1 :J ccs c.Cut 7 OX' 7 '7e'i 0i S 10,4113-10 which were larger than the c.'7 'J .0 .^ C r 3 o e 25X1 25X1 .25X1 0reor German Armed n ? 25X1 Forces, CI e =` ; Oi7Ee_'(rC.'. 'i,i:c.vC.' --ri,- in LLle area of Melk toward the ahoveriten'.;io aed t0:~ t caspo Co;irlenta Ih_tle the units of the 95th Ode _tStz 1'i-1 '1e : v i ~ the Ii 'Oisnericht building, the Rainer "Tacerne, and the ~~ran J o:` e Tager ',e end t:^..t^ 750th TM SP Regt in Camp $pratzsrn are located. in .the _..rec`''--, of tthe:-r a tation 9 the 7_1 09 G Ode Dag -z- '^n w `l -', P in U. lL'ulga'h lace-'--no is absent j the Ugh' t Pr esumablir IDr c ~'_Ce~' at the G^ t: U c ''~ _h0 :' L ^_2G a of Melk mentioned . in paragrap?h 4 7)i1? C,'"_'1 t( I CJ' r:.l CIS a7 ning ground m the 26,T-"U-'h Gds Mt7 Rifle Regt of the 95th Ods Iltz Rifle Div. t;;; -m;, on .;; ? The shipments mentioned in the present . epos have ~1rci 3PI! ` included component td ? Z to of the ' ' 1 c of t 95t_ AAA Ja t tG -'U-h3- ~, Uh Ode 1i-617 Rifle Div -Which is kn am o,;rr~. at C~ p SpM_ .anbzerzho is believed t, im"(; their destination has been the Apetlon AAA range, an'. The AUthoL Kale r ne -Sear U: ? ahr apparently qua3 te o Approved For Release 2008/06/24: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA007500290006-5 Approved For Release 2008/06/24: CIA-RDP80-00810A007500290006-5 CLASSIFICATION_ -0?K2 CXf- UN T RY,.. 'uw'tr'a SOP;GSoviet Troops in St. 1'oelten EVALUA IO'L LATE OF C~V r: l sue. RE PT:EiCS-.r.,~..,~ ~.. ,....:ATE: PREPARE.D_ 6'.lets w vh 3 :^t ! !O"''7 i.nsipnja, CtASSIFiCAI1Om Approved For Release 2008/06/24: CIA-RDP80-00810A007500290006-5 Approved For Release 2008/06/24: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA007500290006-5 a ma;or .?re',rinn. black-bor.?ered bi ck epaulets, and an un etermir,ed- !'amber of Soviet '. oTr..ev. children were- observed le :-v-.n.(- or enterin ? the inst^l.ic.tion. r=otor ve"icl s r, nt the site included trucks jeep iinscr.ibed korenc:nture, -nd vin- ikr, rrotor ve&.ic .e all with drivers ? earin;; black- bcr:'ered red e-.iulets? sedan v:)n--like motor vehicle .'-e : evau ets' e' d truck 3. On 25 "ay 1955, E' Medium guns nd an undetermined number of trucks were entr-ir_od nt the St. Poelten r~ilrn ..u stnti.on. T'e 6estinetion of the sbi nr;;c r,t was unh-nown. 3 4. ?:"`n 20 '. a;, 1?55, over 100 four-wan tents -7ere observed east of the l-r,,dini_:-?r'-:ce of the Danube Ste:-,croshin, Line norther:st of ''elk. An. undetermined number ' 40 trucks, 'yere pecked beside the tents. Two amphibious cars, about `., or j meters 'one, which -ere larger than the amphibious cars of the 25X1 25X1 former -ern-an 1?rmicd Forces, were observed travelling 25X1 in the = r -c. of i,;el'-- to'y-rd the oveirrcn Tone tent cam, .1 1. L Com^.erat. :;Wile the units of the 95th Gds .:tz Rifle Div in vh Kreis^ericht building, the Rainer '.Kaserne, and the Franz Josef Keserne and t`?e 150th Tk SF Eiegt in Camp Spratzerr~ are apparently still located in t)?.: area of their e.tation, the 109th Gds ;'ngr Bn w,ich is 1-nown in the Eug?n Kaserne is absent: the unit presumably practices at the tent comp northeast of ?I`elk mentioned in paragraph 4. .,iich is known as an en'ineer tr-.inin- ground. Corrront. The jwhof rascorne n??.r Urf;:kir arrarently still Cur-rte,rs e 7t'r'. _'s .tz Rifle Regt of the 95th Gds '. tz :Zif1?c ;Div. Cori er,t. The shipments mentioned in the present resort have 1'ro ,Ibly included. component units of the t, A2. battalion o' the 95th Cis _tz Div which is kno?rn at Camr Spratzern. It is t.'.ieved that their ,'e:,t;inati on has peen the tapet -on re,n.. e. Approved For Release 2008/06/24: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA007500290006-5 25X1 25X1